Julia has had three births and three extremely different birth experiences. The birth of her first daughter was a textbook healthy pregnancy ending with her planned birth center water birth. With the support of her lactation consultant and a local moms group she felt confident in new motherhood.With her second things seemed to be going exactly the same, right down to the time of year and sex of the baby. Their due dates were exactly 25 months apart (11/3/18 and 12/3/20). Julia and her family were able to navigate the stress of covid while also celebrating new life. When Julia started bleeding at home at 39 weeks pregnant, things shifted quickly and aggressively. A placenta abruption, stat c-section, major hemorrhage, neonatal resuscitation, NICU transfer, brain cooling. Rosalind said hello and goodbye on Thanksgiving Day 2020.  Julia and her husband had to learn how to dry up her milk, how to plan a funeral, and how to talk to a two year old about death.

pregnancy and infant loss

8 months after Rosalind’s birth and death, Julia found out she was pregnant again. Trying to navigate grief and fear, she chose a care team and hospital with MFMs and the highest level NICU. She went through high risk care, and tried to get excited that she might actually bring this baby home. She gave birth at 38 weeks via gentle cesarean to a sweet baby boy. Postpartum recovery after a c section and with a living baby was a new experience, but one she was extremely thankful to get to have.

Julia Dixon Bio

Julia and her husband Ethan live in Kentucky with their 3 year old daughter Delia and 5 month old son Clark. They are always missing Rosalind, who would be 2 in November. Julia works in bookkeeping and accounting. In her free time she enjoys crochet, reading, and exploring with her kids.


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