Podcasts are not necessarily new on the scene but I know many people are not regular users of podcasts. I’ve only been listening to podcasts for about a year but I was immediately hooked from day one (thanks Serial)!

Here are the basic steps to listening to a podcast.

STEP ONE: Download the App

Download an app. If you have an iPhone I recommend just using the standard Apple Podcast App which may already be on your phone. If not, you can find it here.

If you have an Android, try Stitcher or Player FM.

STEP TWO: Find the Podcasts you want to listen to

Once you have an app you can search for Podcasts by typing in their title or you can use a direct link to get to a particular show.

STEP THREE: Subscribe & Listen

Hit the subscribe button and your app will automatically download all new episodes and then hit play on the episode you want to listen to first! Enjoy the wonderful world of podcasts!

STEP FOUR: Rate and Review

Ratings and Reviews are the bread and butter for podcasters. The more people that are leaving ratings and reviews, the more iTunes recognizes that this is a podcast that people want to listen to.

If you enjoy listening to The Birth Hour, PLEASE leave me a rating and review! Once you open the link you will have to click “view in iTunes” and then when it opens in iTunes, you will click Ratings and Reviews. Thanks in advance if you leave a review – it will really help jumpstart the success of this project that I’m so passionate about!

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