Hospital & Home Births Including Footling Breech

Five Birth Stories – Hospital and Home Births

Mary shares the stories of her three planned homebirths (two in water); one crazy-fast, planned hospital birth; and one unplanned hospital birth that resulted in a natural footling breech birth. She also has experienced a natural miscarriage at home.

hospital footling breech

Mary Haseltine Bio

Mary is a mother to five on earth and one in eternity. She works as a certified birth and bereavement doula, birth educator, and as a writer at Better Than Eden. There, she shares about birth, her faith, mothering, homeschooling, miscarriage, raising boys, and more. She is also a featured writer at Elizabeth Ministry International. A theology graduate, she has a passion for helping women experience their God-given “feminine genius” through birth, motherhood, and in the very design of their body. She believes that treating babies and women with the utmost dignity and respect at every moment during pregnancy and birth is necessary for building strong families and a culture of life and love. You can find her writing at Better Than Eden or connect on Facebook and Instagram.

home births

Birth Resources

Evidence Based Birth
Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn by Penny Simkin
Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way by Susan McCutcheon
Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin
Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering: A Doctor’s Guide to Natural Childbirth and Gentle Early Parenting Choices by Sarah Buckley
The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding by Diane Wiessinger and Diana West 
The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth by Henci Goer
The Theology of the Body by Pope John Paul II
On the Dignity and Vocation of Women by Pope John Paul II

Earth Mama Angel Baby

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Bottom Spray
Bottom Balm
Postpartum Herb Baths
Milkmaid Tea

Intuitive Birthing + Coping with Complications and Loss

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Subchorionic Hemorrhage, Long Labor, Failed Epidurals

Amy shares her experiences dealing with her fair share of complications in pregnancy and birth. She has had 3 births within a hospital setting and has dealt with a subchorionic hemorrhage (vaginal bleeding for six weeks) during pregnancy, miscarriages, epidurals that haven’t worked, NICU stays and so much more. She also talks about how intuitive birthing helped her cope with the pain of labor and childbirth during each of her three births.

Amy Pence-Brown Bio


Amy Pence-Brown is a fat feminist mother who believes in opening her mouth and her heart. From both of these places she tells a powerful story of vulnerability, courage, and body positivity and the importance of taking a stand for something you believe in. As a body image activist, Pence-Brown became famous in 2015 for her radical stand for self-love in a black bikini and a blindfold in Boise, Idaho, which was documented in a blog post, photographs, and a video viewed 200 million times. Her message about the value of all bodies, no matter their size, has been covered by numerous media outlets, including CNN, USA Today, Cosmopolitan, People, TODAY, Huffington Post, Upworthy, HLN, WGN Morning News Chicago, SHAPE, the Dr. Oz show, MSN and NPR. She is also an artist and writer and advocate for both death positivity and historic structures, as a architectural historian and researcher with Preservation Idaho. For more information on Amy’s activism, writing, art and press links, visit her website.

You can also watch her TED talk, The Stand For Self-Love.


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Hospital and Birth Center Birth Stories

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Hospital and Birth Center Stories

This episode features Denver mama, Alaina, who struggled to get pregnant and had two miscarriages before using Clomid for her 3rd pregnancy, and gave birth in a hospital setting. She found out she was pregnant again without any outside assistance just a year later and gave birth at a birth center, having an unexpected waterbirth.

waterbirth birth center

Alaina Isbouts Bio

Alaina and her husband Philip met while living abroad in Prague, and quickly bonded over their mutual love of travel and shared view of the world around them.  Though they got engaged very quickly, they enjoyed their time together traveling before they bought a house, settled down, and decided to try for a family. It unexpectedly took them a year and a half before they got pregnant with their first, a natural miscarriage at home. Eight months later, in a new home and new city, they found out they were once again pregnant. Once again, the pregnancy ended in a miscarriage.  Alaina and Philip went through fertility testing and were finally able to have a healthy pregnancy with the help of Clomid. Her first birth was a 20-hour natural birth in a hospital.


Shortly after celebrating their baby’s first birthday, Alaina found out she was unexpectedly pregnant, though she was still nursing and not taking any fertility medications.  This time they decided to go with a birth center, and ended up with a beautiful and unplanned waterbirth. She currently calls Denver home, along with her husband of eight years and their two boys, Julian (3) and Finley (11 months).  Alaina is a freelance editor and writer, and you can find her online at She is on Instagram and Twitter @alainaisbouts.

Alaina recommends reading Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth and taking a birth preparation class.


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*photos by Monet Nicole Birthing Stories. Monet has also shared her birth stories on The Birth Hour.

Stillbirth and Rainbow Baby Birth Stories with Jenna Edwards

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A Story of Loss and A Rainbow Baby Birth

Today’s birth story is with Jenna who also happens to be my best friend. First, she shares the story of her son Greyson’s birth; Greyson was stillborn at almost 34 weeks gestation due to unknown causes. I was with Jenna when the doctor told us there was no heartbeat and walked with her in her grief for the days, weeks and months after his birth.

