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Waters Break Before Labor, Pitocin & Epidural Birth

Lauren’s first birth was a precious, yet invigorating experience. Her water broke before active labor began and, because there was meconium in the water, she was admitted into the hospital before contractions really began. She set out wanting to have an all-natural birth in which she labored as long as possible at home, but accepted her doctor’s recommendation to use Pitocin to progress her labor and avoid risks of infection. It was a happy, safe and fulfilling experience despite the fear that was produced for her about the use of Pitocin in leading to complications. She hopes this experience relieves fears others have about using Pitocin and epidurals when necessary.

Lauren Alexander Bio

Lauren lives with her wife of almost two years in Los Altos, California. She gave birth to her first baby in October 2017, and plans to have two-to-three more children. She hopes that other lesbian couples trying to start families can learn from her and her wife’s experience of planning, fertility treatments, and choosing a donor.


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