Positive Hospital Birth with Postpartum Preeclampsia that Resolved Quickly

After Bella’s first baby was born premature at 34 weeks, doctors took steps to prevent another preemie during her second pregnancy. She had a wonderful pregnancy but at 36 weeks she went into labor. An incredibly positive  laboring process that included coping with yoga ball, counter pressure, bath tub, & eventually an epidural. Her baby’s head was born with the water bag intact but eventually broke when her shoulders came out & Bella was able to reach down & deliver her baby herself. It was a dream hospital birth but postpartum got complicated when she was diagnosed with postpartum preeclampsia.

Bella Strapp Bio

Bella is a stay at home mother who lives in Rochester, NY with her husband Greg and two children! She loves camping with her family, biking, cooking, & a good cup of coffee. Connect with Bella on Instagram @bella.m.strapp or Facebook: Bella Strapp.


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Healing Unmedicated Hospital Birth Story after Traumatic First Birth During Covid

With her first birth Maryanne went in with an attitude of fully trusting the hospital system. She ended up having him during the first day of covid lockdown in Illinois, and having numerous unnecessary interventions that left her broken. She then suffered an early miscarriage between her two births. With her second, she did lots of research about birth and ended up having an incredibly empowering birth where she was able to advocate for herself and ended up having an unmedicated birth. She has always been fully trusting of science and medications and it was so illuminating when she started doing her own research into birth practices and the number of unnecessary interventions that are used. Maryanne also comes from the South Indian cultural background and she felt a lot of criticism when she told people that she wanted an unmediated birth (including her husband). In her culture doulas aren’t commonly used but her experience using a doula was amazing.

Maryanne John Bio

Maryanne lives in the suburbs of Chicago Illinois with her husband and her two sons Elijah (4 years old) and Dominic (1 year old). She is originally from Australia and moved to the States after getting married. Connect with her on Instagram at @mazzy02


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Missed Miscarriage + Fast Unmedicated Hospital Birth with Marginal Cord Insertion

After a traumatic and eye opening missed miscarriage with their first pregnancy, Sean and Brianna managed to get pregnant again. Brianna quickly found that pregnancy after loss is its own unique journey filled with underlying grief, anxiety, and insecurity. They chose to go the hospital route finding great care at a local OB. Knowing that brith is very hard to plan and predict, Brianna prepared for every possible outcome, but she knew she wanted an unmediated birth. She spent much of her pregnancy doing everything she could to give her body the best chance at success. Partway through the pregnancy they discovered a 7cm+ ovarian cyst and that her placenta was anterior with Marginal Cord Insertion. This prompted the need for several growth scans in the following months to ensure that the baby was growing appropriately. Brianna also had Covid during her third trimester which added to her already overly abundant fears. Thankfully the MCI did not end up having much of an impact so the pregnancy was allowed to play out without intervention. After several weeks of many Braxton hicks and off and on labor, they decided to schedule an induction for 40 weeks and 5 days. In the early morning of the day of her induction, Brianna woke to her water braking and contractions began in full force. Six hours later Marcus was born. Although it did not go perfectly to plan, Brianna had the empowering unmedicated hospital birth she wanted. For Brianna, navigating the postpartum period proved challenging, yet it paled in comparison to the physical and emotional pain she endured while recovering from her loss. Cradling her healthy baby in her arms, made everything better.

brianna voron birth story

Brianna Voron Bio

Brianna is an artist and woodworker based in Phoenix, Arizona. She lives with her husband Sean and their 5 month old son Marcus. She believes in a deep connection between life and art. She is in awe of her body’s ability to nurture and create life, and now draws much of her creative energy from her identity as a mother artist. Connect with her on her instagram: @briannavoron and visit her website to view her work: www.briannavoron.com


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Four Miscarriages Followed by Empowered Birth & Hard Postpartum and then a Traumatic Birth with an Empowered Postpartum

Katy’s journey to motherhood was fraught with heartache, marked by four miscarriages before Jack’s birth—a journey colored by fear and trauma. Diagnosed with preeclampsia at 36 weeks in the first pregnancy she’d carried to term, the terror was palpable, affirming her darkest fears about what she believed were her body’s failures. In the week before her induction, Katy turned to her greatest strengths: research and advocacy. Armed with knowledge and a newfound sense of empowerment, she faced her 37-week induction with a trust in herself and her body she’d never felt before with pregnancy. The 12-hour labor, guided by an incredibly supportive nurse, concluded with a powerful affirmation as Jack entered the world: “I hope you know that you did this,” her nurse told her. “Your knowledge and advocacy is the reason he made it here so fast.”

Four and a half years later, Branham’s birth story unfolded differently. Without the familiar storm of preeclampsia, Katy was plagued by a different kind of anxiety. Fearing the doctors were missing something that would harm her baby, Katy was unable to believe her body was a safe place for Branham after 37 weeks. She underwent a semi-elective 39-week induction, and the fast-paced, four-hour labor was far from the relief it might seem, leaving her feeling unprepared and vulnerable. This experience underscored a crucial lesson she now shares passionately: the importance of preparing for every birth, including the birth you don’t want, and advocating for yourself relentlessly. This has become a cornerstone of Katy’s advocacy in all realms of motherhood–teaching moms to embrace the unpredictable nature of motherhood with knowledge and courage, while always staying true to their own desires. 

