Transferring Care at 30 Weeks & Birth Center Birth Story

Birth Summary

After taking a year and a half to get pregnant, Jana and her husband Mikey found out they were expecting their first baby in November 2018. Jana started her care with an OB that a friend recommended while researching options to deliver at a birthing center. She and her husband both wanted an unmedicated birth experience. At 30 weeks they switched care to a birthing center. After a very easy pregnancy, her 38 hour labor started at 41 weeks, with over 5 hours of pushing, she almost gave up at the end and wanted to transfer to a hospital. She is grateful that she pulled through and gave birth to her son, Zion Marley, at the birth center.

transfer care late pregnancy

Jana Iankova Bio

Jana and her husband Mikey met 15 years ago in Vail, Colorado (now they live in California). She went there from Bulgaria to snowboard and work for just one winter. They met at the ski shop where she worked and they fell in love but after the winter she had to go back home. They kept in touch during the summer and Jana went back again for the next winter following her heart and never looked back. They enjoyed snowboarding and working together at the ski resort and during the off-seasons, they traveled around the world for about 4 months out of the year. They were in their late 20’s and not ready to settle.

After 7 years of dating and traveling to over 30 countries together, they got engaged in Morocco and married in the Dominican Republic. After 11 years in Colorado, they decided to move to California. Being 35 and 36 years old at that time they were still not ready to settle and have kids despite all the pressure from friends and family. Two years later they decided that finally they are ready and they can try to have kids. They wanted it to happen naturally and unplanned which took a year and a half to get pregnant. At the end of 2018 their dream came true and they were expecting their first son. You can follow them and their travels on Instagram @onelove.ourlove@onelovewithzion and their blog

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Gestational Diabetes, Beautiful Birth Center Birth, and Postpartum Preeclampsia

After dealing with Gestational Diabetes that was insulin dependent for her fasting numbers and finding out she had Group B strep, Victoria had the most amazing, beautiful birth. She labored for 24 hours, pushed for 3 hours, all with the wonderful support of her doula and birth center. She had a birth plan and things went pretty well according to her plan.

Unfortunately things got harder postpartum. Victoria tried to breastfeed but got sick every time and it got progressively worse. Her baby had no wet diapers for 24 hours so she started to supplement with formula. After a lactation appointment where she mentioned how she’d been feeling, she was sent to the doctor the next day with a subclinical infection where they checked to make sure she didn’t have any remaining placenta. Her health continued to worsen, so she went back in to the doctor and found out she had high blood pressure, 30 lbs of swelling, a headache, and URQ pain. She was sent home and told to get a BP cuff. 4 hours later her blood pressure was in critical level and she was admitted to the hospital for severe post natal preeclampsia and stayed in the hospital for 4 days.

postpartum preeclampsia

Victoria is still sorting out issues months later. She is now considered pre-diabetic, has high cholesterol, is still on blood pressure meds for chronic hypertension, and had to wear a heart monitor. She is working with a therapist for medically-based anxiety and PPA, and taking Zoloft. Victoria never had any health issues prior to pregnancy and now she feels like her body is failing her after such a joyous birth.

Victoria Buker Bio

Victoria is the Director of Development & Marketing for a non-profit and has over 15 years of non-profit development and sales experience. She and her husband welcomed their first child, Madison Kai, in June. Victoria has an MBA from Georgia Southern University and a BS in Biology from Mary Baldwin.  Victoria loves to be outdoors: whether that is running, hiking, exploring her new town, SCUBA diving or paddle-boarding. She is thankful that her little babe loves being outside too and taking adventures with Victoria and her husband! 

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Mom Describes Birth as “Best Outcome in a Worst Case Scenario” – Preeclampsia Induction

While planning on an intervention free birth center birth, Taya and her husband prepped by doing the Know Your Options childbirth course. At 39 weeks, Taya was diagnosed with preeclampsia and, after being turned away from a local hospital for refusing certain medical treatments, finally ended up at the university of Washington medical center.  

An induction was started with misoprostol, a Foley bulb, and then pitocin. A 31 hour labor with kidney complications ended with the birth of her baby boy. He was transferred to the NICU for monitoring 4 hours after being born while Taya’s sodium and electrolyte levels tanked. 3 days later they were released from the hospital only to be back at the NICU within 24 hours for her son’s hyperbilirubinemia.

jaundice nicu stay

That night, while he was under the lights, Taya ended up in the ER with elevated blood pressure again and diagnosed with postpartum preeclampsia. After 24 hours they all were able to come home and begin the recovery process! Things leveled out and they are now thriving.  Even though things didn’t go according to plan, Taya felt empowered to stand up for what was important to her and ended up having the best outcome in a worst case scenario. She and her husband credit this to the in-depth birth course they did together and encourage everyone to take it! 

