After deciding to stop trying for a baby, Taylor and Brian were surprised with a positive pregnancy test in 2019. After a nausea ridden, but uncomplicated first and second trimesters, COVID 19 hit and everyone went into lockdown. The rest of Taylor’s pregnancy went smoothly, and the pair was surprised when their doula called them a few weeks before her due date, saying that their hospital was now allowing two birth partners. After three days of laboring at home, and one day laboring in the hospital, their daughter Charlie was born. The first couple of days in the hospital were a blur, and Taylor really struggled with breastfeeding and with her supply, but after many visits with her IBCLC and countless attempts at breastfeeding, they figured out a way to make it work.  

Taylor Trew Tenggren Bio

Taylor lives outside of Boston, MA, with her husband, Brian, seven-month-old baby girl, Charlie, and two dogs. Brian is a software consultant and Taylor is in graduate school for her Master’s in Interior Architecture. You can reach out to her on Instagram @trew_love or on Facebook – Taylor Trew Tenggren. 


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