International Home Birth During COVID-19

Charlotte found out she was pregnant with her 2nd child in December 2019. In January, while still in her first trimester, it was confirmed that she was moving to Singapore from London with her 2 year old daughter and husband in May. However, due to coronavirus their moving plans were changed and they ended up spending 6 months in her husband’s home country of New Zealand.

Charlotte talks about navigating three different birthing systems as well as external uncertainty through pregnancy. About choosing homebirth coming out of a hospital birth culture. And choosing homebirth again even as she was living rurally and in temporary accommodation. Finally Charlotte talks about welcoming a second child into this world and navigating postpartum while moving countries in the middle of a global pandemic. 

homebirth abroad during covid

Charlotte Meyer Bio

Charlotte is Danish. She is married to an incredibly supportive partner. They have two children; 2 year old Isabella and 5 month old James. She lives in Singapore. You can connect with Charlotte on Instagram @alliedsince84.



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Two Unmedicated Hypnobabies Births: Birth Center & Homebirth

Genny had a peaceful birth center birth in January of 2018. After switching care providers twice (once at 26 weeks and again at 37 weeks) she knew the birth center was the right fit. She found a doula who also taught hypnobabies and prenatal yoga. At 8pm the night before birth, contractions started with slight cramping. The midwife and doula said to get sleep and rest as much as possible. At 2:30am, Genny could no longer sleep through the “waves.” Upon arrival at the birth center at 4am, the midwife checked Genny & she was dilated to 7cm! Genny felt at peace and supported throughout the entire process thanks to her husband, doula and midwife. Just before noon and after pushing for 3 hours, baby girl was born into water. The midwife gently unwrapped the cord from her neck and placed her onto her chest. Mom, dad and baby went home 4 hours after baby was born.

For the birth of her second baby, Genny really wanted to give birth at the same birth center her daughter was born. Unfortunately, the birth center closed down 2 months before baby was due. They found a midwifery practice in late June (baby was due in September) because they had just moved back to Jacksonville after being in Pennsylvania on military assignment. Contractions started at 4pm and at 1am (9 hours later) baby boy was born into water in the comfort of her own bedroom. I recall the look on my sister’s face when the doula went in and woke her up to come meet her nephew. My sister was staying the night to care for our toddler and she had her fears for me doing homebirth so it was cool for her to see a healthy happy baby born at home.

genny siemion

Genny Siemion Bio

Genny is a military wife, mother of two, and Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator who prepares pregnant women and their partners for birth and parenting. Genny knows that childbirth education truly drives birth satisfaction, partner involvement, and how the mind, body, and spirit need proper preparation for birth and the postpartum period.

Genny has supported evidence-based research on birth long before becoming a mother herself. She became certified through Lamaze International and currently teaches at the local hospital and private classes through Zoom. Genny is featured in Jacksonville Moms Blog, Jacksonville Maternity Directory, and Connect with her on Instagram @gennychildbirthclass.



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Adoption & Homebirth Stories

In 2016 Jane and Dylan felt like it was the right time to start a family. They begin trying to get pregnant in January and in July of that year, Jane decided it would be smart to get her thyroid looked at. She was told to lose weight, see a sleep specialist and start meeting with a dietitian. Instead, she found a new doctor who immediately jumped into helping her get her hormones balanced.

Over the next 18 months they went through all the different fertility tests and everything came back unexplained. At the 2 year mark of TTC they felt like the next option was to pursue adoption through a small, local agency. Six months later they welcomed their daughter into the world and their home. Jane and Dylan were at the birth and stayed at the hospital with their daughter until she was discharged a couple days later.

Fast forward a few months and they began the discussion again of biological children. After a year of acupuncture, surgery to rule out endometriosis, and a lot of prayer, they decided to give IUI a chance. Miraculously Jane got pregnant on the first round, with twins! At 8.5 weeks they lost Baby B, but we’re so thankful to have a healthy Baby A still growing. After a weird and somewhat tumultuous pregnancy, Jane gave birth to Gus at 41 weeks and 4 days in the comfort of their home.

adoption birth story

Jane Tucker Bio

Jane and her husband, Dylan live in Kansas City, Kansas. They have been married since March of 2014 and welcomed their first child into their family through adoption in 2018, and just had their second baby in September 2020. Lucia is almost 2.5 and Gus is 8 weeks old. Dylan works as the business director at A Chick-Fil-A and Jane is a full time SAHM. Connect with Jane on Facebook.

