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Ellen Richards is English born, and is now an Australian citizen, living with her family in South East Queensland. She and her partner, Billy, have 4 children, aged 13 years, 11 years, 8 years and 9 months. She was 44 when her fourth child was born. All have been planned to be born at home, and two of them were. Each birth was an incredibly positive experience, and each was totally different: an elective cesarean birth at almost 43 weeks; an ecstatic birth after a 76 hour labour; an intense 50 minute labour after a patient 10 day wait (with broken waters); and, a chemical hospital induction (which was at the clear indication of her unborn child). She also had gestational diabetes during two of her pregnancies, including one of the homebirths. Each pregnancy and birth has required Ellen and Billy to make many choices, and it is these choices, with the support of their midwives, that have made each birth such a positive experience.
Ellen used Hypnobirthing during her 76 hour labour, and as a result of this positive experience, she became a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Ellen is passionate about birth (in particular homebirth) and has been involved with Homebirth Queensland (a voluntary organization supporting families who choose to birth at home), for over a decade. She loves to share her positive birth experiences, and believes that other women can and will be more likely to have a positive birth if they know about other women’s wonderful experiences. Connect with Ellen on Facebook.

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