12lbs 3oz Cesarean Birth + HBAC (Homebirth After Cesarean)

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Cesarean Birth Followed by HBAC (Homebirth After Cesarean)

Diana’s first baby was an unexpectedly large, 12 lbs, 3 oz. He was born via c-section after a very long labor. It was a deeply traumatic experience for her, but when she became pregnant again 2 years later she knew she’d the have this second baby at home.

Diana had a completely different labor and birth experience the second time – a beautiful, fast home birth that was also incredibly healing for her. She wants any woman who’s had a traumatic birth or a c-section to know it’s possible to not only heal from it, but to have a better, empowering subsequent birth.

Diana Forsell Bio


Diana is a full time mom to two little boys, Arakel, who is three and a half, and Rama, one and a half. When she’s not chasing around her boys, Diana is a dedicated yogi, and loves to spend as much time outdoors with her family as possible. She lives in Seattle, WA. Connect with her on Instagram.


ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network)
Homebirth After Cesarean Book
Indie Birth

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Hypnobirthing Homebirth Story

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Hypnobirthing Homebirth

Trezelle prayed that god wouldn’t allow her to go into labor until her hair was done. That Sunday night as her sister did her hair she stumbled onto a youtube video explaining hypnobirthing.  She was intrigued, video after video told her a little bit of what she already knew instinctively—that no matter how painful labor is, she can do this because her body was created to do this.
She remembers telling herself that she was ready to have her baby anytime the baby was ready to come. True enough, it’s like mother and child were connected, a connection that went far beyond the placenta, it was something deeper. The next morning at 4am, Trezelle felt a leak, which she thought was her urinating. She ran to the bathroom as fast as a pregnant woman could, leaking all the way there. Then it dawned on here that maybe “today is the day?”
Since it was way too late when her sister was done with her hair the night before, she slept over. Trezelle woke her up to tell her that she thought she was in labor. Her sister was passed out, but she answered with a sleepy “yes”. Little did Trezelle know, her sister didn’t really register what she told her… because… sleep. At 8am Trezelle called her midwife, Heidi Ricks, who she didn’t call earlier because she didn’t want to wake her, especially since she didn’t know if she was in labor for real. Since Trezelle had an appointment that day she told the midwife what was going on, her midwife assured her that she was in labor and that she would come over right away to check her.
Since Trezelle has planned a water home birth she didn’t have to go the hospital. She tried to stay hydrated but her body wouldn’t keep anything down she was puking non stop. Trezelle loved being home with the ability to walk around and just be present in the moment, in her own space. When her midwife and apprentice came to her house, she got checked and was told that she was totally in labor. She called her siblings to let them know. The midwife left and gave her directions to rest and take it easy. Trezelle did just that, but with every contraction, she would get on all fours and rock back and forth and growl. It seemed to help her, she also spoke to her baby. At the time Trezelle didn’t know that she was carrying a girl, she wanted it to be a surprise.
Within 30 minutes of the midwife leaving, Trezelle felt the urge to push, she called her midwife & her midwife came right away. When the midwife got back, she told Trezelle that the baby was coming. Trezelle was scared that she didn’t know how to push, so the midwife showed her. She was advised to scream down, instead of out. And that she did! She credits this great technique with helping her avoid an episiotomy.
In just a few pushes baby Alle was born. When Heidi announced that  Trezelle had given birth to a live baby girl Trezelle cried big ole ugly tears. She cried for so many reasons, most important being her baby was alive. After two prior miscarriages, she always thought that she wouldn’t be able to have kids. Then with such an emotional pregnancy, she was scared she would lose her baby. The tears were tears of joy. Joy & gratitude. She thanked her siblings, & Heidi so much for being there with her that day. She still expresses her gratitude to this day. Most importantly she thanks God for a perfect, strong minded little rainbow.
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Trezelle Morgain Bio

Trezelle wears many hats but the one she is proudest to wear is Mom. She is a mom to two angel babies & one rainbow baby. She is an entrepreneur with a heart of gold and a desire to help others find their calling and become aligned. Her business is geared towards supporting Christian parents during the childbearing stage; pregnancy – parenting. She also coaches Christian Doulas in business, personal development, and spirituality.


BellyBuds while pregnant

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Learn more about BellyBuds and their 20 weeks to bliss program to have a happier and healthier pregnancy at wavhello.com.

Netherlands Homebirth & U.S. Homebirth

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Giving Birth in the Netherlands then the U.S.

Stephanie was living in the Netherlands when she found out she was pregnant and went to what she thought was a birth at home OB office like everyone else she knew had done. Turned out that in the Netherlands if you were a low-risk pregnant mama you automatically saw midwives and you had the option to have your birth at home attended by midwives or at the hospital attended by midwives. Stephanie initially made plans to have a hospital birth but eventually changed courses towards the end of her pregnancy.

precipitous birth

Her first labor was a precipitous birth and baby arrived in less than 3 hours, she describes it as a very intense experience that she wasn’t at all expecting. After her initiation into midwifery care and homebirth, she knew she would give birth at home with her next baby even though she was living in the U.S. by then. Both of her births contributed to her desire to become a doula and childbirth educator.

Stephanie Spitzer-Hanks Bio

Stephanie is a mom to two energetic kids, wife to a supportive doula-husband (which is a special breed of husband, for sure), and owner of revdoula, a business focused on supporting new parents in birth and early postpartum. She is also an ordained minister who likes to geek out about theology and birth on her blog. I met Stephanie through the Babymoon Retreat and fell in love with her approach to childbirth education. Connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.