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Homebirth During a Pandemic and Civil Rights Movement

After a happy and straightforward birth with her first child, Priscilla, Katherine started thinking about the idea of home birth. While many mothers in 2020 chose home birth after the beginning of the pandemic Katie and her husband Seth made the decision a few months beforehand. Their location, the ease of Katie’s first birth, and desire to try it were just the push they needed. Born a day after his due date with a swift, two hour labor start to finish Langston James came barreling into this world at 9lbs 8oz caught by his daddy. He was born in his nursery, in Seth and Katie’s 150-year-old Victorian home outside of St. Paul, MN. His birth was a true joy and one Katie reflects on often. 


Katherine DeGroot Bio

Katherine is first and foremost a wife and mom. She and her husband call quaint Stillwater, Minnesota home and are raising their family in a 150-year-old Victorian home they found on a whim after living in the city. Her days are spent running after {and photographing} two-year-old Priscilla and four-month-old Langston. Though she doesn’t consider herself particularly crunchy her high school self would be shocked to learn she’s a home birther, a chicken mom to two Brahmas named Tupac and Biggie, and a drinker of raw milk.

Katie’s hobbies include reading, studying up on history, baking, memory keeping, CrossFit, photography, and of course, having babies. Grounded by her faith, she feels a kinship with the hard working and tenacious women in her ancestral line. Natural birth, nursing, and healthy living are ways in which she feels connected to those who came before her. Each and every day she is grateful. Katie may be contacted via email: and she posts nearly daily on Instagram: @katherinelouisedegroot/

katherine degroot

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Maternal-Newborn Nurse Shares Two Homebirth Stories

Courtney became pregnant with her first child and quickly began researching all the ways to prepare for a healthy natural birth. After seeing one of her favorite YouTubers have a beautiful home birth it opened her eyes beyond hospital birthing. As a Maternal-Newborn Nurse working in the hospital, this was a completely opposite model of care than she was familiar with, but she knew it felt right.

After meeting with a couple of local midwives, she and her husband found one that they knew was the perfect fit for them, and had two beautiful home births under their care. Both pregnancies were relatively smooth. The first birth entailed 9 hours of active labor, the welcoming of a surprise baby boy, & a hospital transfer due to a deep perineal tear. The second birth was a whirlwind, fast and furious birth lasting  1 hour and 44 minutes from first contraction to baby!

theequippedmama pregnancy

Courtney Stallworth Bio

Along with being a mother, Courtney likes to refer to herself as a Maternal-Newborn Nurse gone “crunchy.” With this holistic foundation, Courtney is now the owner and educator of The Equipped Mama, a birth & baby service company on a mission to Equip mamas with knowledge, Empower with confidence, & provide Support through community & resource sharing. She provides virtual and in-person birth & baby courses, as well as lactation support. Courtney can be contacted on IG & FB: @theequippedmama, via her website: or via email:


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4th Homebirth is a Wildcard After 3 Previous Home Waterbirths

After having peaceful home waterbirths for all three of their sons, Kaitlin knew she wanted to go the same route when she found out she and her husband were expecting their fourth baby. 

With a history of three similar, slow labors, Kaitlin felt confident as she prepared for another waterbirth with her same, trusted midwife.
After an uncomfortable third trimester and a weekend of false starts, baby made entrance with a wildcard labor and birth. In a flurry of chaos, with the three big brothers in the home, Kaitlin gave birth (out-of-water) to a surprise baby girl!

Kaitlin Tolkkinen Bio

Kaitlin is a 28-year-old self-proclaimed ‘flower child’. She lives in rural Minnesota with her husband, Aaron, and their four kids, aged 5, 3, 2, and 7 months.She relishes the daily frenzy and humor of raising four young kids, balanced by minimalism and simple living. She runs a small herbal skincare shop between arts & crafts and story time, and can be found on Instagram @modernbotanicalco or occasionally talking about cloth diapers @modernbottombabies


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