Indiana’s Infamous Birth Stories

Indiana Adams, blogger, conference planning guru and budding podcaster has and is doing some really amazing things in her life; but, in many circles, she is most notorious for her birth stories. She has had three homebirths and none of them have been void of excitement. I’ll break it down for you in short form by hitting on the highlights.

First Birth –  Precipitous labor, homebirth, washcloth of modesty.

Second Birth – Even MORE precipitous, unassisted, the toilet is a major player.

Third Birth – Indiana says “I didn’t know I was pregnant” until 17 weeks gestation. She ended up having a natural induction at home to avoid another unassisted birth, the labor was STILL precipitous.

You’ll have to listen to Indiana tell it in her own words on this episode of The Birth Hour.

You can find Indiana and her husband Chris hosting Mom Jeans & Dad Jokes, a fun and FUNNY podcast about parenting, current events and general survival in this crazy thing called life.

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The Bradley Method 

Business of Being Born

Transcript of Episode 3 – Funny & Infamous Births, Indiana Adams

[Bryn]: Today’s guest is Indiana Adams, who I met on Instagram over our mutual love of chicken wings. Indiana is a blogger / podcaster who recently launched a podcast with her husband called Mom Jeans and Dad Jokes; which shares their funny take on parenthood and life in general. Indiana’s three birth stories are actually pretty notorious on the internet and you will soon find out why, when you listen to her tell them in her own words.

[Bryn Continues]: Hi Indiana welcome to the Birth Hour! Thank you so much for being here today to share your somewhat infamous birth stories. I’m really excited for our audience to hear all three of your births. Let’s go ahead and jump right in and talk about your first pregnancy and you’re planning for that first birth.

[Indiana]: Sure. I guess I should start off by saying that growing up I never planned to be a mother. I always thought that I would be, I don’t know like a Sex in the City lady that never got married, never had children, just love my big life in the city. But I got married right out of college and then when I turned 30 a little girl can I got me confused for her mother at an art gallery, and she looked up to me and said hold me. {Both Giggle} I was like “I guess…” because I couldn’t find her mom. I picked her up and it was like my heart suddenly grew four sizes and that proverbial biological clock, I mean it like started ticking at that exact moment. So, I’m like “OH! I want children” suddenly. Luckily the same thing similar had happened to Chris and we were on the same page. I was told that you I would have a really hard time getting pregnant because I have a thyroid condition but, that was not part of our story. We actually conceived right away.

[Indiana Continues]: A friend had made me watch The Business of Being Born. So, I have to thank Ricky Lake for getting me to consider a home birth and that’s what I decided to do. It is strange because I no one would ever describe me as granola or against medical interventions but, I watched that documentary and I thought “man I want to do that. Yeah, I could do that.” I decided that I didn’t want to find out the gender because there’s so few surprises in life and, first kid, I mean why not? I knew that if I didn’t find out the gender that the gifts I got would be gender-neutral and I’d be able to pass them on to subsequent children. and and that I wouldn’t be inundated with a bunch of pink or blue clothes. Let’s see, I had a pretty normal pregnancy and had a really great midwife in Austin, Texas. I took a Bradley method class with my husband as well. He was just over the moon that (A) I wanted to have children and (B) that I wanted to have a home birth. Also that I wanted him to be super involved in the process of delivering the baby.

[Bryn]: Awesome, so he wasn’t squeamish or anything like that?

[Indiana]: No, he was more just flabbergasted that those were decisions that I’d come to on my own.

[Bryn]: Let’s go ahead and start talking about your first birth. How far along were you when you went into labor?

[Indian]: I was three weeks from my due date but, here’s the thing is I really wanted my kid to be a week and a half late because I wanted us to share birthday. My midwife was like “Oh you’re a first-time mom, you might go late. A lot of first-timers go late and if you’re mentally kind of telling yourself that you want to go late, you’ll probably go late.” So, I was very surprised when my water broke three weeks early

[Bryn]: And where you at home when you water broke?

[Indiana]: I was. I was sleeping. It was about… I don’t remember, it was really early in the morning. I Sat (!) Bolt upright and said “My water broke!” and I ran to the bathroom. Then my water broke. So, I guess I felt it maybe internally before it started seeping out of me? So the mess was in the bathroom and it was such a bizarre feeling.

[Bryn]: Yeah I haven’t actually heard that before, of like feeling it before it actually happens.

