Ideal Birth Center Birth with Postpartum Breastfeeding Challenges + Career Change

Episode 742

Julie had an uncomplicated pregnancy under the care of midwives, made both harder and easier by COVID restrictions (she didn’t get to see family and friends but she did get to rest as much as she wanted and never dealt with unsolicited comments from strangers). After hiring a doula and talking in detail about birth options, she made the choice to switch to a birth center. Julie prepared for birth using hypnobirthing, and was surprised to find that she enjoyed doing meditations before bed with her husband, Matt. She went into labor at 40+5 following a membrane sweep, and went to the birth center after a fast and intense early labor. Julie used all the tools available to her at the birth center, including the tub, and eventually gave birth in the water after about 8 hours of active labor. Her daughter, Lily, was born on Julie and Matt’s 5th wedding anniversary, and the new parents shared some champagne to celebrate both occasions while resting together. 


After this smooth welcome to the world, breastfeeding difficulties quickly developed. Lily had a lip and tongue tie which caused weight gain issues and unbearable pain while nursing. She had a release at 5 days old, which led to improvements, but Julie struggled with anxiety and stress associated with these early issues, as well as persistent pain and discomfort while nursing. She was eventually able to establish a feeding routine that worked, but she was never able to enjoy the breastfeeding process and dealt with recurring clogs. Julie also struggled to decide whether or not to return to work, and after choosing to stay home with Lily to pursue new career opportunities, she was surprised and encouraged by how many women reached out to tell her they had also left the workforce when their children were small and never regretted it for a minute. Julie was happy to find a job that better fit her lifestyle when Lily was 8 months old, and despite challenging newborn days, she has enjoyed every stage more than the last, especially after successfully weaning when Lily turned one.

Julie Rosenberg Bio  

Julie lives in New Jersey with her husband, Matt, and one-year-old daughter, Lily. She was a book editor in New York City for over a decade and now works remotely as an editor at a software company. Send Julie a message to connect on Instagram @juliearosenberg.  



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Birth Center Birth, 2nd Pregnancy Birth Fears with Positive Unplanned Epidural

In 2019, Jacoby planned for an unmedicated birth at her hospital’s birthing center led by midwives. After an uneventful and positive pregnancy, Jacoby’s labor started the day after her due date with her water breaking at home. Noticing the contractions were coming quickly, she headed to the birthing center and arrived right before she entered transition. Through her labor, she labored in the shower on a birthing ball, in the center’s queen size bed, toilet, and in the tub. After noticing he was on the larger size during the pushing stage, the midwives maneuvered his shoulders and had Jacoby push as hard as she could. Despite her son being LGA (large for gestational age) at almost 10 pounds, she had an uncomplicated recovery without any tearing. Her labor was 7 hours total. What followed was a very positive postpartum experience.

unplanned epidural
Photos by Ali Brassel Photography

Preparing for her second birth, Jacoby experienced unexpected anxiety preparing for another unmedicated birth. Despite her positive birth with her son, she started considering the option of an epidural and became curious about its appeal. She decided to proceed with planning for another unmedicated birth at the same birth center since her first birth was so quick. At 39 weeks, Jacoby went into labor at home. On the way to the birthing center, she decided at the last minute to get an epidural. She delivered her daughter with an epidural and had a very positive, uncomplicated experience still accompanied by a midwife. Her second labor was 8 hours, and she had another very easy postpartum experience.

Jacoby Andrick Bio

Jacoby is based in St. Louis, Missouri where she lives with her husband, 2 year-old son, and newborn daughter. She owns a business as a wedding and newborn photographer. You can find Jacoby on Instagram @jacobyandrickphoto.


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Induction for Gestational Hypertension followed by Redemptive Birth Center Birth

Misha Lujan Bio

Misha Lujan shares the stories of her two birth experiences. The first being a hospital induction after one high blood pressure reading and the second taking place unmedicated at a local birth center. After work, dinner, and bedtime routines, Misha spends her evenings in the gym. She in lives with her husband, two kiddos, mom, and dog just north of Seattle. Connect with Misha on Instagram @Misha.lambda_fit


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Positive Epidural Hospital Birth and Unmedicated Birth Center Birth Stories

Anna shares her stories of pregnancy and two very different but equally positive birth experiences. The first birth experience was a planned epidural hospital birth and the second was an unmedicated birth center birth. Both were very good, empowering, positive birth experiences with lots of support.

Anna Stadick Bio

 Anna lives with her husband, Rob, and their two beautiful boys, Auden and George, in the Denver area. Anna blogs about topics like motherhood, mental illness, body image, and faith at 



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Birth as a College Student, Birth Center Birth, and Hospital Induction

Amelia Villada Bio

Amelia was certified to teach HypnoBirthing® in 2017, after experiencing calm births with both her children born in 2007 and again in 2017. She has a passion for helping women and birthing people discover and embrace their power as they journey through motherhood and parenthood.  In 2021, Amelia left her Human Resources job after being in the field for 15 years to pursue birth work full time.  Amelia and her husband, Diego, a college professor of Theatre and Performance, live in Sarasota, FL with their three children: Aiden (14), Isla (5) and Ezra (2).  They also have one fur-baby, Tyrion.  They enjoy traveling, dancing to the latest toddler craze, sports, and the arts.  In her free time Amelia enjoys playing tennis, photography, reading, and a competitive game night.

birth center birth

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Two Positive Unmedicated Birth Stories – Birthing Center and Unexpected Car Birth

Ashley shares two unmedicated birth stories. The first story of her son’s birth was drastically different from her daughter’s birth. Her son was born at a birth center after being in labor for over 26 hours (and pushing for two hours). Her daughter was born in the backseat of her car, after 15 hours of mild contractions and 5 hours of more intense contractions. She appreciates both of her experiences and is grateful to her husband, her main birthing partner in both births. She is also grateful for the Hypnobabies training that she and her husband completed in preparation for childbirth. 

hot yoga pregnancy

Ashley Boone Bio

Ashley is an excited full-time mommy of two. She lives in Orlando, FL with her husband, three year old son, and one year old daughter. She was a Personal Fitness Trainer and a Sales Engineer before she decided to dedicate all her time to her young children. She loves almost all forms of exercise, especially running and hot yoga. She wants to encourage every pregnant Momma to have faith and trust in your body’s abilities!
Contact IG: a_marie_fit

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