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Madeline and Justin found out they were pregnant after TTC for 2 months. She describes her pregnancy as smooth sailing until 26 weeks when she started noticing itching in her feet and entire body. After blood tests, she was diagnosed with Intrahepatic Cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP). She made a plan to be induced at 39 weeks unless her bile acid levels rose above 40. The itching got more intense but the numbers never rose to above 10 (considered normal). She got her blood tested every 2 weeks, NSTs and BPPs weekly.

Her blood pressure was also starting to rise and would be around 135/90 which is slightly elevated. She tested for pre-eclampsia a few times but it was negative. At 37 weeks, the hospital she planned to deliver at announces plans to close the Labor & Delivery floor to make room for COVID-19 patients. Luckily, they didn’t have to do so. Since her BP was on the higher end her doctor decided to induce her a week early at 38 and 2 days. The induction would start at 6 pm on Sunday April 12. At 2am that morning, her water broke on its own, so they headed into the hospital earlier than expected. She was given Pitocin to augment the labor and chose to have an epidural. Jack was born at 10:52 pm Easter Sunday! 

Madeline Wrubel Bio

Madeline is married to Justin and mom to Jack, 2 weeks old. They live in a suburb of Detroit and she is a Manager of social media and marketing at a professional development company. She also runs the blog Young, Whole, and Hungry as well as @confessionsofthemodernmom Collaborative Instagram account.


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