{Both Laughing}

[Indian]: Yes and I remember standing there,it’s coming out and Chris is just looking at me like I’m an alien. I’m like “I swear I am not peeing myself. Like this is part of the thing that’s happening”

[Bryn]: So, was like a big gush like you see in the movies?

[Indian]: It was a big gush at first and then it was a constant trickle. And my midwife and Bradley instructor told me, you know, just put a maxi pad on and try to go back to sleep. But there’s no way that was going to happen. The maxi pad was just sponging it all up and it’s just uncomfortable. So, I just laid on the bathroom floor while the liquids were being dispelled.

[Bryn]: So your water had broken and you were laying on the bathroom floor… How long before you started feeling contractions?

[Indiana]: You know I expected to feel them pretty much right away but I didn’t feel any, like even a twinge, until an hour later. Then I still wasn’t sure I was having contractions an hour later, I just needed really to number two. So I that was my contractions, just like the urge to have to go to the bathroom. That continued for two hours so I just kind of hung out in the bathroom, yelling at my husband a lot to get out of the bathroom. He asked me through the door “would you like me to call the birth photographer now?”because we had hired a birth photographer. I was like “No,absolutely do not call her because I’m just sitting here naked on the toilet like that’s all the pictures she’s going to get.” So I didn’t allow him to call the birth the photographer. I did that for a couple hours and then I don’t know, I just started I was really mean to my husband. I was yelling at him like “don’t come in the bathroom” “don’t call the birth photographer.” At this point we hadn’t yet called the Midwife because I thought that I had a long day ahead of me. My midwife said don’t call before… I think she said don’t call before 8am. So I’m like “well I’m going to call her because I don’t want to you know disturb her, especially if I don’t end up having a baby until like four in the afternoon or something. At one point I got really really mad at Chris and this is maybe around six o’clock. This is when it started to get really painful and I guess those were contractions but in my head I didn’t recognize those contractions. I just thought it was just “man labor is hard” but a little did I know that my contractions were constant they were double peeking because birth was imminent at that point. So when it got painful, it was super painful. It didn’t like slowly ramp up, the contractions, I suddenly had double peaking contractions and can’t get a break in between them.

[Bryn]: What does double peaking mean?

[Indiana]: For me it was just like contraction on top of contraction.

[Bryn]: Like okay no rest

[Indiana]: It was no rest in between them at all. So I just thought “man if this is so hard and i’m not even having contractions yet…?” I think that’s what was going through my mind “this is just pre-birth pain.” I told Chris that I had made a horrible mistake and I stayed really calm because I knew if I was hysterical he just wouldn’t even listen to me. I took some deep breaths, trying to get as calm as possible and said “I made a really big mistake. I need to go to the hospital. I can’t handle the pain. I don’t know what I was thinking trying to do a home birth without medication. You need to take me to the hospital right now because this is hard and painful and I haven’t even had contractions yet” is what I told him. Like a good Bradley coach he went through the the talk like “you can do it, this is a decision we made together” and went through the litany of reasons why I chose to have a home birth. I remember grinding my teeth and saying “ if you don’t take me to the hospital right now I will call an ambulance and go without you. You will be stuck with an ambulance bill” and then at that very moment is when it became crystal clear that the baby was arriving. I felt the baby’s head come out a little and then go back in.

[Bryn]: Whaaattt???

[Indiana]: So, I’m like “Oh, OH we should call the midwife.”{Both laughing} It wasn’t until that point when I felt the baby’s head come out a little and then kind of go back in that I was like “oh, oh I’m having the baby now” So messed up

[Bryn]: Oh my god. So what did Chris do?

[Indiana]: He immediately called the midwife and said that I think the baby is here. She says she can feel the head and that. So they instructed him to get me to roll over on my side to kind of slow things down until they got there. But no, the only position I was comfortable in was on my hands and knees hugging a birth ball. So I refused to leave this position that I was in and I couldn’t do what he said and lay on my side. While I was in this position and I knew the Midwife is on route I yelled at Chris “Give me my toothbrush.” I don’t know why dental hygiene seemed like the most important thing at that moment. But I’m like “I Must brush my teeth before the Midwife gets here” and I made him get me this washcloth to hold over my bum because I was extremely modest. I called it the washcloth of modesty then I held that thing over my bottom the entire time and at one point I think it got lost after the midwife’s came. I remember frantically shouting “My Washcloth, My Washcloth!” and the my Midwife’s assistant got me a cold wash rag for my head, thinking that that’s what I wanted. I was like “Nooo.” I was so mad and Chris says “she wants a wash cloth to cover up her butt.” So they had to hunt down the wash cloth of modesty for me to hold on my back side the entire time. I don’t know what I thought, because butt naked, I don’t know why I thought That was what is preserving my modesty.

