Today’s birth story podcast guest shares how she planned ahead for her hospital birth by doing research, setting intentions and hiring a doula. Kristin’s number one goal was not to have a cesarean and she educated herself on many of the ways to avoid a c secti0n and used that knowledge to self advocate with the help of her doula throughout her labor that lasted over 24 hours.

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woman in labor

Kristin Sanders is a wife and stay-at-home-mom to two little girls, Mia (3) and Dakota (1). Before she decided to stay home full-time, she was the Director of Programs and Staff at a non-profit organization called Maggie’s Place, which provides houses of hospitality, resources and on-going support and community for homeless and alone pregnant women. She served with Maggie’s Place for 6 1/2 years and gained so much respect and awe for the vocation of motherhood.

newborn baby doing skin to skin in hospital

Kristin has been married to her husband Joel for almost 5 years, and is passionate about health and wellness, her Catholic Christian faith, building strong families, and living an intentional life! She has a podcast called This Inspired Life, and she just started a small stationary & prints business at You can connect with Kristin on Instagram @Kristintsanders.


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