Positive Hospital Birth with Hypnobirthing & Midwife

Justina conceived in 2019, and saw the same midwife for all of her pregnancy care and for her baby’s birth. Justina gives credit to the midwifery model of care and a Hypnobirthing course for her positive birth experience. 

She kept active as a part-time group-fitness instructor and continued teaching spin classes until 22 weeks. She enjoyed swimming and walking as exercise in her 3rd trimester.

Justina planned for an unmedicated birth. Her vision was to labor in the tub and that her baby would emerge by using relaxation techniques and in a very peaceful way. Her birth plan was to limit any intervention, no medications, and allow her baby to come when she was ready. 

Justina endured 36 hours of prodromal labor at home until “real” labor began in the middle of the night.  She labored in the tub at the hospital, which allowed for tub-labor but not birth.

Once the baby’s heart rate decelerated, there was a team effort to get the baby out quickly and safely. Justina was instructed to push on all-fours and that was how she ultimately birthed her baby girl.

Something about that position allowed the baby to be in better alignment and to avoid tearing. The nurses helped her flip over with the cord still attached. They did skin to skin and the baby breastfed. Justina was surprised by how much coaching she needed for pushing even during an instinctive birth. 

hypnobirthing hospital birth story

Justine Perry Bio

Justina Perry is a Physical Therapist from New Bedford, Massachusetts who specializes in pelvic health. She lives with her husband and 1 year old daughter in their hometown. Where to find me: linknd Justina Perry southcoast.org/pelvicrehab



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Rainbow Baby Hospital Birth with Midwives After Miscarriage

After suffering a difficult pregnancy and miscarriage, Mimi planned for an unmedicated hospital birth with midwives. She shares the story of her rainbow baby and discusses how her husband prepared for and took on the role of doula.

Mimi Maitrichith Bio

Mimi is a first time mom living just north of Seattle, WA with her husband and one year old baby boy. She works in healthcare as a data analyst. Mimi can usually be found spending quality time with her family, learning new recipes, and connecting with her network of fellow moms.



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Peaceful Birth Center Birth and Hospital Induction with Posterior Baby

Jasmine gave birth to her firstborn in what she likes to call “the frozen tundra of Minnesota.” She and her husband Phillip were southern transplants with few friends and connections and entered the world of birth and parenthood as newlyweds. Wynn’s birth was a slow and steady, peaceful birth center experience. During her pregnancy with Wynn, Jasmine’s biggest fears were 1) an induction, 2) having her water broken, or 3) birthing a sunny-side-up baby. All three of those unforeseen circumstances happened two and a half years later with Langston, and he was born in a completely different but equally beautiful way in a hospital in Jackson, Mississippi.  

sunny side up baby
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Jasmine L. Holmes Bio

Jasmine is the author of Mother to Son: Letters To A Black Boy on Identity and Hope, as well as a contributing author for Identity Theft: Reclaiming the Truth of Our Identity in Christ and His Testimonies, My Heritage: Women of Color on the Word of God. She teaches history at a classical Christian school in Jackson, Mississippi, where she and her husband, Phillip, are parenting two young sons. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @jasminelholmes.

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Accidental Unassisted Homebirth

After an uneventful pregnancy, Deborah thought she had planned for all aspects of her labor and delivery; but, she never anticipated having an unexpectedly quick labor and unassisted delivery. Deborah and her husband, Michael, prepared to have a home birth with their midwife, her sister, and her mother present.

Deborah went into labor at 40 weeks and 2 days. After her mucus plug came out she went into intense labor that lasted 5.5 hours. Before her midwife and sister could arrive, and after just 10 minutes of pushing, Deborah delivered with her husband catching their surprise baby girl! Although it was quick, it was very peaceful and everything happened the way it was supposed to.

born before arrival homebirth

Deborah Woodson Bio

Deborah is a 28-year-old Massachusetts native who recently relocated to Maryland with her husband. She works for a consulting firm that contracts with government and public agencies. Deborah considers herself to be a pregnancy and birth junkie and can often be found listening to birth stories and encouraging new soon-to-be mamas. She aspires to one day become a midwife. Deborah is passionate about forming connections with other women and mothers via social media and can be found on Instagram: @Deborahmichel

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Disempowering Cesarean Followed by Twins VBAC

After a disempowering birth with her first son that nearly ended in tragedy, Erica vowed to have a different experience when she got pregnant again and planned to have an unmedicated VBAC with her twins. With the help of the Birth Hour, doulas, and a supportive practice after a switch of providers at 28 weeks, Erica successfully had the VBAC she worked so hard to get. As a black woman navigating the healthcare system, Erica is excited to share her story in the hopes that it may help some other mom or mommy-to-be.

Erica Beal Bio

Erica is an educational consultant located in Greenbelt, Maryland. She lives with her husband and three wonderful children, including an inquisitive (perhaps maniacally so) three-year-old and her 9-month-old twins that are starting to get into everything. Erica enjoys Rose, Netflix, reading, and cuddles on the couch with her hubby. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram.

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Military Family: Two Hospital Birth Stories with Pitocin

Kemah and her husband, Alex, are a military family who had their first daughter while Alex was deployed to Afghanistan. Kemah chose to see an OB for prenatal care, and wanted to try to achieve an unmedicated birth in a hospital. At 39 weeks 6 days, Kemah’s water broke after having a prenatal massage. She arrived to the hospital and was administered Pitocin. Pitocin contractions were intense and she ended up asking for an epidural. She delivered a healthy baby girl and with help from Skype, Alex was able to watch the birth while deployed. After birth, Kemah had a retained placenta which was manually removed by the doctor. Alex met Aria for the first time in person when she was four months old.

birth story military family

With their second pregnancy, Kemah and Alex were surprised to find out they were pregnant months after switching from Nexplanon, an arm birth control, to a pill birth control. Kemah chose to go to a different OB for her prenatal care. Her new doctor supported her goal of an unmedicated birth. Additionally, the hospital had resources in their labor and delivery suites to support coping measures in child birth. Due to her BMI, Kemah was required to do external fetal heart rate and fetal monitor activity appointments during her last trimester. And following one of those appointments, at 36+6, the baby was not passing kick-count tests. This led to another induction with Pitocin. Kemah was able to walk to cope with contractions and make it to 7 cm before requesting an epidural. Alex was home for this birth and was able to support Kemah throughout her labor and delivery. 

Kemah Muñoz Bio

Kemah and her husband, Alex, live in southern Arizona with their two little girls, Aria- 6, and Isabelle-3. Alex is a recruiter for the Army National Guard and Kemah recently opened an Etsy shop called Teemah by Kemah where she designs and screen print T-shirts. 


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