4 Hospital Births—Obstetrician versus midwives

In Michele’s first labor, she delivered a healthy 8lbs 9oz baby boy. Along the way, she had the epidural she planned on, and then found herself ignored and talked about, not talked to, while she labored. While very happy with the healthy outcome, she felt like something was missing, and sought out care providers for her next pregnancy who might do things differently. For her 3 subsequent pregnancies, she was cared for by a team of midwives who listened to her and valued her as a partner in her labors.

Michele Ankrim Bio

Michele is a mother of 4 young kiddos, living outside Seattle, Washington. She has been a Doula, studied to be a Childbirth Educator, and is now about to begin nursing school, ultimately to be a Certified Nurse Midwife. She believes women should be heard, respected, and valued during their labors, and encourages people to find care providers that they trust. Connect with her on Instagram @michele.midwife


The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin
Expecting Better by Emily Oster

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