Rachel had a textbook pregnancy and planned an unmedicated hospital birth with the support of her husband, midwife, and doula. Her labor began in the intimacy of her home as desired, but after arriving at the hospital, it was determined that scar tissue on her cervix was stalling progress. After 39 hours of labor, she was able to deliver her son, Hugo Jones, on Christmas Day. Post-delivery was scary due to a hemorrhage that they were ultimately able to get under control. Rachel’s labor was much more difficult and intense than she ever imagined, but her amazing support system and the birth of her beautiful son made it a positive memory and empowering experience!

unmedicated hospital birth

Rachel Jones Bio

Rachel lives in Blythewood, SC with her husband, Sam, and son, Hugo, who is nearly 11 months old. They have one greyhound named Dixie! Sam is in the construction business, and Rachel works in planning and financial controls for Idaho National Laboratory. You can reach out to her on Instagram @__mamajones__


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