Meet Swedish Mama Sandra Pettersson

Sandra is a life lover living in Umeå in the north of Sweden. She is a mother of three boys, Shambo 5, Noah 2 and Moses 4 months. Her first two births took place at home and the third in a hospital.

Sandra is a teacher and forever student of yoga and in training to become a birth doula. She is also in the process of launching her website, a place to share, inspire and connect with other women on the sacred journey of motherhood. You can check out Sandra’s new website LifeMother or connect with her on Instagram.

In this episode, Sandra talks about maternity care in Sweden including hospital and homebirths. She shares her three birth stories which were attended by midwives.

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Birth Resources in Sweden and elsewhere

Videos: Birth as we know it, Orgasmic Birth and home birth videos on youtube
Podcast: The Cord
For Scandinavian listeners: Föda utan rädsla – Susanna Heli (book in Swedish) and