Redemptive Maternal Assisted Cesarean Birth after Profound Incontinence Following Vaginal Birth

Nicole was supported by her healthcare team to have an empowering and redemptive elective maternal assisted cesarean birth with the birth of her second son, Harrison. The decision to pursue this option was following a traumatic first time vaginal birth with several postpartum complications (planned homebirth turned hospital transfer for prolonged rupture of membranes and prodromal labor after attempting an at home castor oil induction followed by multiple days of a long labor once at the hospital. Nicole then experiences a retained placenta and cervical laceration with attempt at manual removal of placenta followed by the cervical laceration being improperly repaired and healing abnormally. She ultimately needed a D&C which was followed by having a latex Foley catheter inserted despite a known latex allergy that was listed in her chart. In the months that followed Nicole experienced profound postpartum urinary incontinence requiring multiple interventions and procedures and ultimately a surgery to correct at 6 months postpartum which thankfully worked.  Nicole’s second pregnancy was complicated by a shortened cervix, ptsd, anxiety, and perinatal OCD but her maternal-assisted cesarean birth was the most empowering and redemptive experience she could’ve imagined.

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Nicole Minghine Bio

Nicole is a registered nurse and certified nurse midwife. Presently, she is a stay at home mom to her 2 children. Nicole lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with her husband Josh and their 2 sons (Jude 2yo & Harrison 7w). Connect with her on Instagram @nminghine.

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  • Birth photography: Jennifer Mason 
  • Maternal assisted cesarean inspo: Empowered Motherhood Project Blog

Psychiatry support

  • MC3 offers no-cost psychiatry support to prescribing health care providers who treat behavioral/mental health in youth and perinatal people in Michigan through same-day phone consultations to offer guidance on diagnostic questions, safe medications, and appropriate psychotherapy. MC3 offers direct perinatal mental health services to patients of providers enrolled in MC3 in select counties. This is a pilot program that includes free same-day access to behavioral health consultants that will provide virtual counseling, case management, and care coordination for your patients. The MC3 program offers psychiatry support to health care providers in Michigan who are managing patients with behavioral/mental health concerns. This includes children, adolescents, young adults through age 26, and women who are contemplating pregnancy, pregnant, or postpartum (up to one year). MC3 is part of the Michigan Medicine Department of Psychiatry. It is funded by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) via general funds, Medicaid Administration funds, Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) funds, and Flint Water Crisis funds.

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Precipitous Birth at 36 Weeks in the UK and Difficult Postpartum and Breastfeeding Journey

After a tough pregnancy and a low Papp-A diagnosis, Sruthi’s water broke unexpectedly at 36 weeks. On the bus to the hospital, her contractions intensified, and by the time she had her first cervical check, she was fully dilated. She pushed for 30 minutes before her healthy baby boy was born. Even though she found birth empowering, postpartum and the fourth trimester was unexpectedly rough with a painful physical recovery from birth and breastfeeding issues. 


Sruthi Ramesh Bio

Sruthi is originally from California but has been living in London for 4 years with her husband, cat, and 5 month old son. You can contact her on her Instagram at



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Navigating 2 Births Stationed Overseas in Japan

After several years of infertility, Alexandria and her husband had become pregnant abroad in Okinawa, Japan. Her first birth was a planned induction due health complications. But when intervention takes place, she is left to navigate Postpartum Depression at the start of the Covid lockdown abroad in Japan in 2020.

Her experience leads her on a search to understand what had happened and sparks an interest in birth work. As a result, she and her husband seek support for a second pregnancy on island. However, navigating the military and local landscape is difficult at its best and something else entirely when international relations are experiencing a sudden healthcare crisis.

Her second birth starts as a home birth on base through a local clinic and culminates in a voluntary transfer during the push phase to a local clinic against her team’s advice. An action that ultimately saves her and her child’s life.

Alexandria Parks Bio

Alexandria currently lives in New Mexico with her husband and two daughters. She is an english teacher by trade but currently a stay at home mom to their one and three year old girls. They are a military family and were stationed in Okinawa, Japan when Alexandria gave birth. If you’d like to connect, you can leave a comment for Alexandria here and we will make sure she sees it.

