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The Mama Behind Jen Loves Kev

Today’s birth story guest is Jen Lula who is a mama to two girls and one newborn baby boy living in the Northeast where she runs a blog called Jen Loves Kev sharing everything that she’s passionate about; she’s an adventure seeking, art loving, fashion obsessed, stay at home mom. You can connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Rowan’s Birth Story

Jen’s first daughter, Rowan was born at a birth center within a hospital and came nine days after Jen’s due date. and was a wonderfully empowering experience. She arrived pretty quick for a first child and Jen felt empowered by the experience birthing with midwives.

Finley’s Birth Story

After such an amazing first birth experience, the only thing that Jen wanted to do differently was to birth at home so when she became pregnant with her second daughter, Finley, Jen and Kev planned a homebirth. When discussing this birth, Jen talks about the speed at which Finley came, leaving her feeling defeated and lacking that sense of empowerment that she experienced with her first birth. I love how open Jen is about this as many women assume that just because you have a fast birth you are thrilled. Sometimes having a fast birth just means that all of the work is crammed into a shorter period of time making it all the more intense. I actually had discussed the same thing in my birth story with my second baby.

Orion’s Birth Story

Jen’s most recent birth with her son, Orion was also a homebirth and she spent a lot of time preparing for it and setting up a beautiful birthing space in her home with lots of natural light and all of the things that make her feel comfortable. Orion came very quickly as well and his big sisters were waiting in the wings, making him cupcakes, ready to meet him as soon as he arrived.

The Instagram image from @foxmeetsbear that we talked about can be seen here.

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