Today’s guest is Katrina Meek who lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. The cesarean rates are extremely high in many parts of South Africa, similar to in Brazil but Katrina knew she wanted a natural birth. After having her first child at a birth center, she decided to plan a homebirth with her second. She faced a great deal of resistance from friends and acquaintances regarding her decision but she ultimately knew it was the perfect birth experience for her. Katrina is also a doula who is working to educate women in South Africa about their options when it comes to childbirth. Connect with her on Instagram.

Birth Story in South Africa

Here’s a little sneak peek into her story but be sure to listen to the full episode to hear her tell her story:

“Being a few days over my 40 weeks I was getting anxious and so was my midwife! Thank heavens on the the 7th of May, 3 days past my due date, my waters broke at 4:18am. It was show time! I had had all my home birth boxes all ready for weeks and the hubby and I were so excited to finally get out all the weeks of prep to use. The contractions came fast and heavy but being a doula I knew that every single surge was bringing me closer to my darling. I let them take over my body one at a time and I could even feel my pelvis and cervix opening — it was incredible! I requested not to be checked internally as I wanted to go with the flow. Moving through each surge in the bath, my two midwives and hubby were incredible keeping me focused and breathing.
Not long after this all started, I felt THAT urge… I knew what was happening and with a few gentle pushes I birthed the head—no pain just a pressure. I knew the end was near, I literally breathed her out and the most beautiful little thing I then placed on my chest. She was perfection! I couldn’t believe I had done it, perfectly exactly how I dreamed it would go (even quicker about 1hr and 15min ).
The cord stopped pulsating and my husband cut the cord with a very curious big sister, Nevah, watching over, she was fascinated that her little sister was finally here. Im so happy i trusted my body and let nature take its ultimate course. I have never felt more alive in my whole life! Little Maya May was born 3.06kg and 49cm long… she is perfection.

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