Full Spectrum Family Medicine Doctor Shares Hospital and Home Birth Stories

During her second year of residency Lisa and her husband decided to expand their family.  Her pregnancy was uncomplicated and she went into labor on her own.  Labor and delivery were also pretty uncomplicated for a first time delivery, other than a pushing stage of a little over 3 hours and a fever.  She was able to deliver without other complications and was surrounded by her co-residents.  Breastfeeding had a hard start though mostly from the baby having a tongue tie that was released at about 1 week, which greatly improved her nursing journey.   

After graduating and working as a full spectrum family medicine doctor in rural Maine, her family decided to try for a second child. This time she and her husband decided they would like to have a home birth. She again had a routine pregnancy.  Her labor started on its own again and progressed much more quickly this time.  After 3 hours of active labor, she experienced a fetal ejection reflex. She really enjoyed the postpartum recovery at home. 

hospital birth rural maine

Lisa Stout Bio

Lisa lives in rural Maine with her husband Jeremiah and their two boys, ages 7 and 5.   She practices full spectrum family medicine. Her husband stays at home with their sons.  Connect with Lisa on Instagram @stoutberger.



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Positive Homebirth Birth Story After Two Miscarriages

After two miscarriages, we used progesterone to get pregnant and continued it throughout the first trimester. This pregnancy was pretty uneventful, aside from some aches and pains of growing a tiny human. My mother had carried 4 of the 5 of us to 42-43 weeks, so I was prepared to go post dates, as well. We started at home induction methods at 40 weeks, but it wasn’t until 41 +4 when a castor oil smoothie kick started things!

As I cued up an episode of The Birth Hour, my water broke all over our living floor at 5:15PM. Our homebirth midwives let us know that with the smoothie things can be intense at first and then plateau. My husband stayed in touch with them and around 9:30 said he thought they should come. They arrived just before 11PM to find that I was 10cm and bearing down during contractions. My little dude had been ROA and asynclitic in utero, so we did a lot of different positions at the end of labor to help move his head and body through the birth canal. At 1:19am, just about 8 hours from when my water broke, he was born at home and changed our lives forever.

Alyssa Blask Campbell Bio

Alyssa is the founder of Seed & Sew. She’s an emotional development expert, mama, and podcaster. She pinches herself on the daily because she truly can’t believe she has the best job: sharing with committed parents, teachers, and caregivers like the tools that change how you show up with tiny humans every day.

Connect with her via website Seed and Sew or @seed.and.sew on Instagram.




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Water Breaks on wedding day + Home birth with Castor Oil

Aubrey had planned on having a homebirth ever since she rotated on a labor and delivery unit as a medical student, she just knew it was not the setting where she would feel safe – and where her cervix would relax! – to give birth. She had some painful seasons waiting to get through medical school, intern year, two back surgeries, three years of residency, and her now-husband’s PhD before they had the ability to welcome a baby. She was ecstatic and in disbelief when they got pregnant on their first try. She was in disbelief a lot throughout her pregnancy and birth, which taught her a lot about the expectations and assumptions she was carrying without realizing it. She thought women in her family didn’t get morning sickness: she had all-day-sickness for 15 weeks straight. She thought she *knew* she was having a boy: nope, girl. She would never have dreamt that the COVID-19 pandemic could last her whole second trimester, let alone still be going on. She thought there would be at least – at least! – a week overdue – she was so sure of this in fact that when Seattle courthouses opened up for weddings when she was 38 weeks pregnant she scheduled their long-delayed wedding for 38 weeks and 6 days…and her amniotic sac tore as they were waiting for the judge!

going into labor on wedding day

What followed was a marathon and then a sprint of a labor that spanned from that Friday to the following Monday when she and her husband decided to take the plunge and take castor oil. She went from eating the castor oil at noon to jumping out of bed at 2pm in the heat of transition. She realized in retrospect she had never seen a woman in an unmedicated birth, let alone in transition in her home where she could really express the pain and raw fear she was experiencing. She dissociated for a time and within two hours felt the urge to push. Her midwives made it to the house by 4pm, declared her ready to push, and she delivered her daughter’s head herself in a birth tub in their living room with all the doors and windows open just shy of 6pm.

Aubrey Demajh Bio

Aubrey is first a wife to Brian and mama to their daughter Reverie. They live in Seattle with their two pups and enjoy hiking, skiing, and all laying in a big pile on the couch together. She is also a psychiatry resident, set to graduate in a few months with plans to launch her maternal psychiatry practice offering both therapy and medication support to mamas at all stages from preconception to deep in the trenches. She is committed to bridging the gaps that make it so difficult for mothers, especially in the precious first year postpartum, to access the therapy and psychological support they deserve in order to process and navigate the incredible and immense shift of bringing a child into the world. Her practice, The Postpartum Psychiatrist, will offer video-based therapy and medication support from the comfort of mothers’ homes. You can follow her @thepostpartumpsychiatrist or on her personal page @thedoctoraubz or email her at aubreydemajhmd@gmail.com.



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Precipitous Homebirth Birth Story with Logan Randazzo

Logan and Brian are parents to five, four girls and their newest arrival, their son Maverick Moon. This was Logan’s third homebirth and one of the goals was for the midwife to make it this time! Logan shared her previous birth stories on episode 441. You can listen to those here.

With a history of quick labors, and the fourth birth having only 40 minutes start to finish, the midwife and videographer arrived after the birth of their fourth daughter, Primrose, who was born at home unassisted. This fifth birth was a little different. It was the first time Logan went into labor without any natural induction methods, and it took a while before she believed she was actually in labor. So much so that she sent her husband to work only 90 minutes before the birth and he had to turn around on the highway to make it home only 30 minutes before Maverick was born! Unexpected, a tad chaotic, but everything turned out just as it was supposed to as their surprise Baby Moon was born only 12 hours after his Blessingway the night before.  Connect with her on IG @loganrandazzo.


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Hospital Birth & Two Homebirth Birth Stories

For Camilla’s first birth, she went into labor when the Blue Angels were flying over San Francisco. Her son was born 6 hours later, with a rush to the hospital. Initially the hospital staff told her to go home, and within a few hours her son was born. It was unmedicated as she had hoped. Her labor was so fast that she says her hypnobirthing techniques did not help.

For her second birth, Camilla was fearful that she would give birth at home due to her fast labor with her son so at 28 weeks she changed to a midwife as her care provider and planned a homebirth. She describes it as a very different experience with her 2.5 year old son present holding her hand for a lot of the time. Her daughter was born at sunset in the water.

home waterbirth

For her third birth, Camilla prepared for another homebirth and looked forward to having a lot of help with her older kids and enjoying postpartum. Unexpectedly, COVID changed all of that and her kids’ school was closed down right after her baby was born and even her postpartum care was affected because her midwife became flooded with clients and her postpartum doula switched to virtual support.

Camilla Behnke Bio

Camilla lives in the Bay area with her family. She’s been married to her husband for 10 years. They have 3 kiddos, Benjamin, Cecilia, and Oliver.



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Nairobi, Kenya Home Water Birth Story

Before she was even pregnant, Loi had read all there is to read about pregnancy and childbirth. She knew that she wanted an unmedicated birth, and began to prepare herself by learning all she could about labor and delivery. After a smooth pregnancy, Loi had a home water birth with a midwife attending in Nairobi, Kenya!

Loi Awat Bio

Loi Awat is a creative and business writer from Nairobi, Kenya. She has eight years’ experience as a TV writer, creative writing coach, and organizational grant writer. She’s an aspiring author with a passion for children’s books, fantasy, and Afrofuturism.

water birth kenya

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