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Eight Birth Stories

Jayme has had 8 unmedicated births. One was induced, 5 were in the hospital, and 3 were home water births. Each one was unique and has its own special story. She learned something new with each pregnancy. After her 7th baby, 9 years ago, she was sure her birthing career was over. But then Jayme met her current husband Ben (who had 2 children by adoption); and, they decided to have a baby together. She struggled a bit with getting pregnant. After finding out she had an autoimmune disorder called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, she tweaked her diet, took some supplements, and was able to get pregnant! Jayme knew she wanted a home water birth, and was supported 100% by her husband. As she prepared for the birth she took prenatal yoga (with her husband!) and attended a hypnobabies class. Even though she was almost 40, she had a completely uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery, and gave birth to her son, Atticus, who was 7lbs 10oz.

Jayme Crockett Bio

Jayme is the mother to 10 children, and 1 loss. She has 7 children from a previous marriage, 2 step children, and a 6 month old with her current husband, Ben. Her children range in ages 22 years – 6 months. Jayme was 18 when she got pregnant with her first live baby and 39 when she gave birth to her last! Ben and Jayme own a photography/videography business called Tribe Creative Media. They recently traveled to “The Farm” in Tennessee to be a part of a documentary called Birth Undisturbed. Jayme also recently launched an Etsy store called Tribe Baby Boutique. Jayme fell in love with the beauty of birth during her first pregnancy, and loves to encourage other mothers to believe in their bodies. She has the unique experience of giving birth in the United States, Germany and Doha, Qatar. She has had hospital and home births. If she wasn’t busy having so many of her own babies, she would have been a midwife! You can connect with her on Instagram @jaymecrockett or Facebook: Jayme Malloy Crockett She also has a blog at
8 births


Choosing Waterbirth: Reclaiming the Sacred Power of Birth by Lakshmi Bertram
The Waterbirth Book by Janet Balaskas
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