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On this episode, Jenn shares the birth story of her son, Wallace, who was conceived with the help of a known-donor Jenn met through the Known Donor Registry. After a medically uneventful pregnancy, Jenn gave birth to Wallace at 41 weeks 5 days. Labor began with mild contractions on the way to the second NST; continued with a dramatic rupturing of waters; and, ended with a Pitocin induction 24 hours later. Jenn was determined to have an unmedicated birth and had the support of her parents, her doula, and her CNM in order to stay empowered through her long and difficult labor.

lesbian single mom by choice

Jenn Poupard Bio

Jenn is a 32 year old single mom by choice (SMC) to 5 year old Wallace. They live in Michigan where she sells books on Amazon, babysits, and teaches yoga, while he goes to a play based preschool. She is in training to become a doula and dreams of traveling the US in her motorhome while unschooling her son. She plans to add to her family in the future and still hopes to meet the right person. Jenn can be found on Instagram at @Person_Concentrate.

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