Her pregnancy with Greyson’s little brother, Gavin, was so exciting but also very stressful for Jenna as she was always concerned about losing another baby. The day she and her husband, Adam, met their rainbow baby was a day they will never forget.

clear drape cesarean

Greyson on the left and Jenna meeting Gavin through the clear drape during her cesarean on the right.

rainbow baby birth story

Jenna Edwards Bio

Jenna Edwards is the mother of two boys, Greyson Lewis, who was stillborn in September 2014, and Gavin Lee, who is 7 months old. She and her husband live in Austin, TX and are learning each day how to parent one child in heaven while having one in their arms.

rainbow baby


Earth Mama Angel Baby Healing Hearts Comfort Kit

Healing Hearts Comfort Kit

Grieving Parents—Surviving Loss as a Couple

Pregnancy After Loss Facebook Group

Methyl Folate

Still Standing

CarlyMarie Project Heal

Landon’s Legacy Retreat for Mothers Who’ve Lost a Baby + Amelia’s Birth Story

stillborn baby 34 weeks


Dr. Jessica Zucker Shares her Miscarriage and Rainbow Baby Birth Stories

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A Story of Loss and Strength

Jessica shares the story of her miscarriage at home, and her experience coming to terms with that unexpected loss of a child. She also shares her subsequent pregnancy and birth stories including the anxiety that often accompanies a pregnancy after loss, as well as the indescribable joy that came with welcoming her rainbow baby.

dr jessica zucker

Dr. Jessica Zucker Bio

Jessica Zucker, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist based in Los Angeles. She specializes in women’s reproductive and maternal mental health. Dr. Zucker is the creator of the #IHadAMiscarriage campaign, and a line of pregnancy loss cards. Her writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, BuzzFeed, anthologies, and elsewhere. Jessica has been featured on Good Morning America, CNN, and NPR. Connect with Jessica on her website where she sells cards to send to women who have suffered a loss as well as her new rainbow mama and babe tees.  Instagram: @ihadamiscarriage.

Rainbow Mama and Babe Tees

ihadamiscarriage rainbow baby

photo by Vaughn Danny

“Rainbow babies” are babies born after loss. Approximately 1 in 4 pregnancies result in loss and therefore there are lots of rainbow babies out there. I recently found out that I myself am a rainbow baby—my mom had a miscarriage between my older brother’s birth and me.

With the rainbow tees, Dr. Jessica Zucker aims to break the silence and shatter taboos around this very poignant and ubiquitous experience, honor our losses, and connect women who have experienced loss.

Buy a Rainbow Tee

rainbow mama and baby tees
These tees work against the shame and guilt that often surround loss and instead show a sense of pride for our histories/journeys and allow women to say “I had a miscarriage/pregnancy loss(es) and I stand with and support all the other women who have been there or are currently going through this.” All proceeds from the sale of these tees are being generously donated to The Birth Hour as we work together to destigmatize pregnancy and infant loss.

I Had a Miscarriage from Jaki Covington on VimeoVideo by Jaki Covington

Amelia Barnes Shares Landon and Lily’s Birth Stories

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Amelia Barnes’ Pregnancy and Birth Stories

Today’s guest is Amelia Barnes. Amelia is going to share the stories of her two children’s births. Her son Landon was born in July of 2014 and lived for just four days. I don’t want to tell much of her story for her because she tells it so beautifully but I do want to say how thankful I am for this mama. She began sharing Landon’s story on Instagram during his pregnancy and continued after he was born and was so unbelievably honest and raw about all of her experiences and emotions that she quickly found herself surrounded by a virtual support system of women who had also experienced a loss.

Amelia’s story is especially close to my heart because it helped me navigate the unbelievably hard journey of supporting my best friend through the loss of her son around the same time. Amelia shared her most private thoughts of grief, jealousy, anger and healing in ways that not every mother who’s experienced a loss is able to express but most are feeling. It was so helpful to me to read her posts and know some of the things my friend was struggling with and be able to offer support in the right ways. She’s since created a retreat in Canada for women who’ve experienced the loss of a child to attend called Landon’s Legacy. Amelia gave birth to her daughter Lily very recently and will also be sharing the story of her pregnancy and birth which ended up bringing some answers as to what may have caused Landon’s death. Both stories are beautiful and emotional and so worth the listen.

Amelia Barnes’ Bio

Amelia is a mother, yoga teacher, retreat facilitator, and writer from Winnipeg, Canada. She is also the creator of , a unique line of inspired and custom-designed yoga apparel made in Canada.

Landon’s Birth Story

Amelia’s life took an unexpected turn in July 2014, when her first-born baby Landon passed away at just 4 days old, due to brain damage sustained when his hearth suddenly stopped beating during his birth. Her and her husband were given no answers as to what happened, no reason as to why their perfectly healthy baby boy died. Thrown into an intensity of pain beyond what she’d ever imagined possible, she started sharing her feelings and experiences on social media to help her heal and create something beautiful of Landon’s short life. Within less than a year, her community of Instagram followers @ameliakyoga grew from 10,000 to over 100,000.

Lily’s Pregnancy and Birth Story

In November 2015, at 37 weeks pregnant with her daughter Lily, Amelia discovered that she had Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy (ICP) and that this had most likely been what cause Landon’s death. This was an terrifying and stressful time, but ultimately lead to a very beautiful healing c-section birth of a healthy, adorable baby girl (read Lily’s birth story here).

Her journey of loss, grief and healing is compiled in her book Landon’s Legacy, soon to be available in Spring/Summer 2016. She is also a guide at the online yoga and healing community and hosts Landon’s Legacy Retreat, an annual holistic healing yoga retreat for bereaved moms. You can make donations to help mothers attend Landon’s Legacy Retreat and support them in their grief by going here. My best friend attended the 2015 retreat and it was such a healing experience for her.