Elective Cesarean After Healing from Traumatic Vaginal Birth

Birth Healing Therapy & Choosing a Cesarean Birth

Emmalina experienced a traumatic birth with her first baby and did extensive EMDR therapy to recover emotionally; so, when she found out she was pregnant again, she knew she had a chance to make this birth experience a healing one. After much contemplation, she decided to have a scheduled cesarean. 10 days before her cesarean date, she spontaneously went into labour. A few hours later her baby boy was born by a positive and healing cesarean and she moved through her postpartum period with health and no complications.

elective c section

Emmalina Rooney Bio

Emmalina is a Doula and Childbirth Educator. She lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with her husband and two young children. Emmalina is passionate about supporting families through their individual journeys and believes positive birthing experiences are a result of choice and availability of options. To get in touch with Emmalina follow her at @rosebudbirthcollective on Instagram or email her at emmalinarooney@gmail.com

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Quick Hospital Births & Weeks of Prodromal Labor

Cas’ Birth Story

When Erika found out she was pregnant with her first child, she didn’t even think birthing without pain medication was an option; but, through research and a great friend she decided that was her goal. At 4:45 AM her water broke while she was getting ready for work. With contractions almost immediately after her water breaking, Erika labored at home for a few hours then headed to the hospital. Using the shower and birth ball as her main tools for pain management, she labored for 7 hours. At 11:55 AM, with only a few pushes, Cas was born.

Noori’s Birth Story

At 36 weeks during her second pregnancy, Erika lost her mucus plug and prodromal labor began. Weeks later, at 39w2d, her water broke while she was cooking dinner. This time around she had a goal of not only birthing naturally but also staying at home as long as possible. Erika spent the next few hours laboring at home, surrounded by a few close friends, her husband, and Cas. At approximately 11:30PM she decided it was time to head to the hospital. By the time she got to the hospital at 11:45PM things were moving full force. At 12:06 PM, Noori Elizabeth joined us earth-side with 2 quick pushes.

Erika Thompson Bio

Erika is an Ohio native who lives in Bessemer, Alabama with her husband (Le’Andre’), their two children, Cas (2.5) and Noori (3 months), and their two German shepherds. Erika is an analytical scientist for a polymer production company. She enjoys sports, spending time with family and friends, and DIY projects. Through pregnancy and birth, Erika has found a love for all things birth related, as well as breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and gentle parenting. She has plans to become a doula and support women of color in the Birmingham area. You can contact her via Facebook as Erika Nikole Thompson or Instagram @enikoleee.

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Unmedicated, Empowering Hospital Births & Postpartum Fever

PCOS, Gestational Diabetes, and Two Unmedicated & Empowering Hospital Births

Despite having some struggles to conceive due to PCOS and a gestational diabetes diagnosis, Aleesha had an easy pregnancy with her first child and experienced the unmedicated and empowering hospital birth she had always dreamed of.

Aleesha’s second birth started out slower than her first but once active labor kicked in it was a rush to the hospital where she delivered her nearly 10 pound baby less than 3 hours later in another unmedicated and empowering birth. Three days postpartum Aleesha spiked a fever and had to return to the hospital via an unpleasant ER experience where she found herself having to advocate for herself and her newborn while they tried to determine the source of her fever. 


Aleesha Wiest Bio

Aleesha lives in Seattle, WA with her husband Doug and her children, Carter (21 months) and Luella (newborn). When she was growing up, Aleesha’s mom was a childbirth educator which has led to Aleesha’s lifelong interest in maternal and child health and childbirth. Aleesha works in research administration for the University of Washington and has a side photography hustle where she primarily enjoys taking pictures of women, children, and babies. 

Instagram: @aleeshawiest or @aleeshawiestphotography or on Facebook: Aleesha Wiest 



Books: “Expecting Better” , “Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn” by Penny Simkin 

Following birth photographers other pregnancy/birth pages, support groups like PEPS in Seattle or Facebook groups like The Birth Hour Mama group (join here).

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The Ideal Epidural Birth Experience

An Amazing Experience: Epidural Birth Story 

Elana’s birth story went as she hoped – she had a planned hospital birth with an epidural that was 12 hours start to finish. The doctors & hospital were kind & compassionate, and really helped create a special experience.

funny socks birth labor

Elana Edwards Bio

Elana is married to Chris and lives in Florida. They have 1 son, Luca, 16 months, and a fur-child, Zeus the beagle. Elana works for a large consumer goods company, and works remotely. She can be found on instagram at @elanarbe.

awesome epidural experience


Emily Oster’s books (Expecting Better and Cribsheet)
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Single Vessel Cord, Postpartum Blood Clot and Pulmonary Embolism

Four Birth Stories

Emily was induced with her firstborn (boy) due to premature atrial contractions (irregular heartbeat in the womb.) She had a healthy birth at over 40 weeks pregnant. Her second born (girl) also came “late” at 40 weeks, 4 days, and Emily was able to labor at home for the majority of the time (total 26 hours!). She was grateful for the epidural once she arrived at the hospital.

