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During a very healthy, normal pregnancy, Karissa was unexpectedly sent to the hospital at 29 weeks with preterm contractions. They determined that she was not in labor and sent her home after a night of observation and medication to bedrest for the next five weeks. Dealing with ongoing contractions for weeks before delivery made it difficult to know when labor was truly beginning. But at 39 weeks Karissa went into labor on her own and delivered a healthy baby girl after 20 hours of laboring. She had an incredibly supportive and positive birth experience and is very grateful for the care she received from the midwife and nurses at the hospital.

Karissa Goding Bio

is Registered Nurse, currently stay at home mom with her one year old little girl, happily married to Carl, an electrical engineer working for the family business. They live in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. Karissa is passionate about birth and supporting moms and babies! 

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