[Bryn]: So. you had one arm on the exercise ball and one arm holding a washcloth over your butt.

[Indiana]: Yes, yes I still cringe thinking about how ridiculous that was. Yeah, so my water broke at three-thirty and Jude was born, I think right around seven-thirty. So four hours: my total labor and he was not small. I mean he was eight pounds. He was ready three weeks early and he was he’s like “I’m out of here”

[Bryn]: That’s awesome! So did you get a little bit more friendly to Chris after Jude was born?

[Indian]: No. I had lost my mind like that whole day. I was like “this baby stinks.” I remember telling people “I’m sorry my baby smells weird.” It was actually me that smelled weird just from sweating and birthing and the hormones. I didn’t realize it was me that smelled until I think like two days later thinking “oh the baby smells fine, it’s me” I didn’t know that I was going to lose my mind.

[Bryn]: And you didn’t know that it was a boy ahead of time, did you?

[Indiana]: No, so when Jude was born Chris did the catching and announced to the gender. We sang happy birthday and we prayed right away. He didn’t have a name, it took us I think five days to come up with the name.

[Bryn]: How old was Jude when you got pregnant with your second baby?

[Indiana]: Oh you’re making me do math. I’m not sure but my due date was Jude’s birth date so they were two years apart.

[Bryn]: Okay
[Indiana]: Basically that means that every other super bowl is when I get pregnant. So her due date was exactly Jude’s birthday and for her I did find out the gender ahead of time.

[Bryn]: You’re planning a home birth again?

[Indiana]: Yes with the same Midwife and she had brought on a partner at that time. So the same practice, same house and man it was a completely different birth.

[Bryn]: I’m assuming your Midwife was probably a little worried that you might have the baby without her there since your first birth was so fast.

[Indiana]: Yes my midwife had told me if you feel what you think are contractions please call me right away. Don’t worry about what time it is because she’s like “why did you call?” and I was like “because you told me not to call before eight!” So she’s like “please call no matter what time it is, that way we are on high alert” because if you have a quick labor you are more likely to have another quick labor, apparently.

[Bryn]: So she was like if you feel like you need to poop, down there, please call us immediately.

[Indiana]: Yes. My due date came, which was also Jude’s birthday, and I tried everything to get my baby girl to be born on the same day. I really wanted them to have the same birthday. I just thought that was going to be so precious, I did every everything (every wife’s tale, every herbal concoction, every ridiculous thing) to try to get the baby to be born on the same day. She did not come. So, I went to bed a little disappointed that night but, at five the next morning Chris was getting ready to go to the gym, he prayed with me, rubbed my back, and left and at 5:45am. I got up to go to the restroom and I noticed when I wiped that the tissue was a little bit pink. I’m like “huh, that’s interesting” but it’s early and I’m just really groggy. Maybe this could be amniotic fluid (?) and then I felt kind of a flutter in my abdomen area and I’m like maybe that was a contraction. “Oh my god I don’t know” and I check the clock is 5:50 and I pulled up another app to time my contractions. I called Chris, who’s at the gym, and I was like “hey my water might be breaking and I might have had a contraction… so just whenever you’re done don’t go to work, come home and check on me.” The gym is really close by to my house and you know I wasn’t even sure if he heard me but I was like ‘I’ll be fine,” you know. I’d probably have a couple hours. I sat down on the toilet and to use the bathroom.

