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Birth Story Summary

Ann’s first pregnancy, at the age of 21, started out as many do: visiting her traditional OB/GYN and making plans for a hospital delivery. But when Ann met a woman who opted for a home birth with a midwife, a whole new world of possibilities opened up to her. Ann began to study everything she could about child birth, learning and growing and becoming more and more excited by what she discovered her body could do on its own, naturally, without drugs or other interventions. She ran into a big stumbling block when her physician failed to support her plans wholeheartedly, but she was determined to continue with her goal of utilizing the Bradley Method. As it turned out, her midwife’s wisdom and Ann’s own intuition may have saved her son’s life.

Ann Timm Bio

As a busy mom with six teens, Ann is always working on patience and clarity, and relies strongly on her role as a Christ-follower! She is passionate about her husband and family, and maybe a little passionate about her bulletproof coffee, coconut oil, and — yes — chocolate!

Ann stays busy juggling rural farm life, sports schedules, blended family dynamics, and working from home. She’s had had many successes and, she says, even more fails, and as a result she recognizes the need for moms to share and encourage each other. She understands how often women feel alone in raising kids, being a wife or on their quest for healthy living and homemaking, and wants to do her part to make sure that women are getting what they need to make good decisions and feel good about making those decisions. You can connect with her at Keeper of the Home or Ziglar Family. You can also join her 7 Day Challenge here.


Bradley Method


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