Postpartum Psychosis Diagnosis and Recovery

This Marielis’ first pregnancy/birth. She had a very normal/healthy pregnancy and has no history of mental illness. After planning a mostly unmedicated birth, she ended up having an unplanned c-section. Is he started off using nitrous oxide for some time but after 16 hours, was only dilated to 6cm. She was stuck at 9 cm for another 8 hours so they decided it was time for a c-section. After a week she started feeling a bit weird. At first she felt like she was fading in and out of her body. She’d feel normal for a few hours then felt like she wasn’t all there and during these times would feel extreme paranoia and manic episodes. She wasn’t able to sleep or eat and when she started to realize she wasn’t feeling herself her baby’s father started looking into getting her help and was able to find her a doctor who diagnosed her with postpartum psychosis (over zoom). She wasn’t able to care for her baby (when she looked at her she felt like she wasn’t really there/alive) It was an extremely scary time for her and everyone around her. She was checking into a mental health facility for 6 days and finally felt like herself again. Connect with her on Instagram at @hailmari__

postpartum psychosis


In an Emergency

Call the PSI emergency hotline 1-800-273-8255.  Emergency Hotlines are available all the time. It is very important that you reach out right now and find the support and information you need to be safe. Call for yourself or someone you care about; available 24/7.


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Surprise Pregnancy & Unmedicated, Redemptive Birth Center Birth

After experiencing a very traumatic birth with her first son in 2021, Fallon was determined to have a water birth at the Atlanta Birth Center that she had been preparing for for nearly two years. In her first birth she was unexpectedly transferred to Atlanta Medical Center when her son failed his BPP test at 41+2 weeks. She barely made the cut off to be accepted into the birth center in time for her second birth because she did not find out she was pregnant until she was 18 weeks along. She was determined to deliver Dru on November 11th 2022, just 2 days before his due date, but much like her first son Zane, he came when he was good and ready.

On November 10th she drank The Midwives brew to get things going and started having contractions, but they were not enough to bring on full labor. Over the next week she had her normal contractions throughout the night, and around 5/6AM (just hours before Dru was born) she texted her Doula that they needed to come up with a new game plan because she now wanted an epidural after 3 days in a row of intense contractions all night long!  She knew that she could not get an epidural at the birth center, and would have to have another hospital transfer in order to receive the medication.  As the sun was coming up around 7:00 a.m. she called the birth center and spoke to a midwife about how intense her pain was and the Midwife instructed her to meet her at the birth center in about an hour and a half at 8:30 a.m. to check her cervix/progression/ dilation and to receive pain meds.

maternity photos

She suspected that she was an active labor and had her husband grab the hospital / birth center bag. Although she had contractions all night for the three previous nights, each morning as soon as the sun came up, the contractions would stop altogether, or would subside to only one contraction every few hours. Once the sun came up on the morning of November 17 however the contractions, never slow and only grew more intense. Once Fallon, her husband, and her mother arrived at the Birth Center, she was checked and told that she was already 6 cm. One of the nurses offered to bring her some snacks to eat since it was early, and she had not eaten breakfast, but as soon as she took one bite of the protein bar, she began to vomit intensely, and then the Midwife said that she was likely 7 cm now.

Fallon spent the next hour and a half begging for the pain meds promised to her by the midwife on call, only to be told that if she birthed the baby very quickly while on the nubane that it could affect the baby. Finally, she was able to receive nitrous oxide after insisting on pain medication. After using the nitrous she was able to get in the water for about an hour but ultimately got out and pushed her baby out after about 6 minutes of pushing.

Fallon Rice Scott Bio

Fallon is a Wife, #BoyMom of 2 under 2, #dogMom to Luka, World Traveler (Currently 41 countries), Houston native turned Georgia Peach, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Business Owner, and Founder of Vision To Fruition™ ( 

Fallon received both her Master of Accounting and Bachelor of Business Administration  degrees from Baylor University in Waco, Texas, where she became a proud member of The Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. 

In her non-existent spare time, she enjoys reading, traveling, brunching, spending time with family, and being tortured by coaches at Orange Theory fitness. Connect with her on Instagram @THEFALLONRICE or via her blog

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Appendicitis, Long Induction but Gentle Birth and Dealing with Panic Attacks Postpartum

After a diagnosis of appendicitis and abdominal surgery at 7 weeks, Isabel sought out the support of a doula and the general birthing community to hopefully prepare for a lower intervention labor and delivery process. She balanced the desire to have a less conventional hospital birth experience with the realities of being a pregnant black woman in the United States. 