[Indiana Continues]: I wasn’t feeling like a big urge to go number two, I was thinking about all the things I need to do before the baby arrived. I was thinking should I call my best friend, should I braid my hair, should have tried to take a quick shower… So it’s 5:58 I am texting my best friend, and I took down a blog post that I had queued up that said I hadn’t yet had the baby. I was like maybe now I’ll have a baby and I don’t want this post going live at 8am that says I hadn’t yet had the baby. Then suddenly I felt what was definitely a contraction. That was exciting. I got to log it into the phone and the next one came just 39 seconds later. I was like “this can’t be right, can it?” like “maybe I still don’t know what contractions are?” I was like “because I they shouldn’t be this close together, should they?” I was able to get up off the toilet and kind of walk to the sink to brush my teeth, again. Dental hygiene, super important during labor. When I started to walk to the sink I got really tired and gave up. Then I walked back to the toilet and sat back down. So, while sitting there I remembered that my midwives had a new phone number and that the phone number wasn’t in my phone. I had my phone and the phone number was written on a card in my bedroom which is the next room over. Like “oh man if I’m too tired to get to my toothbrush, I’m too tired to get to the phone number” I’m like “well just wait till Chris gets home and he can get the card on the vanity and bring it to me.” That’s all happening, you know like I said, first contractions at 5:45 and at 6:04 I text my best friend. I said “hey can you pray for me? I think I’m having contractions and they’re super painful.” I laid down on the floor and I was like “God I can’t do this. I don’t remember this being this painful” I took some big breaths and shook out the tension in my shoulders. At 6:07, I called Chris to confirm that he was coming home because he hadn’t yet come home from the gym. I was like “oh you know I wasn’t sure if he heard me so let me confirm that he heard me. I called him back and he didn’t answer and then I started to panic. I don’t know like he’s not answering maybe he went to work or whatnot but at that very moment he walked through the bathroom door. This was great and so, I sat down again and Chris came over to hold my hands. Then I had, what was my final contraction. I said “the midwives number on my vanity you have to call inn… OH NO I’m pushing!” In that contraction the baby just shot out of me and fell into the toilet.

[Bryn]: Oh my god.

[Indiana]: So Chris literally had just walked through the door and then the baby…I mean it was like she was ten pounds so, I think she looks like baby shooting out of a water slide at a water park. Like “Wooo there’s no more room in here so I’m out of here” and just shoot out. I’m like, I don’t know why I did this, but I said “get the baby!” even though I’m the one that was sitting right there; above her on the toilet. I yelled for Chris to get the baby and so he scooped her out of the toilet. Then I held her and gently shook her and inclined her and she started crying right away. So that instantly has me relieved. I’m like “okay she didn’t drown or swallow a bunch of water, she’s alive, she’s healthy. That’s when Chris call the midwife

[Bryn]: Oh my god.

[Indiana]: So that was a 20-minute labor from beginning to end.

[Bryn]: That’s insane

[Indiana]: It was insane. Here’s the part that I think surprises everyone, I didn’t have any trauma down there. There was no need for stitches, I mean she just flew out.

[Bryn]: That’s crazy and you just like scooped her up and wrapped her in towel or something?

[Indiana]: Uh-huh and so when Chris called the midwife he said “the the baby is here” and they were like “what the baby’s already bored?” in the background they could hear Caroline crying so they didn’t come for another 30 minutes by the time they got their supplies and came. They just told us to keep the baby warm and Chris had deliver the placenta as well . We just hung out they told us “don’t try to cut the cord yourself, we are on our way.” So they came 30 minutes after Caroline was born.

[Bryn]: So what were you thinking after that happened? Like were you freaking out?

[Indiana]: Oh ok here’s the crazy thing: we have that all on Chris’s voice mail. I had called him to find out his ETA and then he had walked through the bathroom door. The voicemail answered while he was walking through and my phone was set down right next to me. So we actually have Caroline’s entire birth until the moment Chris calls the Midwife.

[Bryn]: Oh my gosh

[Indiana]: We can hear the first words I say to her, we can hear her first cries, and we just accidentally have it on Chris’s phone. My first words were “Oh my gosh she’s so big.” I think Chris asks “did you just have the baby?” I think you can hear me before that “Get the Baby!” Telling him to get the baby out of the toilet. I still don’t know why I had him scoop her out. I was right there.

[Bryn]: I feel like I would totally do the same thing. Like when we find one of your kids doing something crazy, you just need to get the other person in the room and say “take care of this.”

[Indiana]: Right, right, right. So yeah, that was incredible a 20 minute labor. I knew that the story got well known when I moved to Atlanta and I got a blowout, went to the salon to get a blowout, and the lady giving a blowout {I had never met before} she was pregnant and I was talking with her about her pregnancy and birth. She’s like “yeah I just hope it goes real fast but I don’t think it’ll be just like 20 minutes on the toilet.” I was like “do you read my blog?” She’s like “what blog? Oh my friend was telling me about this girl that was planning a homebirth but then she sat down on the toilet and the baby just came out.” I was like “that person is me!” I was thinking “well the story is getting around isn’t it?” So that’s Caroline and her unintentional water birth.