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Expecting Better

Euphoric Birth: Being Engaged through Meditation, Hypnobirth & More

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Being Engaged and Connected in the Birthing Process

The main focus of today’s episode with Bex is the it difference it makes when you are present and engaged for your birth versus being disconnected from the experience. Bex has had 5 children with the first 3 being born in a hospital and the second two at home. She describes how those experiences were so different for her and much of it had to do with the mindfulness aspect of her birth. She used Hypnobirthing/Hypnobabies, meditation, and yoga through her pregnancy and births. This is an all around awesome episode for anyone interested in learning more about mindfulness and birth through the experience of a mom who’s been there!

homebirth with older kids

Rebekah “Bex” Borucki Bio

Rebekah “Bex” Borucki, founder of BEXLIFE® and the BLISSED IN® wellness movement, is a mother of five, TV host, meditation guide, Hay House author, speaker, birth doula, fitness and yoga instructor, and popular social media personality. She also travels extensively, sharing her love for yoga, wellness, and meditation at exclusive workshops, luxury retreats, and public events.


Expectful is a digital platform that makes meditation easy for expectant and new moms. Each one of their guided meditations has been created to support you throughout your pregnancy and motherhood journey.

Their mission is to give babies the best start in life, and that begins with you. If you’re pregnant or a new mom, go to expectful.com and sign up for their 30 day free meditation trial. It may just change your life.

Two Empowering Homebirth Stories

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Two Homebirth Stories

Kacie Case shared her two homebirth stories in Episode 21 of the podcast and recently had her third baby. I absolutely love seeing past guests having more babies and although I haven’t heard her most recent birth story yet, I’ve adored watching her pregnancy journey the past few months. Hopefully we’ll have her back on to share this third birth, but for today we’re looking back at the long labor and delivery that made her a mama and the second birth that was a whirlwind.

Kacie offers the words of wisdom to enjoy the last few days of your pregnancy and to take a moment (write a letter even) to thank your body and acknowledge the time that you’ve had with your baby inside of you before you have to share that baby with the world! She also (like many mamas we’ve heard from) benefited from reading Ina May Gaskin.

kacie case homebirth

Kacie Case Bio

Kacie’s now a mama of THREE boys raising them in Austin,TX with her husband Tim and owns an adorable screenprinted tee shop that I regularly frequent for tees for me and my kiddos! Connect with her @heymamacase or @mamacaseprints!

This thing happens when you tell another mother that you’re planning a home birth: many of them say either, “Oh you’re so brave. I could never do that.” or “I had a lot of complications so I couldn’t have.” or some variation of a justification. I used to have a big, roomy soapbox about home birth. I grew up with a mom who had 2 and I came away with a healthy experience and to me, it was a normal choice. It’s not a choice I made for bragging rights or because I have blinders on surrounding birth. It’s a choice I made because for me, it feels like the best fit and one I don’t take lightly. • My wish for every woman is that, no matter the route you choose or the route you are lead down, may you be supported and may you be empowered. If you come away feeling less than that, may you find the forum where you are listened to so that you can find clarity and realize the wonder you have performed. Growing a human, it’s no joke, no matter how they come out. Prior to the birth day, there are 9 months of work and beyond the birth day is a lifetime of work. Childbirth is deeply personal and as women, as mothers, we should lift, celebrate, champion, and support, never knock down. I suppose I still have a soapbox, it just looks very different than it used to. • Ladybug on the belly thanks to the swarm at our back door today. I texted my savvy neighbor to ask her what the swarm meant and she said, “I just think it means good luck!” I’ll take it! ❤️? 38 weeks with #mamacaseBB3

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Earth Mama Angel Baby

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Earth Mama Angel Baby Lotion

Gestational Diabetes, Cesarean, and HBAC

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Ellen Richards is English born, and is now an Australian citizen, living with her family in South East Queensland. She and her partner, Billy, have 4 children, aged 13 years, 11 years, 8 years and 9 months. She was 44 when her fourth child was born. All have been planned to be born at home, and two of them were. Each birth was an incredibly positive experience, and each was totally different: an elective cesarean birth at almost 43 weeks; an ecstatic birth after a 76 hour labour; an intense 50 minute labour after a patient 10 day wait (with broken waters); and, a chemical hospital induction (which was at the clear indication of her unborn child). She also had gestational diabetes during two of her pregnancies, including one of the homebirths. Each pregnancy and birth has required Ellen and Billy to make many choices, and it is these choices, with the support of their midwives, that have made each birth such a positive experience.
Ellen used Hypnobirthing during her 76 hour labour, and as a result of this positive experience, she became a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Ellen is passionate about birth (in particular homebirth) and has been involved with Homebirth Queensland (a voluntary organization supporting families who choose to birth at home), for over a decade. She loves to share her positive birth experiences, and believes that other women can and will be more likely to have a positive birth if they know about other women’s wonderful experiences. Connect with Ellen on Facebook.

Birth resources

Sarah Buckley (a Brisbane based GP who wrote Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering)
Birth stories on Birth Without Fear
Dr Rachel Reed’s blog, midwifethinking.com,  (a research based blog written by a homebirth midwife, who is also a University lecturer)
Sara Wickham’s blog at sarawickham.com (another research based midwife blog).

Parenting Resources

The Continum Concept, by Jean Liedloff
Heart to Heart Parenting by Robin Grille

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Plus size Pregnancy Guide

Plus Size Mommy Memoirs Group

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