With baby #3, Emily and her husband chose not to find out the sex of the baby, as they already had one of each. Even so, Emily was convinced that this baby was a girl, due to her extreme sickness. When baby’s heart rate dropped rapidly during the birth and came out not breathing, she held the baby in her arms and was overcome with joy to hear that first cry. She was surprised to find out that this baby was, in fact, a boy!

When baby #4 (also a boy) was found to have a single vessel cord, Emily spent the entire pregnancy worried for the health of the baby. At 37 weeks, the doctors suggested that because the baby wasn’t gaining weight, Emily needed to be induced. They allowed her to wait until 39 weeks for the induction, and her final baby was born at 6 pounds, 15 oz one week early.

Postpartum blood clot and pulmonary embolism

Emily had never experienced blood clotting previously and has zero genetic disorders associated with blood clots, so to have this experience after having her 4th baby was shocking to say the least. After experiencing extreme pain in her foot that traveled to her calf, Emily begrudgingly went into the ER and a HUGE DVT blood clot was discovered in her calf. Just to be safe (even though she had ZERO other symptoms) the doctor decided to check Emily’s lungs to rule out pulmonary embolisms since DVTs can shoot clots to lungs, heart, etc. And sure enough, she had four pulmonary embolisms! Emily is sharing her story to spread awareness and hopefully save another mother’s life.

Emily Wilke Bio

Emily Wilke is a mother to four children: Cooper (5), Libby (4), Miles (2.5) and Cohen (2 months.) She felt like an “ol’ pro” going into her birth with baby #4, but had quite the scary postpartum experience, which included a DVT blood clot and several pulmonary embolisms. Emily lives in San Marcos, California, with her husband and children and is grateful every day to be alive following her traumatic postpartum circumstances. She is a leader in her Network Marketing company, earned a Cadillac with the company, leads a team in 3 different countries and is often asked to speak on stage at corporate events. She loves being able to work flexibly from home and is determined to help more mothers do the same. Her new passion is spreading awareness about the risks of postpartum blood clots, as this scary reality is taking the lives of too many new mothers. You can find Emily on Instagram @shampoosiren or on Facebook. She is ready, willing, and excited to connect with other moms.

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Two Unmedicated Hospital Birth Stories

Bowie’s Birth Story

Bowie came a week early at 39 weeks. The morning of his birth, Cristina lost her mucus plug and could feel her body preparing for labor. She checked in to the hospital around midnight and was already 5cm dilated. Making sure to share her plan for an unmedicated birth, Cristina was happy her nurses followed her requests even though she was screaming for drugs somewhere around 8cm. After laboring on a medicine ball for hours, around 5:30 am she insisted they check her again and she was at 9cm. Minutes later her water broke. She pushed for nearly 2 hours and had Bowie at 7:31am.

newborn session

Photo by Alysha Rainwater

Grey’s Birth Story

Cristina was already 4cm dilated at 38 weeks and had a feeling he was going to come soon. The morning of Grey’s birth, contractions started around 11am and never let up. Around 3pm, the contractions were about 10 minutes apart but still no pain. Cristina and her husband said a very tearful goodbye to Bowie, their older son, and headed to the hospital. They checked into the hospital at 3:30 and Cristina was 6cm dilated with contractions about 5 minutes apart.

Cristina had her water bag popped around 7cm and was asked to empty her bladder. She could barely make it back to the bed, having to stop and breathe through a contraction while walking from the bathroom to the bed which was maybe 6 feet away. Within minutes, she went from 7cm to 10cm. After pushing for 5 minutes in between 30 second contractions, Grey made his arrival at 8:31pm.

Cristina Bocanegra Bio

Cristina is a full-time freelance wardrobe stylist and founder of Love Child, Mini Market, and co-founder of Current. She lives in Austin with her husband, Michael, and two baby boys, Bowie and Grey. Connect with her on Instagram at @cristinafacundostylist, @lovechildmag, @minimarketatx and @currentconference.


Ina May’s Guide To Childbirth
First 48 Birth Photography: Heather Gallagher

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