[Bryn]: Oh my gosh that’s crazy and you weren’t traumatized enough to not have a third baby?

[Indiana]: Oh no I mean I do get pelvic pain um what-do-you-call-it? SPD while I’m pregnant but, my births are pretty quick and the recovery is pretty quick as well. Yeah so, it didn’t make me be like”Never birthing again!” Little did I know I was going to get pregnant as quickly the next time.

[Bryn]: So how quickly was it again?

[Indiana]: I’m not sure the math, but the girls are17 months apart. For a little bit that I had three kids ages three and under. That birth was more typical. Due to the 20 minute labor, we actually did a natural induction with the midwives present in the house. Also making sure that I had helper with the other kids in the house as well. Just because we knew it was a very real possibility that I could be a woman that had the baby at the grocery store or the bank.

[Bryn]: Yeah. Oh where was Jude when Caroline was born?

[Indiana]: He was sleeping and my mom was actually in town visiting since my pelvic pain had gotten so bad. She came in early but both of them slept right through it and we decided not to wake them. Jude came in around 10am after Caroline was born and crawled right up in bed and whispered “I love you” to her. Oh so sweet, so sweet. I guess I wasn’t a loud birther. I didn’t wake up my child or my mother who was in the house. I think that Lucy, who is my third child, all of her surprises were part of the pregnancy. She gave me a very typical home birth

[Bryn]: and what was the big surprise about her pregnancy?

[Indiana]: It was that I didn’t realize I was pregnant until I was 18 weeks along, I was just so busy with the other two I didn’t know I guess but I did notice that my body was changing. I actually signed up at the gym to do a bikini body challenge, so there’s a before picture of me about 14 weeks pregnant. I couldn’t figure out how I was getting this gut. I had taken three pregnancy tests and they were all negative. So, you know, if a woman takes a pregnancy test and they’re negatives she’s going to think she’s not pregnant. I took three of them and the reason why they were negative is because they have an expiration date. I didn’t know that so I was using pregnancy tests that I had around the time I was trying to get pregnant with Jude, so they were three years old. One night I was googling beer guts on women and I’m like “this is ridiculous I’m working out with a trainer and I’m still getting big in the gut. I’m googling beer guts on women, I need to take another pregnancy test.” I went to the grocery store that night after eating China buffet and got a pregnancy test and took it. The line was so so faint, the second line was barely pink.

[Indiana Continues]: So I’m like “Oh I am pregnant but I’m just barely pregnant.” I chart everything so I’m like “well you know I’m probably only about six weeks along.” I hadn’t had a period because I was nursing Caroline still and so according to our love connections I was like “Well I’m probably only about six weeks along” but I really want to go into the doctor to get some imaging done just because I have no idea., since I don’t have a period. So when I went take get the imaging done they were like “Well you know if you’re only six weeks along don’t be freaked out if you don’t see a heartbeat. It’s just hard to see things when you’re not very far along, but let’s see what’s there.” At the last minute I had called Chris to meet me at the appointment because I couldn’t figure out what to do with the children. I was in that the waiting room I’m like “Wait a minute if they have to do an internal ultrasound, I don’t want the kids in there and I don’t know what to do with them if I’m alone.” Chris’s office was very near by and I was like “can you come here for the imaging appointment after all? I need you to watch the big kids.” So he came and thank goodness because when they put the ultrasound thing on me, we immediately saw like a spine and a skull. They’re say “I would you like to know the gender?” I’m like “Wait how far along are we?” They’re like “It looks about seventeen and a half weeks pregnant” I say “What?? What?!?”

[Bryn]: Oh my god you’re an amazing candidate for that show I didn’t know I was pregnant.

[Indiana]: Yes It’s so embracing. I always thought those people were rednecks or idiots but maybe they were just really busy. I mean I was planning Texas Style Council and taking care of two little kids. Yeah so her surprise was definitely in the pregnancy part. It was interesting to go to the doctor and hear “Yes you are pregnant and surprise it’s a girl” in the first appointment.

[Bryn]: That’s kind of awesome though. I feel like those first weeks is what takes forever.

[Indiana]: Yeah, It really puts a fire under you because I’m like “Oh my gosh how do I rearrange the house so the girls can share a room?” Suddenly I don’t have much time to prepare and then you start thinking “Ok how much have I had to drink in the last few weeks? How much sushi have I had? How much lunch meat?” Like how messed up is this baby going to be because I didn’t know I was pregnant?

