Need some ideas for gifts for the pregnant or new mom in your life. We’ve got a great list of fun, sweet AND useful things that she will love!

Herschel Backpack  // 2 Mama Bear Papa Bear Mugs  // 3 Icebreaker Bliss Wrap // 4 Crystal Click n Seal Tumbler // 5 Changeable Black Letter Board // 6 Mother Baby Elephant Necklace // 7  Hot Chocolate on a Stick // 8 Memphisto Sandals


Herschel Backpack  – Stylish option for a hospital bag or diaper bag that will last forever.

Mama Bear Papa Bear Mugs – These are just adorable and would be so cute to use for a pregnancy announcement!

Icebreaker Bliss Wrap – Seriously the most cozy and versatile cardigan/wrap of all time. Perfect for a growing bump, postpartum pooch, and staying warm while nursing.

Crystal Click n Seal Tumbler – Whether you know it or not yet, pregnant and nursing mamas are ALWAYS thirsty. We are basically camels. this tumbler is perfect for at home or on the go. Having a straw makes it easy to drink in any position and the click top protects it from wagging tails and wild toddlers.

Changeable Black Letter Board – I love these old school letter boards for doing weekly bump pictures, monthly baby pictures, birth affirmations, or just plain funny stuff when you and your partner need a laugh during the sleep exhaustion!

Mother Baby Elephant Necklace – This is the sweetest thing ever. Did you know the bond between a baby elephant and its mother  is often considered the closest of any animal on earth.  If the baby is a girl, she will typically remain with her mother into adulthood and will likely never be separated from her until the mother dies in old age. Heart bursting! Perfect mama gift fellas – think push present, Christmas or Mother’s Day! It’s on my list (hint hint Richard)

7  Hot Chocolate on a Stick – Lots of pregnant and nursing mamas cut caffeine out of their diet so having a decadent treat like these is so great for those days when mama needs a little something extra. Great stocking stuffer idea!

Memphisto Sandals – My favorite sandal of all time. I wear a pair of these every single day. I have them in brown and black but they come in about 30 colors so I’ll likely be getting more soon. I get compliments on them every time I wear them and always tell people how much I prefer them to Birkenstocks because they aren’t as wide and clunky and have an extra layer of cushion that Birk’s don’t. Even if it’s cold out (never is here in Austin!), these are great for wearing around the house for extra support when your feet get tired.

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