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Emergency Cesarean Birth Story

Caitlin Shrum lives in the Bay Area, California with her husband, Andrew, and their son, Cooper (2). Her first birth caught her by surprise as she found herself in an emergency c-section situation. She quickly realized her experience wasn’t normal and has spent the past two years educating herself in order to set up her future births for success, and has found within herself a passion for the birth space and maternal care. In this episode, she walks us through her pregnancy and childbirth experience and how she has taken that experience and is channeling it into education and learning for herself and hopefully others down the line.

Caitlin Shrum Bio

Caitlin Shrum is a wife and working mom living in the Bay Area, California with her husband, Andrew and their son, Cooper (2), and have one baby on the way. She’s a Southern California native and beach girl at heart, but is enjoying her time living in in the tech boom. When not chasing around her toddler, she enjoys a great brunch, training for half marathons, spending time with friends and family, and traveling. You can connect with her on Instagram @caitshrum.



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