Unplanned Cesarean Birth

Long before even trying to conceive, Lindsey knew she wanted an intervention-free birth. Despite her intentions, research, planning, and extensive preparation, Lindsey and her husband learned their first parenting lesson (you are no longer in control!) at seemingly every turn, from pregnancy through delivery and postpartum.  An induction lead to a 28 hour labor which ultimately ended in a cesarean section. Lindsey spent much of the fourth trimester trying to understand her birth experience and heal physically and emotionally.
ppd birth story

Lindsey Todisco Bio

Lindsey and her husband, Rob, live in Connecticut with their sweet new son, Emmett. Lindsey is a licensed architect and construction manager whose current position focuses on strategy and growth of her family’s 30 year old commercial contracting company.  She has always been an advocate for women in the industry, and her recent new role as a mother has broadened and deepened her perspective for the challenges working moms face, and fueled her desire to find better solutions. Lindsey can be found on Facebook with the handle “Lindsey Fortunato Todisco”



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