A Doula Shares Her 3 Births – Joyce Dykema

In this episode, Joyce tells all three of her birth stories which included a hospital birth using hypnobirthing and a birthing tub. Joyce had three natural births that share some similarities, but which were also surprisingly different. As a doula, Joyce offers a helpful,¬†informative perspective on birth and doesn’t hold anything back!

Joyce thought she wanted to be a veterinarian or an animal behavior research scientist, but is now a housewife with a MS in biology, a homeschooling mom of three, and a birth doula, and loving it! Joyce is certified by DONA International, a Hypnobabies(r) trained Hypno-Doula, and is a co-leader with her local chapter of ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) in Lincoln, NE.

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International Cesarean Awareness Network

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ACOG – The American Congress of Obstetricians