This post was sponsored by Boppy and I received the Boppy ComfyFit Baby Carrier to review. As always, I only recommend products that I love and all thoughts and opinions are my own. #ad, #sponsored, #BoppyBabyCarrier, #NeverNotAMom

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I’ve been a fan of babywearing ever since my daughter was born seven years ago but back then we just had one (kind of ugly) baby carrier. It got the job done but it wasn’t exactly exciting to wear. The babywearing industry has blown up in the last seven years and now there are so many options for all ages and stages of babyhood. I love babywearing our third baby, not only for the amazing snuggles but also because it frees up my hands to help my older two kiddos with whatever they need.

I recently got to try the Boppy ComfyFit Baby Carrier which was different that any baby carriers I’ve tried so far. The material is similar to yoga apparel with a little stretch but still really supportive. It’s kind of a hybrid between a structured carrier and a wrap which means it’s really pretty but also super easy to use. When we went as a family to a local outdoor restaurant, it was so nice to pop the baby into the Boppy ComfyFit when he started getting fussy on my husband’s lap.


I love how easy it is to quickly put on, just one buckle in the back and then the straps are easy to grab, cross in the back and tie off with a double knot in the front. You can wear baby parent-facing or forward-facing but since Harvey is still under 6 months old, I’m keeping him facing me—soaking up all the baby cuddles while I can! It was so funny, I hadn’t had him in the carrier more than five minutes when a pregnant mama came up to me to ask how I liked the carrier because she had just ordered one for herself! You can find the Boppy carrier at BuyBuyBaby! I love how common babywearing is now and will really miss this stage when it’s over.

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boppy comfyfit carrier

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