Two Empowering Homebirth Stories

Two Empowering Homebirth Stories

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Two Homebirth Stories

Kacie Case shared her two homebirth stories in Episode 21 of the podcast and recently had her third baby. I absolutely love seeing past guests having more babies and although I haven’t heard her most recent birth story yet, I’ve adored watching her pregnancy journey the past few months. Hopefully we’ll have her back on to share this third birth, but for today we’re looking back at the long labor and delivery that made her a mama and the second birth that was a whirlwind.

Kacie offers the words of wisdom to enjoy the last few days of your pregnancy and to take a moment (write a letter even) to thank your body and acknowledge the time that you’ve had with your baby inside of you before you have to share that baby with the world! She also (like many mamas we’ve heard from) benefited from reading Ina May Gaskin.

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Kacie Case Bio

Kacie’s now a mama of THREE boys raising them in Austin,TX with her husband Tim and owns an adorable screenprinted tee shop that I regularly frequent for tees for me and my kiddos! Connect with her @heymamacase or @mamacaseprints!

This thing happens when you tell another mother that you’re planning a home birth: many of them say either, “Oh you’re so brave. I could never do that.” or “I had a lot of complications so I couldn’t have.” or some variation of a justification. I used to have a big, roomy soapbox about home birth. I grew up with a mom who had 2 and I came away with a healthy experience and to me, it was a normal choice. It’s not a choice I made for bragging rights or because I have blinders on surrounding birth. It’s a choice I made because for me, it feels like the best fit and one I don’t take lightly. • My wish for every woman is that, no matter the route you choose or the route you are lead down, may you be supported and may you be empowered. If you come away feeling less than that, may you find the forum where you are listened to so that you can find clarity and realize the wonder you have performed. Growing a human, it’s no joke, no matter how they come out. Prior to the birth day, there are 9 months of work and beyond the birth day is a lifetime of work. Childbirth is deeply personal and as women, as mothers, we should lift, celebrate, champion, and support, never knock down. I suppose I still have a soapbox, it just looks very different than it used to. • Ladybug on the belly thanks to the swarm at our back door today. I texted my savvy neighbor to ask her what the swarm meant and she said, “I just think it means good luck!” I’ll take it! ❤️? 38 weeks with #mamacaseBB3

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Gestational Diabetes, Cesarean, and HBAC

Gestational Diabetes, Cesarean, and HBAC

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Ellen Richards is English born, and is now an Australian citizen, living with her family in South East Queensland. She and her partner, Billy, have 4 children, aged 13 years, 11 years, 8 years and 9 months. She was 44 when her fourth child was born. All have been planned to be born at home, and two of them were. Each birth was an incredibly positive experience, and each was totally different: an elective cesarean birth at almost 43 weeks; an ecstatic birth after a 76 hour labour; an intense 50 minute labour after a patient 10 day wait (with broken waters); and, a chemical hospital induction (which was at the clear indication of her unborn child). She also had gestational diabetes during two of her pregnancies, including one of the homebirths. Each pregnancy and birth has required Ellen and Billy to make many choices, and it is these choices, with the support of their midwives, that have made each birth such a positive experience.
Ellen used Hypnobirthing during her 76 hour labour, and as a result of this positive experience, she became a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Ellen is passionate about birth (in particular homebirth) and has been involved with Homebirth Queensland (a voluntary organization supporting families who choose to birth at home), for over a decade. She loves to share her positive birth experiences, and believes that other women can and will be more likely to have a positive birth if they know about other women’s wonderful experiences. Connect with Ellen on Facebook.

Birth resources

Sarah Buckley (a Brisbane based GP who wrote Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering)
Birth stories on Birth Without Fear
Dr Rachel Reed’s blog,,  (a research based blog written by a homebirth midwife, who is also a University lecturer)
Sara Wickham’s blog at (another research based midwife blog).

Parenting Resources

The Continum Concept, by Jean Liedloff
Heart to Heart Parenting by Robin Grille

Plus Size Birth

Plus size Pregnancy Guide

Plus Size Mommy Memoirs Group

What is a B Belly?

What is an Apron Belly?

Three Homebirths + Postpartum Hospital Transfer

Three Homebirths + Postpartum Hospital Transfer

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Summer Harms Bio

newborn baby born at homeSummer Harms and her husband live in rural Minnesota and have 3 kids. They were planning a hospital birth with their first baby, but at 28 weeks,they ended up deciding to have a homebirth. The next two babies were also born at home! Her most recent birth was a super cozy Christmastime birth.


Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth

The Business of Being Born

The Birth Hour

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Midwife Turned Doula Shares her Birth Stories

Midwife Turned Doula Shares her Birth Stories

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Midwife and Doula Shares Birth Stories and Resources

Today’s guest,Tracie Enis, shares her three birth stories, and then we chat about resources and guidance that she provides to the mamas she works with during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Tracie Enis Bio

Tracie began her career in the Birth Doula field in 2000 after her second child was born. She has attended nearly 1000 births with families birthing in hospitals, birthing centers, and at home throughout the SF Bay Area.

In 2002, Tracie successfully completed Elizabeth Davis’s Heart ‘N’ Hands Midwifery Incentives Program. Upon completion, Tracie was the only student from that class to be selected as an Apprentice Midwife for Sacred Body Midwifery in San Francisco. There she learn the practical skills of midwifery. In 2003, Tracie became one of two midwives in the SF Bay Area to service women of color. In addition, Tracie has studied and received a degree in culinary arts. Having seen the affects of an improper diet, Tracie offers a level of understanding around a woman’s nutritional habits and the needs of her birthing body. She has designed menus to assist mothers in their everyday lives. Just a touch of making things easier for mom as she prepares for the birth of her baby.

tracie enis baby

Tracie has continued her career as a support for women in all elements of their lives, from business to birthing and beyond.

As a Doula, Tracie comes with a level of experience and longevity in the birthing field. She has worked in many settings to provide the birthing mother and family the best support possible. As a mother of 3 herself, she understands first-hand the feelings of pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding ,and motherhood. Connect with Tracie on her website or via Yelp. She also offers Nutritional Consults to women from anywhere around the world!


Boosting Immune Health with Tracie Enis

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A Midwife’s Homebirth to Hospital Transfer Birth Story

A Midwife’s Homebirth to Hospital Transfer Birth Story

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A Midwife’s Birth Story

I met today’s guest, Ami, through my work with Why Not Home?—a documentary about medical professionals that choose to give birth at home. Ami is a midwife, RN, and IBCLC who had planned to have a homebirth with a midwife in attendance, but ended up needing to transfer to the hospital. I love this story because it is so positive despite things not going as Ami had originally planned.

Ami Burnham Bio

Ami Burnham is a Licensed Midwife, Registered Nurse, and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant as well as a mother and partner. She has dedicated the last 17 years to supporting families throughout the childbearing years. She has been invited to speak at midwifery and obstetric conferences as well as university classrooms, and from 2009-2013, she volunteered annually to train midwives and traditional birth attendants in Haiti and Sierra Leone, with Midwives for Haiti and Midwives on Missions of Service.

Ami met the love of her life in December 2010, and was blessed to give birth to their son Axel in January 2015. They all live together in San Francisco where Ami is continuing to practice as a lactation consultant, parenting educator, and occasional midwife. You can find her at

homebirth to hospital transfer


Why Not Home? Documentary

Evidenced Based Birth

Dona – Find a Doula

Citizens for Midwifery – Find a Midwife

Global Health Media Breastfeeding Video Tutorials

International Lactation Consultant Directory – Find a Lactation Consultant



The Birth Hour Sample Registry

Homebirth in an RV

Homebirth in an RV

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What it’s like to give birth in an RV

Zoe Racca shares her experience with pregnancy and planning a homebirth while traveling around the U.S. in an RV. She bought an RV sized birthing tub, installed a tankless water heater to provide enough warm water, and gave birth to her son in the family RV with her two older children present.

A little bit about Zoe and her family

“We are The Boho Hobos! A family of 5, 2 cats and a dog. We have been Fulltime RVing in our 200 square foot home on wheels, for 3 years now. We live this lifestyle to follow the projects my Husband manages for his job. I work from home, introducing Young Living Essential Oils into people’s lives. We home and roadschool our two girls, ages 10 & 4 1/2, and we also homebirth, which has been our most recent adventure! We just had our 2nd homebirth IN our RV, which was nestled in the snowy, Colorado Rocky Mountains. It has certainly been our most exciting & memorable RV experience to date. We safely welcomed our beautiful little boy, Cedar James, to our little boho tribe, on December 19th.” Connect with Zoe at or on Facebook and Instagram.

big sister at homebirthhomebirth with siblings
zoe racca birth story

Birth Resources

Gentle Babies Essential Oils and Natural Remedies for Pregnancy, Childbirth, Infants and Young Children

All photos by Kristi Williams Photography; See all images from Zoe’s birth here