Induction at 37 weeks for Pre-eclampsia without an Epidural

Jasmine dealt with constant nausea for the first 16 weeks of pregnancy, but after it subsided she started to focus on hynobirthing techniques, exercising and maintaining a healthy diet. She worked with her doula each week to prepare for the birth and hoped to have an unmedicated birth without interventions. 

At 37 weeks, Jasmine went into the birth center for what she thought was a typical checkup. During the appointment the nurse reported her blood pressure was elevated at around 140/100. She was advised to go to the emergency room, where her blood pressure increased even more and she was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia with severe features. She was admitted to labor and delivery where she discovered she was already 5 cm dilated. Due to the pre-eclampsia she was put on magnesium and could not leave the bed. This meant she could not utilize most of the pain management techniques she had been practicing during her pregnancy. 

After 8 hours of seeing if her body would progress naturally, she ended up needing to be induced with pitocin and breaking her waters. After her waters were broken, she started to really feel the contractions and was able to breathe through each one with her husband. At 9 cm and a lip, she got the urge to push. The doctor manually moved the lip and she was able to start pushing. 

She pushed for about 20 minutes and the baby’s heart rate started dropping, so she had to get the baby out a soon as possible. Soon after, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Listen to her husband’s perspective of their birth story here by becoming a Co-Producer and gaining access to our Partner Podcast!

preeclampsia 37 weeks

Jasmine McFarlin Bio

Jasmine is a first time mom who lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband, Tom and daughter Louise, who is 7 months old. She recently left her job at a tech startup to care for her daughter full time. 


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Precipitous Homebirth Birth Story with Logan Randazzo

Logan and Brian are parents to five, four girls and their newest arrival, their son Maverick Moon. This was Logan’s third homebirth and one of the goals was for the midwife to make it this time! Logan shared her previous birth stories on episode 441. You can listen to those here.

With a history of quick labors, and the fourth birth having only 40 minutes start to finish, the midwife and videographer arrived after the birth of their fourth daughter, Primrose, who was born at home unassisted. This fifth birth was a little different. It was the first time Logan went into labor without any natural induction methods, and it took a while before she believed she was actually in labor. So much so that she sent her husband to work only 90 minutes before the birth and he had to turn around on the highway to make it home only 30 minutes before Maverick was born! Unexpected, a tad chaotic, but everything turned out just as it was supposed to as their surprise Baby Moon was born only 12 hours after his Blessingway the night before.  Connect with her on IG @loganrandazzo.


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Hospital Birth & Two Homebirth Birth Stories

For Camilla’s first birth, she went into labor when the Blue Angels were flying over San Francisco. Her son was born 6 hours later, with a rush to the hospital. Initially the hospital staff told her to go home, and within a few hours her son was born. It was unmedicated as she had hoped. Her labor was so fast that she says her hypnobirthing techniques did not help.

For her second birth, Camilla was fearful that she would give birth at home due to her fast labor with her son so at 28 weeks she changed to a midwife as her care provider and planned a homebirth. She describes it as a very different experience with her 2.5 year old son present holding her hand for a lot of the time. Her daughter was born at sunset in the water.

home waterbirth

For her third birth, Camilla prepared for another homebirth and looked forward to having a lot of help with her older kids and enjoying postpartum. Unexpectedly, COVID changed all of that and her kids’ school was closed down right after her baby was born and even her postpartum care was affected because her midwife became flooded with clients and her postpartum doula switched to virtual support.

Camilla Behnke Bio

Camilla lives in the Bay area with her family. She’s been married to her husband for 10 years. They have 3 kiddos, Benjamin, Cecilia, and Oliver.



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Two Hospital Births: Long Unmedicated Birth and Fast Epidural Birth Story

Shauna has two children. Her daughter, Samindra, is three years old and her son, Jun, is one year old. Both births were very different. 

