Slow Labor turned Fast After Water Breaks Birth Story

Months of practicing hypnobabies’ meditations, prenatal yoga, daily walking and breathwork helped Kavisa navigate 2 days of early labor plus 3.5 hours of intense active labor without pain medication. Kavisa created a sacred space at the birthing center by calling in her maternal great grandma, maternal & paternal grandmas, hanging up prayer flags created by her friends and family and playing gospel music. Although she planned on having a water birth, Kavisa got out of the birthing tub to use the toilet resulting in her son being born next to it after just a few pushes. Her midwife thought she had hours of labor left when Kavisa announced to her husband while squatting “I feel his head”. Her little moon baby was born on the first full moon of 2022 thus completing their family of 6. 

Kavisa shared her first birth story and adoption stories on episode 297.

kavisa wood birth story
photography by @littlewondersphotography

Kavisa Wood Bio

Kavisa is a lactation counselor and prenatal yoga teacher. She and her husband Dr. Schuyler Wood live in California with their two daughters and two sons. They intentionally grew their family through a combination of foster care adoption and biological children. The story of their daughters’ adoption and first son’s birth were shared in episode 297. Kavisa currently teaches an online prenatal yoga class and shares her passion for breastfeeding and yoga at @nourishingjustly.



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Pandemic Homebirth at 41 weeks, 5 days

After just one short year of moving from Toledo, Ohio her hometown to Houston, Texas Von Lane and her husband decided to try for a family right before the pandemic hit in Jan 2020. Prior to getting pregnant Von started to do a ton of research: reading books, trying to gain knowledge from YouTube, following whoever she could related to pregnancy on Instagram and also listening to her favorite podcast, The Birth Hour. 

After a month of trying to conceive she decided to try everything possible from tracking her BBT, cervical mucus, and using ovulation test strips and they conceived in April of 2020. Two days late for her period, she decided to take a pregnancy test and it was positive! She was beyond excited although concerned because it was the middle of the pandemic and no one knew how long quarantine would last.

Being pregnant in the middle of a pandemic left Von feeling that her options were very limited, but all of that research paid off when she knew 100% that she wanted a homebirth. She did a quick Google search for midwives in Houston and there were plenty of midwives but not as many black midwives she wanted. She knew that she wanted to hire an all black birthing team. 

After just four interviews she found the perfect midwife for her—Frances Coleman. They did a phone interview after just about 60 minutes of chit chatting and getting to know one another, she decided that Frances was the best fit for her and her family. Now all she had to do was find the perfect Doula. Again after a quick Google search she finally found someone by the name of Anya and she was absolutely amazing. Little did she know, Anya and Frances were friends and had worked together on quite a few occasions which made the decision even easier for her. 

Pregnancy was fairly easy for Von and her first trimester flew by with no nausea, just mild food aversions and headaches. During her second trimester she decided to get out in the world to work as a nail technician. Getting out in the world means exposing yourself to COVID-19 so of course she was scared but she knew that after being quarantined for 90 days she needed a little bit of socialization. Her second trimester flew by with no complications. Third trimester for her went along the same way and at 38 weeks Von decided to stop working to rest before Baby came. At her 38 week check up she was two centimeters dilated and 80% effaced. She started eating dates and drinking her red raspberry leaf tea and also started curb walking. 

Pandemic Home Birth 41+5days

At her 39 week check up, her blood pressure was high and her midwife was worried about preeclampsia but there was no protein in her urine so she was advised to start taking magnesium and go home and rest. Von was told to take her blood pressure every few hours and record it. If nothing changed in 24 hours her midwife would come and they would try to do everything natural possible to have a baby. They did nipple stimulation, curb walking, eating dates, midwives brew, castor oil, sex and at 40 weeks they did her first membrane sweep. 

During the membrane sweep Von was dilated to 3 to 4cm and she had contractions for a few hours so she decided to get in the tub but the contractions stopped. She was devastated. Her Midwife told her to relax, take her time, and allow for baby to come when baby is ready. Luckily,  her blood pressure was regulated and under control so they were back in the safe zone and had time. 

At her 41 week check up, Von decided not to do another membrane sweep and to try to get baby to come on its own. That didn’t work and she was back in at 41w+4d and she told her midwife to do all the things. They tried clary sage essential oil and another membrane sweep and before she could walk out of the building she had three contractions. 

That night January 12 at 2am she realized she was in full fledged labor and reached out to her doula, Anya, letting her know that she was having contractions that were lasting one minute long for one hour and were five minutes apart. Anya told her she was going to get ready. Von decided to wake her husband and went into the next room to let her best friend and her father know that she was in labor. 

Anya arrived at the house at about 5am. By that time Von was nearing the transition stage. She started throwing up at about 4am and from then it never stopped! By the time her midwife arrived at 10am Von was 9 1/2 cm dilated. Baby was not in the best position so they had her doing some mile circuits to help baby move down into the pelvis a little better. At 11am, her midwife broke her water. She was GBS positive so this was the best scenario for starting antibiotics. At 12:30pm it was time to push and Ramsei Quinn Lane arrived at 12:54pm. She came out with her hands by her face, causing two tears in the clitoral hood and labia. They shared the golden hour together and they waited one hour before cutting the umbilical cord. 

Postpartum for Von was long and she struggled with breastfeeding and vaginal healing. At two days her milk came in and that’s when she realized her baby was lip tied and tongue tied. By day five she reached out to a lactation consultant, Leah Whitley, who saved her life. She confirmed that baby girl Ramsei was tongue tied and lip tied. She gave her some recommendations and by four months old she got the procedure done to release the ties. 

