Vaginal Breech Twin Birth at the Hospital

Breech Baby A and Vertex Baby B Twins

Jenn knew from the moment she found out she was having twins that this was going to be an exceptionally exciting journey and birth. As the ultrasounds continued and the pregnancy progressed, baby A continued to present breech while baby B was snug in vertex position all along.

With each ultrasound, Jenn prayed and prayed that baby A would turn head down because her OB continued to tell her that she absolutely would not deliver a breech baby A. Not understanding…or being convinced…of the risk, Jenn simply asked -specifically- “what are the risks of a vaginal breech baby A?” She requested that her OB provide her with actual research of breech baby A and all the risks that go along with that. She was told interlocking chins (they were di/di and each in their own sacs), cord entanglement, prolapsed cord, still birth, cerebral palsy, and what seemed like a host of other fear-based possibilities. Finally, with hesitation, research in the form of scholarly journal entries, were provided to her. Nothing that she read convinced her that there was any real risk…certainly that outweighed the risks associated with a c-section!

Advocating for a Vaginal Breech Twin Birth

After several intense visits with her doctor, Jenn was able to express to her OB that being given a chance to deliver breech baby A was necessary and that if not given the opportunity to at least try, there was a chance that she would opt to deliver at home. Upon hearing that, her OB finally got on board. Because, let’s remember, the doctors work for the patient. As patients, we are autonomous beings who are in charge of the decision making for our own bodies. She reached out to a doctor that she heard about from a mommy board. His name was Dr. Stuart Fischbein. Jenn reached out to him via email and he was able to provide information to help her with her research of a natural, twin, breech baby, vaginal birth. (Please see his amazing website,

breech twin birth

In the early morning of 37+5 Jenn’s water broke while she was sleeping. Leisurely she and her husband headed to the hospital. They were accepted into the triage area of the maternity ward where they spent an additional 2 hours minimum. Several doctors came in and attempted to talk her out of having a vaginal birth of a breech baby A. In fact, she was forced to hand write a statement of understanding of the risks associated with this birth, releasing the hospital of responsibility. She complied and finally was admitted into a birthing suite. Approximately 12 hours after her water broke, there was no sign of any contractions and no progress made otherwise. At this point she agreed to start pitocin, around 5pm. She really wanted it to be a completely intervention-less birth, but knew progress needed to be made. Several hours after the pitocin started, contractions finally began. Around 10:30pm severe contractions began and she was 7cm at this point. At midnight, Jenn had what felt like circular contractions where the next one started before the previous one was even able to stop. There were no breaks at all in the contractions for about an hour. Feeling concerned about her energy to push out not one, but two, she asked to be checked for any more progress. She was still only at 7cm. Sadly, she decided she needed some help with the pain and opted for a very last minute epidural. No sooner did the medicine get into her body did she feel baby A move into position and the urge to push. Oddly, the epidural was not put in the correct spot and she felt everything but just on one side. Jenn told her doula that she felt the urge to push and orders were given to the doctors to get the OR prepped…it was time to have these babies.

At 1:45am Jenn was wheeled down to the OR. She was fully dilated and the baby was definitely making her appearance. Jenn pushed TWO TIMES and in less than ONE MINUTE the little breech baby A made her exciting and healthy appearance at 1:55am! Baby B was transverse all day long, but as soon as baby A was born, B went head down and into pushing position. Baby B was born at 2:13am. Two very healthy babies who were born vaginally, first breech and second vertex. No problems, no issues, no complications, just an absolutely perfect and beautiful unique birth!

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Unexpected Birth Outcomes and Why Choice is so Important

Homebirth Transfer With Supportive Birth Team

Natasha’s first birth was much anticipated. She had been working as a birth doula while also struggling to conceive her own baby. The birth did not go as planned. She wanted her daughter to be born at home, but instead, she was born in the hospital with the use of an epidural. Does this change how she feels about her birth? Not really. She had the support of her partner, her doulas, her midwives, and felt like her choices led the way. When she looks back on this birth, she feels overwhelmed with joy and pride.

