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Gestational Hypertension, Hospital Induction, and Less Than 2 Minutes of Pushing

Payton’s 18-hour induction hospital birth was completely different than she planned for her entire pregnancy. After battling with gestational hypertension during her last trimester, Payton feared for her ability to achieve an unmedicated birth when a spike in blood pressure caused her to be induced at 38+5. Payton’s daughter was posterior her entire labor & although she had help from some IV medication, she went on to birth her daughter without an epidural & less than 2 minutes of pushing.

Payton Wilson Bio

Payton lives with her wife of 1 year in Columbus, Ohio. She’s a stay at home mom who worked as a nanny prior to becoming a mama herself. Pregnancy & birth is something that she always loved & couldn’t wait to go through it herself. Now that she has, Payton is searching for any way to stay involved in the birth community. Instagram : @pwilsonnn13
Facebook: Payton Wilson


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