Alexis’ Birth at a Birth Center in St. Augustine Florida

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Alexis Ayala Bio

alexis ayala birth storyAlexis Benita Ayala is an accomplished artist, graphic designer, and lover of all things creative. She met and quickly fell in love with an artist/carpenter named Hudson. As free-spirited as she is, on their second date, Alexis mentioned to Hudson that if they had a baby (and it was a boy), his name would be “Sebastian”…and asked if he was Okay with that. He was!  And November 2014, she gave birth to their new (most cherished) collaboration piece, Sebastian.  Alexis loves being a mother, and says it has made her into a better person – for not only herself, but for her family. She feels more patient, compassionate, tolerant, and understanding.  Although her journey wasn’t the easiest, or most painless, she wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. You can easily connect with her on Facebook, and/or Instagram.


Alexis encourages all to read (or listen to) the book, Reform Your Inner Mean Girl and to practice self-love on a daily basis.  Her passion is to inspire and uplift.  She advocates creating a compassionate support system on which one can lean when those moments of self-doubt and “not enough” occur.

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