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Induction Postdates, Nitrous Gas and Epidural

What began as a rather typical pregnancy ended in a slightly complicated birth. Nicole was one week past her due date, and had an induction scheduled, when she went into labor in the early hours of her birthday. She labored at home for six hours before she and her husband Christopher made their way to the hospital.

After trying (and hating) nitrous gas, Nicole opted for an epidural, at which time the midwife also broke her water. She was progressing nicely, but things were about to take a detour. Around 5pm, Nicole ran a fever. This caused her baby to stop responding to the contractions. While the midwife was not concerned about her baby’s wellbeing, she was worried the fever might have implications down the line. Nicole was given antibiotics and medication to reduce her fever. She was also provided with ice packs to help bring her temperature down.

Coping with Fever, Baby Not Dropping and Decision to have a Cesarean Birth

After two hours, Nicole’s fever had gone down a bit and she was fully dilated. The problem was, her baby still hadn’t dropped. The midwife suggested that she try pushing to help her baby get into position. After an hour and a half, her baby hadn’t descended into the birth canal, and her heart rate was elevated during each contraction. Nicole, the midwife and nurses made the decision to deliver her baby via cesarean section.

After that, a flurry of nurses and doctors came in and out of the room, and within 30 minutes, Nicole’s daughter was born. She shocked the entire operating room when she weighed in at an unanticipated 10 pounds 1 ounce. With a little more fanfare than Nicole has expected, Amelia Josephine had arrived.

Nicole Roberts Bio

Nicole lives in North Stonington, Connecticut with her husband Christopher, her daughter Amelia, their dog Sadie and cat Lucy. She is a fourth grade teacher in her neighboring hometown, and is currently teaching in the same school she attended as a child. Nicole enjoys taking her daughter for walks, going to the beach, and spending time with her family.

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