Indiana’s Infamous Birth Stories

Indiana Adams, blogger, conference planning guru and budding podcaster has and is doing some really amazing things in her life; but, in many circles, she is most notorious for her birth stories. She has had three homebirths and none of them have been void of excitement. I’ll break it down for you in short form by hitting on the highlights.

First Birth –  Precipitous labor, homebirth, washcloth of modesty.

Second Birth – Even MORE precipitous, unassisted, the toilet is a major player.

Third Birth – Indiana says “I didn’t know I was pregnant” until 17 weeks gestation. She ended up having a natural induction at home to avoid another unassisted birth, the labor was STILL precipitous.

You’ll have to listen to Indiana tell it in her own words on this episode of The Birth Hour.

You can find Indiana and her husband Chris hosting Mom Jeans & Dad Jokes, a fun and FUNNY podcast about parenting, current events and general survival in this crazy thing called life.

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