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Unmedicated Hospital Birth

Shanicia was 38 weeks and 5 days pregnant when she went into labor. Just one day prior she and her daughter’s father went to her mother’s house to go to the state fair. She felt she was so over being pregnant, that she decided to walk the baby out. She went into labor early that morning around 2 AM. Shanicia slept through most of her labor and the next morning she drove the two hours back to her home city, Atlanta. She stayed home until 7 PM, then labored without medication at the hospital before giving birth.

Shanicia Boswell Bio

Shanicia boswell

Shanicia is an entrepreneur, social media maverick, and Jane of all Trades. She blogs about her everyday life experiences and personal perspectives, as well as stories and submissions she gets from contributors. She is the mom of one rambunctious little girl, who essentially is the reason Black Moms Blog exists. She began her blog to create a space-within-a-space to represent positive Black families and children. She speaks about parenting, culture, and lifestyle on her platform. Connect with Shanicia on Instagram.

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