With the first child, you really don’t know what to expect and she wanted to keep the “plan” very open. She hired a doula to prep her and her husband for the birth and to help the day of because they didn’t have any close family around. The doula was a great addition to Shauna’s birth team. She was in labor for at least 16 hours and did it all without medication. 

Shauna’s second birth was much different. Her water broke to start the process and things progressed really fast. She got the “nine-centimeter shakes” quicker. They asked a few times if she wanted an epidural and this time, she took it. Just a couple of more relaxing hours later, she delivered her second child. 

shauna vo pulayya pregnancy

Shauna Vo Pulayya Bio

Shauna is what you might call a multipotentialite. As Emilie Wapnick described in her Ted Talks, a multipotentialite is a person who has not just one true calling but has many talents and interests and can use those to her advantage.

With a background in marketing, communications, sales, design, manufacturing, teaching and travel, Shauna is able to intersect all of these in her day-to-day professional and personal life and enjoy doing it.

Shauna and her husband, Randy, have been to 50 countries and lived abroad for five years. They were featured on NPR’s Ozarks at Large about their travels. They also have a travel blog at You can follow them on Instagram @travelneverendsco and Shauna’s account @shaunamichelle14.



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Induction for Preeclampsia + Placental Abruption Cesarean Birth

During her first pregnancy, Emelie hoped and planned for an unmedicated hospital birth. At her 39 week appointment, her blood pressure was extremely high, but she was sent home after passing a nonstress test. Three days later, she returned to the hospital for a blood pressure check and was officially tested for and diagnosed with preeclampsia. This began a 31 hour induction, with what felt like every intervention under the sun. Fortunately, she was able to deliver their baby girl vaginally after 30 minutes of pushing.

preeclampsia induction

Expecting their second child three years later, Emelie and and her husband, Nathan, took the Know Your Options course and felt very prepared to advocate for the unmedicated birth she again hoped to have. Emelie’s water broke at 39 weeks + 3 days in the middle of the night, and when she stood up, she realized she was hemorrhaging. She immediately knew that she was having a placental abruption, and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Fortunately, she was able to be awake during her son’s emergency Cesarean birth, and the staff of the hospital did everything they could to respect her birth wishes, even in the midst of the pandemic.

Emelie Thompson Bio

Emelie is an actor and singer based in northern Virginia. She lives with her husband, Nathan, two children, Violet and Theo, and cat, Walter Mitty. You can connect with her on Instagram at @emeliefaith, or follow her work at


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Epidural Free Induction and Group B Strep Birth Story

During her first pregnancy, Brenna planned an unmedicated hospital birth with a supportive OB. Despite an uncomplicated and healthy pregnancy, Brenna agreed to an induction as she approached 41 weeks. After beginning the induction with Cytotec, Brenna experienced minimal progress over the course of 30 hours. However, the introduction of a low dose of Pitocin culminated in the rapid onset of active labor and the birth of her and her husband’s daughter just 2.5 hours later. Rowan was 8 lbs and 20.5 inches long, and healthy.

While Brenna was proud and happy to have had an epidural-free, uncomplicated induction, the rapid finish left the experience feeling chaotic and overwhelming. Brenna also discusses testing positive for GBS, but not receiving antibiotics due to the rapid onset of active labor. Brenna had a fairly smooth and positive postpartum period, finding a sense of community in local and online groups. Following her own experience, Brenna became increasingly interested in the world of pregnancy and birth and began specialized training in perinatal mood disorders in her role as a marriage and family therapist.

induction without epidural

Brenna Burke Bio

Brenna lives north of Los Angeles with her husband Weston and their two and a half year old daughter, Rowan; she is currently pregnant with their second child. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist and works with individuals and couples in her private practice, and is currently completing her certification in Perinatal Mental Health. Brenna loves spending time with her family, traveling to new places, running, and finding new coffee and ice cream spots. You can connect with her on Instagram @brenna__burke and on Facebook. 


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