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Intense Back Labor and Surprise NICU Stay Plus Postpartum Preeclampsia

After an easy pregnancy with no complications, Lindsay had an intense, 48-hour back labor with four hours of pushing. The first half was at home with her husband and a doula, and the second half was in a hospital with an epidural. After the baby was born with the cord wrapped tightly around his neck, he was immediately whisked away to the NICU where he stayed for a week of monitoring and therapies to reduce the likelihood of brain injury (turns out he’s totally fine!). During his week-long stay in the NICU, Lindsay had some unexpected health issues of her own: she developed severe postpartum preeclampsia, with no warning signs at all.

postpartum preeclampsia

Lindsay Meisel Bio

Lindsay is the head of content at Ava, where she runs Avaworld, an evidence-based women’s health website focusing on fertility, pregnancy, and menstrual health. Her ongoing work-related experiment is dropping “cervical mucus” into casual conversation and observing people’s reactions. An avid cyclist, amateur chef, and voracious reader, she lives in San Francisco with her husband, newborn baby, and two cats.
instagram: @lmeisel
twitter: @lindsaymeisel
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