At 30 weeks, Megan changed her birthing plan from a hospital birth to a home birth after finding out she might not have any support person (including her partner) in the room due to Covid-19. At 39 weeks, after 26 hours of labor, Megan welcomed her baby girl into the world with a blissful water birth in her home.

Megan Halicki Bio

Megan is 23 years old from Astoria, Oregon. Labor doula @north star doula service. Social media: Instagram @megzhalicki



Wondering about what to expect at a Car Seat Check? During today’s episode Sarah Tilton, Britax safety advocate, explains how caregivers can best prepare themselves for a successful car seat check. NOTE: In light of most car seat checks being closed around the country, Britax is offering 1:1 Virtual Car Seat Checks with Sarah Tilton, Child Passenger Safety Technician and Certified Instructor. If you’re interested in this FREE service for your car seat (any brand welcome!), please complete this questionnaire to set an appointment:

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