Cesarean Birth Where Choice was Removed

Most recently, Natasha gave birth via cesarean section. She found this experience particularly challenging because she felt like her choices were completely taken away from her. After these two very different birth experiences, Natasha feels like the removal of choice from birthing people has a profound impact on the postpartum experience. No one fully explains the complications of healing from a cesarean birth while trying to connect with your newborn. As a birth professional she thought she understood, but nothing prepared her for the reality.

emergency cesarean

Natasha Marchand Bio

Natasha (COO of bebo mia inc and Baby & Me Fitness) is a super talented creative genius that turned her passion for babies and fitness into a lifelong career. She lives in Toronto with her husband, Chris, and two daughters Sadie & Margo. Natasha is a pre & postnatal fitness/yoga professional, birth-doula trainer, and hypnotherapist. After a long fertility journey with her first daughter, Natasha has positioned herself as a fertility expert. She specializes in working with families with a history of try to conceive through their pregnancy and postpartum period. Connect with her in these ways: Bebo Mia Website
Instagram: @bebomiainc @babyandmefitness
Facebook: @bebomiainc @babyandmefitnessinc
Twitter: @bebomia @babyandmefit


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Miscarriage, Placenta Previa and Premature Cesarean Birth

Pregnancy Loss and Working with High Risk OBGYN

Erika began her pregnancy journey fairly easily, and discovered she was pregnant the very first month she and her husband, Dan, decided to start trying. After some bleeding and cramping at 6 weeks, this pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, followed by a D&C at 9 weeks. Due to some abnormal blood-work, Erika’s OB suggested she see a rheumatologist before trying to conceive again, which kicked off a year of doctor visits and trying to find answers in order to prevent another loss. After being medicated for mild Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s, suspected Lupus, and Antiphospholipid Syndrome, she felt confident in beginning to try for another pregnancy.

The second pregnancy came at the exact same time of year as the last one and ended at the same time of year as well. At the 7 week ultrasound, there was no heartbeat found, and the pregnancy was terminated by using misoprostol. Erika decided to meet with a High Risk OBGYN to discuss loss prevention and a quick two months later, she was pregnant again, with her now first child Tyber Bruno.

Placenta Previa and bleeding episodes at 33 weeks

Erika’s third pregnancy started off perfectly normal until the 20 weeks ultrasound when she first heard mention of her placenta covering the opening of the cervix. After being told repeatedly not to worry because 99.5% of low-lying placentas move by the third trimester, it was confirmed at 28 weeks that her placenta previa was central and would likely not be going anywhere. A scheduled cesarean was a must.

After two episodes of severe bleeding at 33 weeks, Erika was hospitalized and taken to have an emergency cesarean. The cesarean went smoothly, but baby had to be taken to the NICU and the next day, Erika needed a blood transfusion. Her journey to parenthood started with 2 weeks in the NICU and lots of pumping; but, once baby came home they both recovered very quickly. After some trial and error, Erika and her baby boy happily transitioned to exclusive breastfeeding and lots of snuggling at home.

preemie 33 weeks

Erika Cazeneuve Bio

Erika lives in Long Island, New York with her super supportive husband, Dan, their sweet baby boy, Tyber, and their two lovable cats Frankie and Moo. Erika and Dan both own their own business as Live Event Artists, Erika Event Painting, and Captured on Canvas. They each paint weddings (and other special events) live on canvas, creating a work of art for the bride and groom to take home with them. Erika has a great passion for travel and is so excited to discover the world together with her husband and their little one. You can connect with Erika on Instagram @erikaeventpainting and Facebook.


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Castor Oil Postdates Birth & Hospital Water Birth

10 Days Postdates Castor Oil Induction

Julie’s first birth story begins when she was 10 days past her due date and no signs of labor had begun. In trying to avoid medical induction, Julie consulted with her doula about drinking castor oil to bring on labor. That night castor oil worked some labor magic and brought on contractions. Julie was able to labor at home, then labor in a birthing tub at the hospital. She turned inward and found a tapping/counting/breathing rhythm to work through contractions. After about 14 hours of labor and 2.5 hours of pushing she birthed her baby girl. Delivering the placenta was challenging and Julie hemorrhaged 30 minutes postpartum. Medical intervention stopped the hemorrhage and, while incredibly scary for everyone (especially Julie’s husband), everyone was okay.

