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Phylicia shares a bit about her birth

It all started with 0 cm dilated, 0 effaced on a Sunday morning. After walking 4 miles, I went in for my 41 week check-up to find that the baby was doing well via a non-fetal stress test and that I had no action down there. “That isn’t to say you won’t go into labor today,” my midwife told me. And she was right. 33 hours of laboring in the comfort of my own home (well, with some of it out and about around town) led me to the wee hours of Tuesday, March 14, 2017.

labor in tub

Around 2:30 AM my contractions were a minute and a half apart. I’d been in constant contact with my birth photographer since the onset of my contractions, so my husband called her and my midwife and let them know we were on the way to Mountain Midwifery Center. I woke my mother (she was visiting from NC), let her know that I would be back with a baby in arms and tip-toed out of the house.

We arrived at the birthing center greeted by my midwife who let me know she was preparing the tub for me and that she would need to check my cervix. When she checked my cervix, I was 8 cm dilated. After wading in the water for a short while, it was time to push. I pushed for some time before I had to climb out of the tub so that my midwife could grasp the baby better. Did I mention the top of the baby’s head was sticking out while I was making that move? Well, it was! A few pushes later and my baby was in my arms. After 41 weeks and 2 days of carrying a mystery baby (we didn’t know sex until birth), our baby girl, Scout Greylen, was born at 5:26 AM.

placenta birth center birth

By 11 AM the same day, we were back home with a baby in arms, resting well. I even got to munch on my favorite pie for Pi Day—Pizza! I earned it—don’t debate me. Typical Tuesday, huh?

The whole experience is something I’d like to describe as an out of body, hippie experience mixed with the most intense workout of my life, but to see that sweet face I’d do it all over again a million times over.

Phylicia Sadsarin Bio

Phylicia is a full-time wife, mommy & beauty + lifestyle blogger at She loves to travel the world, create and share meaningful content via social media, and hang out with her dogs. She currently resides in Denver, CO.


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