An Emotional Birth Journey to VBA2C

A VBA2C Birth Story – Elizabeth Quinn

Elizabeth Quinn is married to Percy and they are raising three girls in Jackson, Mississippi. Her daughters are Chesley Cox, 6 years old, Anderson Lillian ‘Anders’ 4 years old, and Adella Calhoon 22 months old.

In almost seven years of motherhood she’s gone from the totally oblivious first time mom, focused on the nursery and stroller and clueless about all things birth related to a certifiable birth junkie. The journey from unwanted, unplanned, unnecessary cesarean section to incredible VBA2C (vaginal birth after two cesareans) has given her a passion for birth education and vbac support.

She’s now a co-leader of her local ICAN chapter, coordinator of the Jackson, MS Improving Birth Rally, and administrator of a Facebook group that advocates for evidence based practices in maternity care called Birth Circle.

Elizabeth did her fair share of research and preparation for her VBAC and has since been connected with even more amazing birth resources so you’ll definitely want to check out her resource list. 

You can listen to Elizabeth’s fourth birth story (another VBAC) with her first BOY after three girls here And here are links to our original parts 1 and 2 broadcasts:


Resource Links

International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN)

ICAN of Jackson, Ms Facebook page and blog

Improving Birth

Evidence Based Birth

VBAC Facts

The VBAC Project

Trial of Labor


Birth Without Fear

Mama Birth


Birth Boot Camp


‘Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth’ by Ina May Gaskin

‘Cut, Stapled, Mended: When one woman reclaimed her body and gave birth on her own terms.’ by Roanna Rosewood

‘The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth’ by Henci Goer

‘Birthing Normally after a Cesarean or Two’ by Helene Vadeboncoeur


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C Section and VBAC Birth Stories

Erica Fleischer’s Birth Stories

Erica Fleischer lives in Chicago and is a mom to two girls ages 4.5 and 21 months.  Her first daughter was born via c-section and Erica had a difficult emotional recovery from it.  She quickly found ICAN and 3 years later had a successful unmedicated VBAC.  With both babies she suffered from low milk supply but found different ways of handling it with each baby. In this episode she shares both of her birth experiences and how they affected her both physically and emotionally.
Erica’s day job is as government policy analyst but she truly enjoys helping other moms as a co-leader of ICAN of Chicago and through writing.  You can see links to Erica’s published writing on her website

cesarean-birth-storiesResource Links

ICAN of Chicago
IGT and Low Milk Supply Support Group on Facebook


VBAC After C Section Birth Stories

Healing from Birth Trauma

Today’s guest is Kacey Nelkin Pedersen who is a mother to two boys. After her first birth resulted in an unplanned c-section, Kacey felt that so much was missing from her birth experience.  It wasn’t until she found out that she was expecting again that she realized just how traumatic that experience was and how badly she wanted to have a vaginal birth the second time, if possible.

VBAC Birth Story

Kacey and her husband went on an educational and eye-opening journey toward eventually having a highly transformative, drug-free VBAC experience.  Kacey and her husband, Adam, live in Lincoln, NE raising their two beautiful boys. Kacey’s story is really amazing to hear, she is now such an informed advocate for positive and informed birth experiences.

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Resource Links

International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN)


Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, by Ina May Gaskin

Cesarean and VBAC Birth Stories

Monica Louie’s Cesarean & VBAC Birth Stories

Monica Louie is a mother, wife, blogger and financial coach. She and her husband have paid off $120,000 of debt in two years, and their ultimate goal is to pay off all of their debt, including their mortgage, by the time they turn 40. Her mission is to help others take control of their money so they can pay off debt and work toward true financial freedom. She shares her family’s journey, money-saving tips, and inspirational debt-free stories on her blog at You can also find Monica on Facebook, Twitter, and Periscope.

In this episode, Monica shares the birth stories of her two births. Her son was born via cesarean section and after much preparation and research her daughter was a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) birth. Listen to Monica tell her stories in her own words.

Monica is so passionate about her family’s goal to be debt free that she wants to share her knowledge and has set up a landing page at for birth hour listeners to download her free Checklist for a Strong Financial Plan.

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Resource Links

Natural Hospital Birth: The Best of Both Worlds

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth

The Business of Being Born

Healing from Birth Trauma: A VBAC Birth Story

Michelle Quashie’s Journey of Healing: A VBAC Birth Story After Two Traumatic Births

Michelle Quashie is a mum to 3 boys. Her first two children were born via EMCS (emergency c section), and her third was a vaginal birth that left her feeling so strong. She had always been fascinated by birth but the experience left her fascinated not only by birth but by its unspoken power and left her completely in awe. Giving birth ignited a passion within Michelle too strong to ignore. She now campaigns for women to be given the unbiased information needed to make informed choices throughout their maternity experience and to have their rights respected.

Michelle is an active member of the Maternity Services Liaison Committee (MSLC) in the United Kingdom working alongside health professionals to improve maternity care in Britain. She is also a member of the MatExp campaign, the Positive Birth Movement  and other VBAC support groups.

Michelle blogs at Strong Since Birth and tweets from @QuashieMichelle. You can read more about Michelle’s birth and views on maternity care here.

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Resource Links:

The Positive Birth Movement

Tell Me A Good Birth Story

AiMS For A Better Birth