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Rachel had always envisioned herself having an unmedicated home or birth center birth, but when she found out she was considered high risk she knew that wouldn’t be possible. So, she and her fiancé hired a doula and chose a hospital and team that best fit their birth wishes. Rachel delivered her daughter vaginally and unmedicated 3 weeks early and just 14 hours after arriving at the hospital! As smooth as her pregnancy and delivery went, she’s still dealing with some unexpected postpartum complications 3 months later.

Rachel Bio

Rachel is a 31 year old first time mom from WA state. When she was 17 she suffered a spinal cord injury from a car accident that left her using a wheelchair for most of her mobility. After finding out she was pregnant, she realized there were hardly any resources available to expecting moms with paraplegia, so she decided she wanted to share her story of pregnancy and postpartum life with a spinal cord injury. Connect with her on Instagram @rachel_halladay or on Facebook, Rachel Halladay.


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