[Bryn]: Yeah that’s a good point.

[Indiana]: Thankfully I am not a drug user and I could count on one hand how many drinks I had had since being pregnant {Both Laughing} and those five drinks were not all on the same evening, so she turned out perfect.

[Bryn]: So when you were expecting your third you had someone come over to be with the kids and your midwives came over to induce you? How did they do a natural induction?

[Indiana]: They used cottonwood bark, I think that’s what it’s called, just an herbal thing and they hooked me up to a breast pump to get it going along.

[Bryn]: On your due date or after?

[Indiana]: Exactly on my due date. The reason why is because my mother in law was flying in the next day and I didn’t want to go a week later. She was only going to be in town for a week to help me with the children. So it just made sense for me to try and evict the baby instead of letting her come on her own timing. My midwife was totally open to that, which is interesting because I feel like most midwives are like “your body knows when to have the baby and the baby needs to cook,” they kind of let things be. But, because of the possibility that I could have the baby on the side of the road we all felt better knowing that I was going to be at home with them present.

[Bryn]: Yeah that’s pretty reasonable.

[Indiana]: It kinda slowed down the labor a lot when, you know, you kick start things yourself.

[Bryn]: Right, but the induction was natural and it did work.

[Indiana]: Yeah, yeah it did. It wasn’t any big deal. I just got hooked up to a breast pump, which is strange because I had never used a breast pump previously. I was like ‘oh this is my first time on a pump..” So yeah it was a little awkward but again I used the washcloth of modesty, but not for my bottom but for my chest, so that made another appearance. It was a pretty typical home birth, except I wish that I had a flow chart that told me whether or not I was pooping or having a baby because that’s what my contractions feel like.

[Bryn]: So how long was your labor with her?

[Indiana]: Her labor was the three hour one. Jude’s was four hours, Caroline’s was 20 minutes and Lucy was three hours. She was born on the toilet but not in the toilet. It was just a very comfortable position because I again I thought that I had to poop, but then I was sitting and the contractions started. I kick everyone out when I’m sitting on the toilet so I’m alone in the bathroom. My midwives are present but not in the bathroom. They then heard this animalistic grunt and the two midwives and my husband come running and then the midwife scooped her hands under me and caught her before she hit the water.

[Bryn]: But were you still sitting down or were you kind of stand up?

[Indiana]: I was in a half squat above the toilet. I was hovering, you know like you do in the public restroom. So she was born on the toilet but not into the toilet. The recovery on the third was just really easy. I mean maybe it’s like riding a bike; my body is like “Oh we’ve been here, we’ve done this, we haven’t forgotten.”

[Bryn]: That’s good though because you had two toddlers to take care of as well.

[Indiana]: Yes, yes and I’m undecided. I know that I’m not done, like when I go to the playground I’ll say “Okay here’s Lucy” then I check on Caroline and then I look at Jude and then I still scan for a fourth child. So I don’t feel like my family’s complete yet, there’s still one more seat in my car and I could fit another girl in the shared girl room and Jude could share a room with another boy. So I feel like I still have room in my house, car, and heart for another child.

[Bryn]: Well just keep taking pregnancy tests because you could be like five months right now {Both Laughing}.

[Indiana]: I know that I’m not pregnant currently and I know that for a fact. But, yeah I’m definitely open to it and then I’m also open to fostering and adopting, so, we’ll see.

[Bryn]: That’s awesome. I can’t wait to hear what’s next for you guys.

[Indiana]: Thanks so much for having me on the show. I don’t think that I’ve ever verbally told my birth stories.

[Bryn]: I find that hard to believe.

[Indiana]: I mean you tell your friends or family but, no usually people ask and then just go and read it on my blog, it’s better written.

[Bryn]: Well thank you so much Indiana.
[Indiana]: Thanks for having me and thanks for doing a show about birthing. I think it’s so rad. I’m excited to hears the other stories.

-End of Interview-

[Bryn]: If you want to connect with Indiana you can find her on Instagram @Indianaadams and be sure to check out her podcast that she recorded with her husband Chris: Mom Jeans and Dad Jokes. You can find links to all of these things on the show notes page at Thanks so much for listening. If you enjoyed today’s show, head to to sign up for our newsletter and if you really liked today’s show please subscribe and leave a review in iTunes. I’m Bryn Hunt-Palmer and you’ve been listening to another episode of The Birth Hour. Thanks again and see you next week!

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