Ultimately, a diagnosis of gestational hypertension and then preeclampsia led to a 44 hour induction where the epidural stopped working three times and she developed chorioamnionitis. In the end, she was able to have a gentle vaginal delivery and deliver a healthy baby girl. Postpartum was marked by significant postpartum anxiety and panic attacks. With the investment of significant resources, the constant support of her husband, the help of her incredible doula, an angel of a night nanny and her entire family and community, Isabel began to slowly recover.

Isabel Malone Bio

Isabel is originally from the Dominican Republic but lives in Chicago with her wonderful spouse and daughter as well as three struggle houseplants she tries to keep alive.  She is an emergency medicine doctor and also works in medical education. Connect with her on instagram: @imbella_ or via email:


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Two Hospital Inductions: NICU Stay with 1st and Cesarean Birth with 2nd after Failed Epidural

Kyra had one induced birth with an epidural that ended in her daughter having complications after birth and needing to stay in the NICU for 9 days. Kyra labored for a total of 3 days and left 12 hours after birth to go be with her newborn at a different hospital. She had a very easy physical recovery but a hard emotional recovery leaving permanent trauma.

Kyra’s second birth was an unintentional unmedicated labor that ended in a cesarean birth due to her epidural clotting twice and doctors making the decision that an epidural was not an option. Her postpartum recovery was a shock after not being prepared for a c-section and also this was the first time she had her baby in the room immediately after birth. Kyra is currently 11 weeks postpartum and is still trying to navigate having a new postpartum body and being a mother of 2.

nicu stay for cooling treatment

Kyra Jean Bio

Kyra is a stay at home mom and is nursing her 11 week old on demand. She is so grateful for having both experiences during her birthing process.  Connect with her on Facebook:


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Postpartum Anxiety, Grief, and Virtual Therapy

Elizabeth experienced a pregnancy that was relatively physically easy as well as a surprisingly almost painless, epidural-free birth. What was tough to handle were the emotional difficulties that she was facing. Between the death of her brother prior to getting pregnant, the loss of her nephew in the first trimester, and a third trimester flag for a potential severe fetal genetic disorder with her baby, grief and loss had a major impact on her well-being. During her postpartum recovery, the major focus was on mental health. Elizabeth sought supportive therapies and resources for not only postpartum anxiety but also death anxiety as the result of PTSD from her losses. 

When her son was almost three-months-old, Elizabeth was managing things well and preparing for her upcoming transition back to work. But the COVID-19 pandemic caused everything to come to a halt. A major coping mechanism for her anxiety involved social interactions, and with those no longer available, she had to find new methods. In the midst of navigating anxiety, Elizabeth also balanced ongoing genetic testing, extended breastfeeding, working from home, and becoming a new parent in a post-pandemic world. 

Elizabeth Booker Houston, JD, MPH Bio

Elizabeth is a Government Information Specialist at FDA in the Washington, DC Metro Area. She lives with her husband, Billy, and their two-year-old son, Booker. Along with her career in public health law, Elizabeth is also a comedian. She can be found on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook @bookersquared and on Twitter @bookersquared1. 


Long Labor, Processing Unexpected Cesarean Birth and Postpartum Anxiety

Candice had an unplanned c-section 10 days after her son’s due date. She was admitted to be induced two days prior. Candice endured contractions that were lengthy and back to back, which prompted an epidural 21 hours after being admitted. She was induced three times; however, with each attempt, Bear’s heart rate dropped. After being rushed into the OR due to Bear’s heart rate dropping for 6 minutes, it was recommended to do a c-section. Thanks to her husband, doula, team of midwives, nurses, and obgyn, Bear was successfully born after suffering from fetal distress. They found out that his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck after his birth.

Candice experienced both prenatal depression and postpartum anxiety. Utilizing coping skills, support, and outside resources, she was able to manage both and improve her mental health. 

Candice Marie Bennett Bio

Candice lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband, Avi Bernard, and 5 month old son, Bear. She is an actor and health coach. Her career prior was in mental health as a therapist and she obtained her PhD in business psychology. Connect with her on Instagram – @CandiSample

Bear Candice and Avi


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