Shoulder Dystocia and Neonatal Resuscitation Homebirth Story

Five Very Different Births

As a neonatal nurse, Sigrid thought she was well prepared for her first birth in 2008, but was totally knocked over by mainstream medicine’s “factory-style” birth care. She was induced, got an epidural, then pushed for three hours flat on her back before her cesarean section for “cephalopelvic disproportion.”

homebirth shoulder dystocia

Two years later, she had the most empowering experience of her life when she had a natural midwife-supported, Hypnobabies 9 lb 8 oz VBAC in the hospital. Her passion for natural birth and midwifery model of care was sparked here and has only continued to grow over the years.

In 2013, Sigrid had an intense but healing home water birth of a rainbow baby after two back-to-back miscarriages, including one with severe life-threatening obstetric hemorrhage. Her fourth birth, in 2014, was a precipitous accidentally-unassisted (almost) pain free birth at 42 weeks 5 days. This baby was caught by Sigrid’s husband, Isaac, in the tiny master bathroom of their home.

homebirth neonatal resuscitation

Today’s podcast features the story of Sigrid’s most recent birth in May 2018— the homebirth of her 11 lb 6 oz son complete with 4 minute shoulder dystocia and 6 minute neonatal resuscitation.

Sigrid’s kids all think it is hilarious that they were each born in a different place: an OR table, a hospital bed, a birth pool, over a toilet (they break into unbridled laughter at this point), and the family room hardwood floor. My birth team included midwife Maura Winkler of Fika Midwifery and birth photographer Shawna Stanley.

Sigrid Chapman Bio

As a mom of five, with a wide range of personal birth experiences to inspire her, Sigrid has developed a passion to joyfully support moms and babies on their journeys through birth and breastfeeding.

Sigrid holds a bachelors of science in nursing and has eleven years of experience, first as a newborn nurse skilled in neonatal resuscitation and now as a labor and delivery nurse with certification in fetal monitoring. She became an international board certified lactation consultant in 2012 and has been assisting at home births since 2014.

When she isn’t working, Sigrid can be found homeschooling and mothering Judah, Galilee, Shiloh, Calah, and Ari with her awesome husband Isaac and sweet dog Cody. She is a devout Christian and lover of good coffee, midwifery memoirs, IKEA, Thai food, and the concept of hygge, who calls Buffalo, NY home. You can connect with her on Instagram: @stretch_studentmidwife.

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Homebirth Postpartum Transfer & Healing Second Birth in Hospital

Homebirth with Retained Placenta Hospital Transfer

After suffering a chemical pregnancy, Nikkie was determined to learn more about her birthing options and to become an advocate for her own healthcare. As a result, she chose to have her first child at home. After four hours of pushing, her baby boy was born, but her placenta was retained and would not deliver naturally. She was transferred by ambulance to the local hospital where medical staff attempted to extract the placenta manually; but, they only managed to remove half, which caused her to hemorrhage. Nikki had to undergo general anesthesia to have her placenta successfully removed. After a double blood transfusion, she was sent home, with her baby boy, to recover. The whole experience was in stark contrast to the low-intervention home birth she’d hoped for.

Empowering & Healing Hospital Birth

Two years later, Nikkie discovered she was pregnant again, but when the results of her 10-week blood test came back abnormal, she learned that the blood transfusion she’d received in the hospital had caused her body to create an antigen that could put her pregnancy at risk. Thankfully, her baby girl did not carry this antigen and her pregnancy ended up being normal. Through hypnobirthing, Nikkie was able to overcome her birthing fears created by the trauma following her son’s delivery. In an empowering and healing hospital birth, Addison was born in under three hours on a beautiful day in May.

healing hospital birth

Nikkie Kent Bio

Nikkie Kent is the Executive Vice President of Sales at Mamava, the women-owned company on a mission to transform the culture of breastfeeding. She’s passionate about bringing more Mamava pods into the world to ensure that all mamas have access to clean private spaces wherever they go. Mama of Asher and Addison, Nikkie lives with her husband in Vermont where she loves to grow, make, and eat good food. Connect with her on Facebook: @nikkiekent or Instagram: @niksoccer1. You can find Mamava on Facebook @mamavaVT and Instagram @mamava_vt as well.


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Unexpected Birth Outcomes and Why Choice is so Important

Homebirth Transfer With Supportive Birth Team

Natasha’s first birth was much anticipated. She had been working as a birth doula while also struggling to conceive her own baby. The birth did not go as planned. She wanted her daughter to be born at home, but instead, she was born in the hospital with the use of an epidural. Does this change how she feels about her birth? Not really. She had the support of her partner, her doulas, her midwives, and felt like her choices led the way. When she looks back on this birth, she feels overwhelmed with joy and pride.

Cesarean Birth Where Choice was Removed

Most recently, Natasha gave birth via cesarean section. She found this experience particularly challenging because she felt like her choices were completely taken away from her. After these two very different birth experiences, Natasha feels like the removal of choice from birthing people has a profound impact on the postpartum experience. No one fully explains the complications of healing from a cesarean birth while trying to connect with your newborn. As a birth professional she thought she understood, but nothing prepared her for the reality.

emergency cesarean

Natasha Marchand Bio

Natasha (COO of bebo mia inc and Baby & Me Fitness) is a super talented creative genius that turned her passion for babies and fitness into a lifelong career. She lives in Toronto with her husband, Chris, and two daughters Sadie & Margo. Natasha is a pre & postnatal fitness/yoga professional, birth-doula trainer, and hypnotherapist. After a long fertility journey with her first daughter, Natasha has positioned herself as a fertility expert. She specializes in working with families with a history of try to conceive through their pregnancy and postpartum period. Connect with her in these ways: Bebo Mia Website
Instagram: @bebomiainc @babyandmefitness
Facebook: @bebomiainc @babyandmefitnessinc
Twitter: @bebomia @babyandmefit


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Unmedicated Hospital Birth, Precipitous Birth, & Homebirth Stories

Two Hospital Births with Midwives and a Home Birth

Kaitlyn’s first birth was a beautiful, empowering, unmedicated vaginal birth with a hospital midwife practice. She expected and planned for a similar birth with her second, but learned that each pregnancy really is different after going much later than she expected and ultimately having a precipitous birth (complete with mad dash to the hospital over frozen streets). Committed to avoid a birth only assisted by her two toddlers, she planned, and had, a home birth for her third.

