After two miscarriages, we used progesterone to get pregnant and continued it throughout the first trimester. This pregnancy was pretty uneventful, aside from some aches and pains of growing a tiny human. My mother had carried 4 of the 5 of us to 42-43 weeks, so I was prepared to go post dates, as well. We started at home induction methods at 40 weeks, but it wasn’t until 41 +4 when a castor oil smoothie kick started things!

As I cued up an episode of The Birth Hour, my water broke all over our living floor at 5:15PM. Our homebirth midwives let us know that with the smoothie things can be intense at first and then plateau. My husband stayed in touch with them and around 9:30 said he thought they should come. They arrived just before 11PM to find that I was 10cm and bearing down during contractions. My little dude had been ROA and asynclitic in utero, so we did a lot of different positions at the end of labor to help move his head and body through the birth canal. At 1:19am, just about 8 hours from when my water broke, he was born at home and changed our lives forever.

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Alyssa is the founder of Seed & Sew. She’s an emotional development expert, mama, and podcaster. She pinches herself on the daily because she truly can’t believe she has the best job: sharing with committed parents, teachers, and caregivers like the tools that change how you show up with tiny humans every day.

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