Having her first baby at 25 years old as a single mom, Michelle Johnson thought she was done having children until she got married and gave birth to  her second child at 41 and her third child at 43 years old. Delivering her daughter naturally in a hospital by a midwife, Michelle knew that she absolutely wanted an epidural when she became pregnant again at 40. However, an impromptu induction, as a result of her son having IUGR, her second labor was longer and more painful than the first.

Michelle had a planned induction for her 3rd son as well as a very clear birth plan – making it as pain-free as possible. Her last labor was perfect until the last hour when she had too much of an epidural to the point that she couldn’t push because she couldn’t feel anything. Tune in to hear all of Michelle’s very different birth stories and her experiences of miscarrying, having a subchorionic hemorrhage, acid reflux, gestational diabetes, swelling, fetal growth restriction (IUGR), being induced and the experience of having multiple babies in her 40’s.

Michelle Johnson Bio

When Michelle, an attorney in Atlanta, became pregnant at the age of 40, she immediately scoured the internet for pregnancy information for women her age, only to be inundated with daunting statistics and risks from medical professionals, individuals and articles.

Not succumbing to all of the negative information, Michelle began a private Facebook Group to both give and receive encouragement to other women in the same situation. The “Pregnancy After Forty Private Group” now has over 5,000 members and has been the catalyst to creating a website and the “Pregnancy After 40” Podcast, which she now hosts.

Michelle is also a Speaker who shares her “Pregnancy After 40”  story and journey and encourages other women that it’s possible to have a healthy baby or babies after 40 years despite having pregnancy issues. 
Connect with her at http://www.PregnancyAfterForty.com
or via her Private Facebook Group: @PregnancyAfterFortyPrivateGroup
She also hosts a Facebook Page: @PregnancyAfterForty
and Instagram: @PregnancyAfterForty. Finally check out her Podcast!


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