After a very relaxed first half of pregnancy things got a little complicated when Avery’s daughter was suspected to be growth restricted and she ended up having a medical induction at 39 weeks. Labor was way faster than Avery or the nurses expected. Avery had hoped for all the interventions during labor and was even open to a C Section. After the epidural failed that was all out the window and she ended up giving birth unmedicated and LOVED it! Postpartum was not at all what Avery expected and then came COVID-19 and she ended up staying home with her daughter for over a year, which turned out to be a dream come true. Nothing went according to plan but it turned out to be the perfect story for their family. 

Avery Shears Bio

Avery is 29 years old and married to Ian, they have been together for 11 years and married for 3. They have a very hairy lab/german shepherd named Sophie – who they treat like a child. Their daughter’s name is Kara Noelle and she is almost 2 years old! They live in Grand Rapids, MI where they love to be homebodies and have friends over for bonfires! Connect with her on Instagram: @mrsaveryd or TikTok: averyshears2.



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