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Redemptive 2nd Birth of a Large Baby following Change of Care + Dealing with PPD & PPA

During Sarah’s second pregnancy and birth experience, she made significant changes in her healthcare providers and hospital preferences, transitioning from a regular OB practice to a midwifery group. With the support of an amazing doula and her husband, she had a truly redemptive birth experience. Sarah reached 41+1 weeks before inducing contractions through pumping, a method she reconsidered after reviewing the KYO inductions class, after initially resigning herself to another induction. Although her goal was to avoid an epidural, her long labor led her to opt for one after utilizing nitrous oxide for pain management and she peacefully delivered at 41+2 weeks. Her baby, Ellison, had consistently measured big throughout the pregnancy and weighed 10lbs 2oz at birth. Sarah received slight pressure to consider a C-section around 40+6 due to Ellison’s size, but her midwife wasn’t overly concerned as her previous child, Grace, was 9lbs 2oz, and she had no complications during that birth.

Breastfeeding went smoothly this time, and Sarah’s recovery was easier compared to her previous experience. Unexpectedly, she started experiencing symptoms of postpartum depression and anxiety (PPD/PPA) around 9 weeks postpartum. This was a surprising development for Sarah, as she didn’t encounter such issues after her first child. Seeking pharmacological treatment proved immensely helpful in alleviating her symptoms and aiding her mental health during this challenging time.

Sarah Sushchyk Bio

Sarah lives in central Massachusetts with her husband, Joe, 3-year-old Grace, almost 1 year old Ellison and their fur -baby Cooper. You can connect with Sarah on Instagram @ssushhythoms



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Empowering Pregnancy, Positive Hospital Birth, followed by Postpartum Depression and Rage

When Mary found out she was pregnant, her priority was to find a supportive and educational prenatal yoga community, and a doula. With these tools she experienced an empowering pregnancy that she enjoyed and embraced. At almost 40 weeks her doctor recommended an induction due to polyhydraminos diagnosis. Mary’s water ended up breaking after an induction massage, and she felt confident  about her hospital birth plan. Early labor was long for her, but active labor was quicker. Shortly after starting the epidural she felt the urge to push and her baby boy was out in three pushes. Even though her pregnancy and birth were good experiences, she had a rough start to postpartum, struggling with rage and depression. Working with a sleep training consultant for her baby, and seeking counseling herself, she was able to overcome these feelings. 


Mary Sandner Bio

Mary (29) and her boyfriend Aidan live in Buffalo, NY. She is a licensed clinical social worker working in a community mental health agency supporting adults with mental illness. You can follow her on instagram at @mary_sandner. 


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Amniotic Fluid Embolism Birth Story + Supporting Others through their own Birth Trauma

Kayleigh @thebirthtrauma_mama had a healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy. As a first-time mom, she knew birth would be one of the most challenging, but hopefully beautiful and empowering experiences of her life. She prepared in every way she could for her birth, but what she didn’t prepare for, what she couldn’t prepare for was to almost lose her life in the process. Kayleigh experienced an Amniotic Fluid Embolism when she was 10cm dilated with her son. She required a perimortem c-section, receiving CPR while her son was delivered. Through the tireless work of her incredible medical team and days of life-saving interventions, Kayleigh and her son both survived. But, as she soon realized, leaving the hospital was only the beginning of this journey. Birth trauma and its far-reaching impact would devastate her first year postpartum and forever change her life. This experience has served as the catalyst for Kayleigh’s support and advocacy work within the birth trauma community. 

*Amniotic Fluid Embolism is an incredibly rare, life-threatening obstetric emergency. Please visit @afefoundation to learn more.

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Kayleigh Summers Bio

Kayleigh Summers is a licensed clinical social worker and private practice owner in Downingtown, PA. She specializes in perinatal trauma and has specific training in both perinatal mental health and EMDR. Kayleigh uses her training as a licensed therapist and her lived experience as an Amniotic Fluid Embolism survivor to treat and support families experiencing perinatal trauma. Kayleigh has also created thriving birth trauma support communities through Instagram and Tik Tok, as well as her podcast, where she provides connection, story sharing, and resources to support those experiencing birth and other trauma.

Connect with Kayleigh on Instagram & TikTok- @thebirthtrauma_mama, or via her podcast.


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