In the meantime, she was able to successfully breastfeed with Leah‘s help with and without a nipple shield. She never had any issues with her milk supply; a few clog ducks here and there things started to look up for her. Her vaginal healing finally healed completely at around six weeks postpartum. 

Around six weeks postpartum she also started to experience anxiety and she went back to work at 12 weeks. Von recognizes that for some people, going back to work causes more anxiety but she needed to be out in the world and socializing again and work is her happy place just as much as home. Finally, when baby was seven months old, she felt like herself again.

By 10 months she was pregnant with her second baby due July 2022. She is planning another homebirth and using the same team. She hopes to be able to share that story some day as well!


Von Lane Bio

Von is from Toledo Ohio and moved to Houston in 2018 just one year after after being married to her husband, Charles. Charles is from Seattle and a navy veteran. They have a daughter, two dogs Astro the pit bull & Yogi the English bulldog, and are expecting their second baby. Connect with her on IG @Von__Lane, via TikTok: von__lane or listen to her podcast – Anchored Podcast.


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Positive Birth After Emergency Abdominal Surgery in Pregnancy and NICU Stay

In 2018, Joy and her husband Ian were ecstatic to be pregnant with their first child. After recovering from pancreatic cancer, being able to carry a healthy baby girl felt like a miracle.

However within 24 hours of announcing the news to friends, Joy had sharp pains and was rushed to hospital. A complication arose from her previous surgery to remove the tumor. She needed a life saving abdominal surgery when she was just 18 weeks pregnant. Though the surgery was a success, having a major surgery so early in her pregnancy made the rest of it a struggle. So when she made it to 38 weeks she was relieved. Unbeknownst to them, they weren’t out of the woods yet.

During her planned c-section delivery, her daughter’s heart rate was dropping and the team coded red whilst she was on the operating table. Her daughter was born blue, limp and non responsive. She was terrified but the medics never lost hope. After resuscitating for 6 minutes, her daughter took her first breath before being rushed to the NICU.

After a traumatic birth experience, Joy had to find a way to breastfeed and bond with her daughter. Being separated at birth made both things challenging. With support, patience and resilience, she discovered ways to connect with her baby girl, breastfed for 19 months and enjoyed the early years of motherhood.


3 years later, in 2021, Joy and Ian loved parenting so much they decided to get pregnant again. Though family members were concerned she’d be putting her life at risk again, Joy had faith the second pregnancy would be different. She reflected on what went wrong last time, made new choices and hoped it would lead to a better pregnancy and birth experience.

As a result, Joy had a healing pregnancy and birth with no complications. It was everything she’d ever dreamed of and gave her faith that it’s possible to have a positive birth experience after a nightmare journey. All you need to do is reflect on what works well and what doesn’t.

Joy Randolph Bio

Joy lives in the Cotswolds in Oxfordshire, with her husband Ian and two daughters, Skylar and Riviera. She’s a holistic health coach that has inspired over 2 million women worldwide to do what brings them joy. She’s currently studying an MSc in Psychology so that she can help women find resilience and joy in times of difficulty. When she’s not with her family or working, you can find her working out, decorating her home and gardening.

You can find her on Instagram at @iamjoyrandolph and her website is



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Induction for Gestational Hypertension followed by Redemptive Birth Center Birth

Misha Lujan Bio

Misha Lujan shares the stories of her two birth experiences. The first being a hospital induction after one high blood pressure reading and the second taking place unmedicated at a local birth center. After work, dinner, and bedtime routines, Misha spends her evenings in the gym. She in lives with her husband, two kiddos, mom, and dog just north of Seattle. Connect with Misha on Instagram @Misha.lambda_fit


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Birth as a College Student, Birth Center Birth, and Hospital Induction

Amelia Villada Bio

Amelia was certified to teach HypnoBirthing® in 2017, after experiencing calm births with both her children born in 2007 and again in 2017. She has a passion for helping women and birthing people discover and embrace their power as they journey through motherhood and parenthood.  In 2021, Amelia left her Human Resources job after being in the field for 15 years to pursue birth work full time.  Amelia and her husband, Diego, a college professor of Theatre and Performance, live in Sarasota, FL with their three children: Aiden (14), Isla (5) and Ezra (2).  They also have one fur-baby, Tyrion.  They enjoy traveling, dancing to the latest toddler craze, sports, and the arts.  In her free time Amelia enjoys playing tennis, photography, reading, and a competitive game night.

birth center birth

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Two Positive Unmedicated Birth Stories – Birthing Center and Unexpected Car Birth

Ashley shares two unmedicated birth stories. The first story of her son’s birth was drastically different from her daughter’s birth. Her son was born at a birth center after being in labor for over 26 hours (and pushing for two hours). Her daughter was born in the backseat of her car, after 15 hours of mild contractions and 5 hours of more intense contractions. She appreciates both of her experiences and is grateful to her husband, her main birthing partner in both births. She is also grateful for the Hypnobabies training that she and her husband completed in preparation for childbirth. 

hot yoga pregnancy

Ashley Boone Bio

Ashley is an excited full-time mommy of two. She lives in Orlando, FL with her husband, three year old son, and one year old daughter. She was a Personal Fitness Trainer and a Sales Engineer before she decided to dedicate all her time to her young children. She loves almost all forms of exercise, especially running and hot yoga. She wants to encourage every pregnant Momma to have faith and trust in your body’s abilities!
Contact IG: a_marie_fit

Motif Medical

This episode was sponsored by Motif Medical. Motif designs insurance-eligible products for busy moms. With a focus on innovation and empowerment, Motif’s line of breast pumps and maternity compression garments are sophisticated, yet discreet, and made to support mothers as they navigate new motherhood. Discover why moms are reporting more milk in less time with the Luna breast pump, and see how you can get it covered through insurance at