Kaitlyn Lowery Bio

Kaitlyn is a California transplant living in RIchmond, VA with her husband, Justin, and three busy boys: Jonathan, Drew, and Ben. An attorney in a past life, she now enjoys chasing after her kids, reading “Little Blue Truck” as many times as possible in a single day, and using her Type A personality to plan ridiculously themed playdates and complete her Christmas shopping by September. Connect with her on Instagram: @kaitlyn.m.lowery or Facebook Kaitlyn Lowery (Kaitlyn Edwards).

christmas homebirth


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Three Births from the Perspective of a Military Family

First birth: Natural hospital birth with a doula

Not knowing what to expect with her first pregnancy and birth, Carolyn took Hypnobirthing classes, hired a doula, and planned for a natural hospital birth. A “labor cocktail” got contractions started the day after her due date, leading to 9 hours of labor on the toilet and a 40-minute car ride to the hospital during transition. After an emotional rollercoaster, between her doula, the hospital staff, and three hours of pushing, Carolyn succeeded in her goal of a natural birth.

Second birth: Natural hospital birth

Her second birth experience was much smoother than the first. Labor started in the wee morning hours and was fairly smooth sailing from start to finish. Unlike during her first labor, the only way Carolyn was comfortable was walking around. This labor also included a long car ride, including a stop at daycare to drop off her oldest son. One huge contraction upon arrival at the hospital took her through transition and it was game on. The 30-minutes she spent pushing were loud enough to get the attention of the anesthesiologist, but Carolyn managed to have a second natural birth.

Third birth: “Rogue” Homebirth

Knowing this would likely be her last child, with her third birth Carolyn decided she was finally going to have the birth experience she desired. She turned down military medical care and sought out a midwife and planned for a homebirth. Contractions started late in the evening the day before her due date, which happened to be the birthday of her second son. Labor stalled a bit around sunrise, perhaps due to her mind being preoccupied with ensuring her midwife was caffeinated and fed. She went in and out of the birth pool, hoping for a tranquil water birth, but it just wasn’t in the cards. Carolyn’s midwife recognized the signs and told her to get out of the tub, which was almost immediately followed by her body’s “fetal ejection reflex” kicking in. She barely made it onto the birth stool before her daughter came rocketing out of her, completely outside of her control. In the end, Carolyn completed her family with a successful and complication free homebirth.

military birth

Carolyn Winn Bio

Carolyn and her husband are both active duty military. Being in the military has certain limitations on the choices available to you for birth, like which hospitals you can go to and when you’re allowed to move while pregnant. Carolyn tells the story of her two natural hospital births, one with a negative doula experience, as well as an empowering homebirth. She also describes the challenges of traveling internationally for work while pumping, and recovering from diastasis recti after her third birth. Connect with her on Facebook at Carolyn Louise or via email


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Victorious Homebirth with an Unexpected Episiotomy

Homebirth, Over 3 Hours of Pushing, Episiotomy

Libby describes her homebirth as a “Victorious Homebirth which included an Unexpected Episiotomy; and, a surprise but necessary hospital stay for jaundice one week postpartum.” Her waters broke around10:30pm on a Saturday night; and, fully expecting to wake up to surges that night, Libby went to bed after texting her midwife and doula about potentially starting labor. Instead, she slept so soundly and snored so loudly her husband had to vacate to the guest room. The next day was spent trying to walk the baby out, a round of homeopathic medicine, and eventually the dreaded caster oil. Surges began at 5:30pm and her doula came to observe at 7pm, at which time Libby was in early active labor. Within about 2 hours, surges were about 2-3 minutes apart.

Together with the support of her amazing birth team, Libby labored in various physical positions around her home. Transition came around 11pm in the form of full body convulsions. She moved to the tub where she labored about 1.5 hours before the urge to push came. Not being able to get grounded in the tub, she moved out of the tub to try pushing in various positions. This was a very frustrating, exhausting and difficult part of her birth. Looking back, she believes her biggest deterrent to pushing was not fully understanding or being able to release the pelvic floor to push properly. She pushed for 3.5 hours, having been crowned for 1 of those hours.

Eventually, fearing a hospital transfer, she asked to consent to an episiotomy. Her husband advocated for more pushing first, and the midwives did the same. When, after about 20 minutes more of pushing there still was no progress: midwives chose to honor the episiotomy request. Baby girl catapulted into the world to the utter joy and relief of her Mama and Daddy.

homebirth with episiotomy

Libby Tedder Hugus Bio

Libby is a wife, mama, Pastor and caffeine-guzzling podcast consumer. She is married to her darling comedic husband, Jeremy, and together they are raising their wondrous daughter, Harloe. Libby is the the daughter of two continents: North America and Africa and maintains dual citizenship between the USA and South Africa. She believes there is always room for one more around the table and that generous hospitality can and will heal the world. Having moved to Casper, WY in 2011, she has fallen in love with this slice of the windy wester frontier, finding breathing room for the soul in Wyoming’s wide open skies.

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