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sexual assault survivor childbirthAlexis is a survivor of sexual assault and never once considered how that experience would impact her birth until she read “When Survivors Give Birth” for her Doula training. It was life changing and made her realize why she hit a wall in both of her births. She shares how her birth center and hospital births were both impacted by the fact that she never felt completely safe and therefore wasn’t relaxing and opening to give birth. Alexis hopes to use her experience to hold space with other survivors and let them know their birth can actually set them free.

Alexis is passionate about every woman’s right to have informed and supported births. She tirelessly planned and prepared for her own natural births, only to be greatly disappointed by the need for intervention. Her own struggle with accepting her births inspired her to become a doula and build a holistic practice that incorporates not only birth and postpartum support services, but that also recognizes the link between birth and mental health. She created Birth 360 with the hope of helping other mamas feel confident and supported as they heal and grow into new motherhood where she offers both doula services and therapy sessions as a licensed therapist.

Alexis Edwards Bio

Alexis is the perpetually tired mama to two fuego babes by day and an LCSW/doula/blogger by night. She survives on all the sarcasm and caffeine and rambles about motherhood and social justice on her blog Mrs. Mombie. You can also find her daily ramblings and sometimes foul-mouthed shenanigans on her Instagram


When Survivors Give Birth


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