Spontaneous Water Breaking Fast Hospital Water Birth

Julie’s second birth moved more quickly when labor began with spontaneous water breaking three days after her due date. Even though things moved quickly, she left the hospital to labor at home when she learned she was 1.5cm dilated. Julie transitioned in the shower at home and things really started move fast. She was 9cm when she got back to the hospital, labored in the tub and ultimately had a water birth, giving birth to her son after pushing through 2-3 contractions. Her baby boy slept on her chest skin-to-skin for five hours after being born.

Julie Tobi Bio

Julie Tobi lives in Ann Arbor, MI with her husband and their two kids. Her obsession with birth and the nostalgic magic of handwriting led Julie to create The Birth Journal, a guided journal for moms to write their birth story. Julie is also a life coach with a focus on living life aligned with our intuition. Most days you can find her with a strong cup of coffee, kids at her feet, and a journal and pen at her fingertips. Connect with her at @thebirthjournal on Instagram, Facebook, or on her Life Coach site.


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Unmedicated Hospital Birth, Precipitous Birth, & Homebirth Stories

Two Hospital Births with Midwives and a Home Birth

Kaitlyn’s first birth was a beautiful, empowering, unmedicated vaginal birth with a hospital midwife practice. She expected and planned for a similar birth with her second, but learned that each pregnancy really is different after going much later than she expected and ultimately having a precipitous birth (complete with mad dash to the hospital over frozen streets). Committed to avoid a birth only assisted by her two toddlers, she planned, and had, a home birth for her third.

Kaitlyn Lowery Bio

Kaitlyn is a California transplant living in RIchmond, VA with her husband, Justin, and three busy boys: Jonathan, Drew, and Ben. An attorney in a past life, she now enjoys chasing after her kids, reading “Little Blue Truck” as many times as possible in a single day, and using her Type A personality to plan ridiculously themed playdates and complete her Christmas shopping by September. Connect with her on Instagram: @kaitlyn.m.lowery or Facebook Kaitlyn Lowery (Kaitlyn Edwards).

christmas homebirth


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Three Births from the Perspective of a Military Family

First birth: Natural hospital birth with a doula

Not knowing what to expect with her first pregnancy and birth, Carolyn took Hypnobirthing classes, hired a doula, and planned for a natural hospital birth. A “labor cocktail” got contractions started the day after her due date, leading to 9 hours of labor on the toilet and a 40-minute car ride to the hospital during transition. After an emotional rollercoaster, between her doula, the hospital staff, and three hours of pushing, Carolyn succeeded in her goal of a natural birth.

Second birth: Natural hospital birth

Her second birth experience was much smoother than the first. Labor started in the wee morning hours and was fairly smooth sailing from start to finish. Unlike during her first labor, the only way Carolyn was comfortable was walking around. This labor also included a long car ride, including a stop at daycare to drop off her oldest son. One huge contraction upon arrival at the hospital took her through transition and it was game on. The 30-minutes she spent pushing were loud enough to get the attention of the anesthesiologist, but Carolyn managed to have a second natural birth.

Third birth: “Rogue” Homebirth

Knowing this would likely be her last child, with her third birth Carolyn decided she was finally going to have the birth experience she desired. She turned down military medical care and sought out a midwife and planned for a homebirth. Contractions started late in the evening the day before her due date, which happened to be the birthday of her second son. Labor stalled a bit around sunrise, perhaps due to her mind being preoccupied with ensuring her midwife was caffeinated and fed. She went in and out of the birth pool, hoping for a tranquil water birth, but it just wasn’t in the cards. Carolyn’s midwife recognized the signs and told her to get out of the tub, which was almost immediately followed by her body’s “fetal ejection reflex” kicking in. She barely made it onto the birth stool before her daughter came rocketing out of her, completely outside of her control. In the end, Carolyn completed her family with a successful and complication free homebirth.

military birth

Carolyn Winn Bio

Carolyn and her husband are both active duty military. Being in the military has certain limitations on the choices available to you for birth, like which hospitals you can go to and when you’re allowed to move while pregnant. Carolyn tells the story of her two natural hospital births, one with a negative doula experience, as well as an empowering homebirth. She also describes the challenges of traveling internationally for work while pumping, and recovering from diastasis recti after her third birth. Connect with her on Facebook at Carolyn Louise or via email


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