Taya Huntley

Bio: Taya and her husband, Jake, live in Mount Vernon, WA with their son Quinn, dog Mazey, and cat Lola. Taya works doing customer service from home for a jewelry company, GLDN, and teaches a fitness class once a week at a local gym. Jake is a commercial electrician. 


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Uneventful Pregnancy, Marathon Labor, and Hard Postpartum

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Birth Story Summary

Megan and her husband, David, began trying for their first baby in the Spring of 2018. In April Megan learned she was pregnant with a due date of early January.  She established care with a local Birth Center and had a fairly uneventful pregnancy. 40 weeks came and went and at 42 weeks, she was induced at the birth center as they would  not be able to keep her in their care past 42 weeks. 30 hours later at 42 weeks 2 days and a transfer to the local hospital, their son, Caden, was born on January 20th at 9 lbs 2 oz and 22in long. 

An uneventful pregnancy, marathon labor, and difficult postpartum opened Megan’s eyes to the various resources within her local birth community and sparked a fire in her to help inform new and expecting moms about what their options truly are when it comes to pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. 

hospital transfer birth story

Megan Taylor Bio

Megan was born, raised, and currently resides in McKinney, Texas with her husband (David), 7 month old Son (Caden) and 2 dogs (Kali and Piper). Megan works for a local nonprofit as a Grant Writer and teaches dance classes for low income youth within the community. Megan is a retired dancer and enjoys all things fitness related. Current hobbies include yoga and weight lifting. She also loves spending time with her family outdoors (except for those Texas summers), cooking with her husband, and traveling. Connect with her on Facebook- Megan Taylor (Morgan) or Instagram @megantaylor6813.


Megan’s Lactation Consultant

Expecting Better The Birth Partner

Best Birth Prep- Know Your Options Childbirth Course

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Birth Center Birth with NICU Transfer for Baby

Birth Center Birth, Newborn Resuscitation, and NICU Stay

After a healthy pregnancy and relatively normal 12 hour labor, Kelly’s birth took a sharp turn when her baby needed immediate resuscitation after delivery at their birthing center. Her daughter, Emilia, was transported by EMS with her husband to the nearest hospital. Even though her birth was frightening, Kelly felt cocooned in peace and safety by her care team back at the birthing center. Later on in the evening Emilia began to experience seizures. After a substantial amount of testing it was determined that she had bleeding in her brain with an unknown cause. Kelly’s family spent a miraculous four days in the NICU and were able to go home with a healthy baby. In the months following her daughter’s birth, Kelly suffered from some postpartum depression and intrusive thoughts regarding her daughter’s resuscitation and NICU stay. After seeking treatment she has come closer to a place of understanding and empowerment.

birth center transfer nicu

Kelly Pedrozo Bio

Kelly is a mother to Emilia Scarlet, freelance writer (birth stories are her favorite) and DTI trained birth and postpartum doula. She lives with her Brazilian husband and daughter in Austin, Texas. Forever called to mama-hood, Kelly is passionate about the transformational journey through birth as well as mothering the mother. Her wild-child, Emilia, is the gift of her life. Kelly’s loves include baby giggles, healing through food and enjoying a glass of red wine. Connect with her on Instagram @kellpedrozo.


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Hospital, Birth Center & Homebirth Birth Stories

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Tristin’s first pregnancy was not planned, but it truly changed her heart forever. She had a good pregnancy and a hospital birth experience that made her rethink using the hospital setting if she had more children. Tristin speaks about breastfeeding struggles with her first pregnancy and was thankful it wasn’t as hard with her other kids.

During her second pregnancy, Tristin was in nursing school and graduated right before her due date. She chose to use a group of midwives, had a quick birth center water birth, and discusses the difference midwife care made for her.

homebirth with siblings

For her 3rd pregnancy, Tristin decided to plan for a home birth, found midwives she loved, and got her husband on board. Tristin had a tougher pregnancy this time around and struggled with varicose veins and a lot of pelvic pain.

Tristin thought her 3rd birth would be quick because her second labor lasted about 5 hours. This birth was quite long and her son was born en-caul after around 18 hours of labor.

You can connect with her on Instagram @tristintindallrnbsn

homebirth waterbirth

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