MTHFR and using a Sperm Donor and Two Planned Homebirth Stories

Stephanie’s first birth was a planned home birth with a long labor. After exhaustion set in, she decided to transfer to the hospital, but ended up having the baby in the back of the midwife’s car.  

Stephanie’s second birth was another planned home birth that was much more manageable than the first. During delivery, the baby had double shoulder dystocia but her midwives took action and delivered the baby safely. 

Stephanie Adney Bio

Stephanie lives outside Memphis, TN with her wife and 2 kids and is a real estate agent turned postpartum doula. She’s passionate about all things birth and postpartum and enjoys serving the families in her community. Instagram name is  

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Empowering Unintended Homebirth after Epidural Hospital Birth

Realizing how underprepared she was during her first child’s birth, Magdalena decided to take matters into her own hands and do some serious birth-prep work prior to her second delivery.  She spent nine months listening to podcasts, working with midwives, reading all the books and practicing different laboring techniques to prepare herself for a completely physiological birth.

After 12 hours of what felt like harmonious labor at home, her baby was born accidentally on the bathroom floor while her husband loaded the car for the hospital. Magdalena describes it as the most empowering experience of her life and adds, “the whole story still in some ways feels unreal when I share it.” She adds that “if my story can help just one person or inspire someone to be their own birthing advocate I would be thrilled.”

hospital epidural

Magdalena Berger

Magdalena is 35 and has two kids, Olive (2)  Sunny (4 months). She lives in south Jersey on the coast with her husband who is a pilot in the US Coast Guard. 

Magdalena has a swimwear line and business – founded in 2016 and manages an Airbnb in South Jersey while staying home with their kids. Her husband’s current position in the military requires him to be deployed 1/3 of the year and also that they relocate every four years. Both of these aspects of his work keep their family very busy…and always on the move!

accidental homebirth with sibling


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Three Unmedicated Births: Shoulder Dystocia, Precipitous Accidental Home Birth, and Planned Homebirth

Alicia’s first baby was born at a free-standing birth center with midwives and all was going well until, during pushing, thick meconium was present in her amniotic fluid which added to the urgency when the 11lb 1oz baby’s shoulders got stuck and needed help from her midwife to get out. After resuscitation, her daughter went straight to the NICU and stayed there for a week. Her second birth was wildly opposite when her water broke just before midnight and her baby was accidentally born in the bathroom just after 2am. That FER kicked in but she was able to keep from pushing until her midwife arrived and the baby flew out in 3 pushes. Her third birth was not quite as fast, but smooth and straightforward at home after driving herself to her midwife appointment only to have her cervix checked (she was 8cm dilated!) and told “Go home! You’re having a baby today!!” Sure enough, her third baby was born just over an hour after arriving back at home. 

Alicia’s blood shot eyes after “purple pushing” with her first baby.

Alicia Brose Bio 

Alicia is a 28 year old wife and mother of three who lives 30 minutes south of Seattle. She and her husband owned a small home inspection business for 8 years and recently sold that so her husband could pursue a firefighting career. After doing all the research she has for her pregnancies, birth and postpartum, she has become a self-proclaimed “birth nerd”. Alicia does part-time photography, loves gardening, plans to homeschool her children and enjoys baking and riding her peloton bike. Her secret dream is to own a flower farm someday. You can connect her on instagram at @aliciawithtoniechristine


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Long Epidural Birth followed by Surprise Homebirth + Postpartum Anxiety and Depression

Adina got pregnant with her first baby in 2017, and her daughter was born after a long hospital birth that included an epidural and other interventions to help labor move along. Shortly after birth she developed postpartum anxiety and depression, amid breastfeeding issues and challenges with insomnia. Her second baby was born in May 2020, shortly after the pandemic began. She planned another hospital birth, however her son’s labor progressed much faster than her first and he was unexpectedly born at home with assistance from her doula. She struggled again with postpartum anxiety and depression, but was able to push through breastfeeding challenges and establish a successful nursing relationship.

Adina Olsen Bio

Adina lives in the Bay Area, California with her husband of 10 years and her two children Adriana (5) and Atlin (3). She is currently pregnant with her third baby. Connect with her on Facebook at Adina Olsen.


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Homebirth after Five Hospital Births with Epidurals

Kelli Ingram is a wife and mother to eight children by birth and adoption. She lives on a little farm in the upstate of South Carolina, enjoys being a homemaker, homesteader and instagram influencer, but her true love is for her husband and babies. She gave birth in a hospital five times in a hospital with epidurals each time but because of Covid restrictions while pregnant for the sixth time she knew she wouldn’t be allowed to have her family around for the birth. After years of thinking that birthing at home was crazy, she finally faced her fear of the pain and did it!  Find her on instagram @kelliingram

kelli ingram birth story


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Two Birth Center Births and One Home Birth Story with Hyperemesis Gravidarum Pregnancies 

In 2017, Chanice established well-woman care at a birth center and women’s care facility just two months before she and her husband were surprised by the news of expecting their first child. All was well until she developed Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) and was hospitalized at 11 weeks. She practiced prenatal yoga her entire pregnancy. After laboring for 12 hours, she gave birth at 40 weeks + 4 days at a birth center on Christmas Day. 

After two months of trying to conceive their second child, Chanice and her husband became pregnant in the summer of 2019. Similar to the first pregnancy, Chanice battled HG, required IV fluids during early pregnancy, and was prescribed medication for extreme vomiting. She practiced prenatal yoga 1-2 times weekly. She went into labor while napping at 39 weeks + 6 days. While she prepared her space for laboring for an unknown number of hours, her body had other plans… a precipitous (rapid) labor and birth! 

After two birth center births, Chanice and her husband made the decision to have their third child at home. Her third pregnancy mirrored her first and second pregnancies but with two energetic toddlers and continuing to work full time. Multiple false alarms led up to the real event on baby’s due date on a rainy day in February 2022. Her labor was eerily calm. She birthed baby #3 in a birthing tub in her bedroom.

chanice reid birth story

Chanice Reid Bio

Chanice is a wife and mother of three. Chanice was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. She is a proud Howard University graduate. She is a speech-language pathologist on the path to becoming an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). She is passionate about serving all families but especially families of color in the Phoenix area. She can be found spending time with family and friends, eating a delicious meal, planning a community event, binge-watching her favorite shows, traveling, and avoiding doing laundry at all costs. Connect with her on Instagram @thejoyfulslp and @joyfulcommunication. 


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This episode is sponsored by Baby Tula. Baby Tula creates unique and expressive carriers that help parents keep doing what they love while connecting with their little ones. Baby carriers are so much more than a parenting tool! When you wear your baby, you support the emotional, social, and physical well-being of your baby as well as your own! With a variety of unique prints, small batch and handwoven fabrics, inclusive sizing, and carriers for older babies too, you can find a carrier that’s distinctly you! You can use the code BIRTHHOUR at and BabyTula.Co.UK.

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