Katy Huie Harrison, PhD Bio

Katy is not just an author but a crusader, redefining motherhood’s narrative after a decade of academic study and personal challenges, including recurrent pregnancy loss and severe postpartum anxiety. This journey led her from academia to founding Undefining Motherhood, a movement against the centuries-old, unrealistic expectations placed on mothers. With a suite of resources—her engaging website, insightful newsletters, transformative books and planners, and an engaging new podcast—Katy champions a new era for moms, focusing on real change and empowerment.

Her innovative pregnancy planner, Expecting & Organized, has already shifted over 20,000 families’ journeys, earning acclaim as an Etsy Bestseller and one of Amazon’s Top Picks in 2024. Anticipation is building for her upcoming release, The Postpartum Playbook.

Featured in places like CNN’s Headline News, Romper, and Wondermind, Katy brings light to the often-shadowed realities of parenting. She fosters a space where moms at all stages feel acknowledged and understood. Follow her journey and transformative advice on Instagram at @undefiningmotherhood and dive deeper into her conversations on the Undefining Motherhood podcast, available wherever you get your podcasts.


Undefining Motherhood

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Healing from Birth Trauma: Unplanned Hospital Birth in the UK + NICU Stay

After a surprise, but wanted, pregnancy, Jessica dove into the birth world in preparation for a home birth with her first baby. Despite her best efforts, her pregnancy was marked with many difficulties including multiple bleeds, polyhydramnios, an irritable uterus and a preterm labor scare at 29 weeks. Jessica ended up having an unplanned hospital birth when her daughter arrived a month early on Christmas Day 2021. She managed to fight for the unmedicated birth she desperately desired, but felt very disempowered by how she was treated by certain hospital staff. Her daugher Poppy was born, but surprised everyone with unexpected health complications that resulted in a 6 week NICU stay full of uncertainty. Jessica also suffered from a major obstetric hemorrhage and vaginal wall tear during the birth.

Jessica and her husband Mark did everything they could to be there for Poppy as they waited to learn what her life might look like. After the prayers of hundreds of thousands of people around the world, Poppy went from an unresponsive, floppy baby with no suck, swallow or gag reflex, to latching at 5 weeks and being sent home as a healthy baby with no tubes at 6 weeks old! Jessica’s postpartum involved a very difficult breastfeeding journey where they overcame weeks of tube feeding, oral ties and low supply to nurse successfully for 13 months. She has also spent the last two years doing everything she can to heal her perception of what birth can be and to overcome the trauma of Poppy’s delivery and newborn days. 

Jessica Reynolds-Corden birth story

Jessica Reynolds-Corden Bio

Jessica is a wife, mama, and lover of Meg Ryan movies and oat milk lattes. Originally from Hershey, PA, she now lives just outside of London with her British husband, Mark and daughter, Poppy. Jessica is passionate about real food and also chocolate, about full bellies and easy cooking, about endometriosis and how to flourish with an illness. As a stay-at-home, work-from-home mom she shares all of it over on instagram, along with life in the messy middle of motherhood. Connect with her on Instagram: @jessicaeatsrealfood or her website: www.jessicaeatsrealfood.com



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Empowering Hospital Birth with Epidural + Unknown Marginal Cord Insertion with Placental Delivery Complication

Labor began on a Sunday, contractions intensified and after over an hour of consistent contractions, Jeannette and her husband began their journey to hospital. Jeannette labored in triage for 7ish hours before getting formally admitted to labor and delivery. This would be the hardest part of labor for Jeannette as those contractions intensified and she was required to stay in the hospital bed in a small room that did not have a mobile monitor she could wear to monitor both contractions and baby’s heartbeat to roam freely. Handling the contractions bed bound were challenging and intense. Jeannette was determined to handle them utilizing all of her learned coping skills. Once she was dilated close to a 4, she was finally formally admitted. She utilized hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, practiced breathing, meditations, and visualizations strategies during labor with her husband as her birthing support partner. She struggled to progress after nearly 16 hours of labor. At this point, she felt discouraged and weary. At the 16th hour mark, she consented to the epidural, hoping it could be successfully placed despite having a lower lumbar scoliosis diagnosis. The epidural was successfully placed and after consenting to the breaking of her water and support of pitocin, she progressed to full effacement and dilation after about 2 hours and then began pushing. She pushed for 40 minutes and soon welcomed her son, Lucas Cole into the world, weighing 7 lb 15 oz and 20 inches long on Tuesday evening, February 28th, 2023. The “second birth” or birth of her placenta was traumatic for Jeannette as it resulted in post delivery placental abruption due to undiagnosed marginal cord insertion. The midwife and nursing staff worked to retrieve and piece together all of her placenta to ensure nothing was retained and would cause further complications or surgery. The placental root was abnormally thin and looped as opposed to being centered with a strong root, despite this miss, Lucas grew healthily throughout the pregnancy and was born without any complications. Jeannette shares her story in hopes to bring awareness to often missed placental abnormalities in pregnancy such as marginal cord insertion and its impacts on pregnancy and birth. 

skin to skin dad hospital

Jeannette Chase Bio

Jeannette is a first time mom living in Virginia Beach, Virginia with her high school sweetheart now husband, Hudson, and their 11 month old baby boy, Lucas. They love living near the beach and getting outside together as a family. Jeannette works in the public school system and provides speech-language therapy to young children and Hudson is a geospatial engineer. Jeannette has a private instagram you can reach her under the name of jeannette.m.chase. 


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  • Local IBCLC for breastfeeding support. 

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