Three Hospital Births, All Different

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Ashley has had three hospital births. They were all different, and she became more and more informed about birth and her options each time. She had an epidural with her first and then was made to wait two hours for her doctor after being fully dilated and ready to push which resulted in a three day NICU stay for her daughter. With her next birth, she really didn’t want to be induced but was ultimately scheduled for an induction. For her most recent birth she went in knowing she wanted a natural birth — listen to find out how it went.

Ashley Bussard Bio

Ashley is a 27 year old mom of three. She was born and raised in Virginia where she currently resides with her husband and children. She went to West Virginia University and graduated with a degree in fashion design and merchandising. She got pregnant with her oldest at the beginning of her junior year and had her daughter that following summer. Even though she finished school, she put her design path on hold to raise her tiny humans. She recently realized her real passion was in birth and motherhood and officially trained to be and now is a pre-certified doula. She’s excited and honored to be taking this new road and can not wait to see where it leads.

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