I gave birth to my 4th baby a little over two months ago, and after 3 births with epidurals (and 2 inductions), this was my first unmedicated birth. I decided to go the unmedicated route for a few reasons this time around, which was a complete 180 from my previous thinking! Basically I just wanted to have my baby in the hospital, with my doctor that I loved, but do it unmedicated. I read a couple of books, but mostly I just listened to The Birth Hour episodes daily for the last couple of months. I drew so much strength from hearing different women’s stories and hearing many of the possible ways birth can go – but still with a positive outcome. It helped the whole birthing process seem very normal and natural to me, and not something that I needed to be anxious of fearful of. That couldn’t have been a bigger blessing, because when my baby decided to come (a week before my due date AND on the day we were moving!) it was such a whirlwind and I know that without the mental preparation I had from listening to your podcast, I would have been a total wreck! I was able to stay completely calm through my intense and crazy labor and delivery (we left our house at 5 am and barely made it to the hospital in time for my son to be born at 5:27!) I still look back on that day and feel so happy and empowered. I’ve never looked back on my other births and felt sad, but I’m just so happy that I got to have the experience that I did that time.

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