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Two Homebirth Stories

Kacie Case shared her two homebirth stories in Episode 21 of the podcast and recently had her third baby. I absolutely love seeing past guests having more babies and although I haven’t heard her most recent birth story yet, I’ve adored watching her pregnancy journey the past few months. Hopefully we’ll have her back on to share this third birth, but for today we’re looking back at the long labor and delivery that made her a mama and the second birth that was a whirlwind.

Kacie offers the words of wisdom to enjoy the last few days of your pregnancy and to take a moment (write a letter even) to thank your body and acknowledge the time that you’ve had with your baby inside of you before you have to share that baby with the world! She also (like many mamas we’ve heard from) benefited from reading Ina May Gaskin.

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Kacie Case Bio

Kacie’s now a mama of THREE boys raising them in Austin,TX with her husband Tim and owns an adorable screenprinted tee shop that I regularly frequent for tees for me and my kiddos! Connect with her @heymamacase or @mamacaseprints!

This thing happens when you tell another mother that you’re planning a home birth: many of them say either, “Oh you’re so brave. I could never do that.” or “I had a lot of complications so I couldn’t have.” or some variation of a justification. I used to have a big, roomy soapbox about home birth. I grew up with a mom who had 2 and I came away with a healthy experience and to me, it was a normal choice. It’s not a choice I made for bragging rights or because I have blinders on surrounding birth. It’s a choice I made because for me, it feels like the best fit and one I don’t take lightly. • My wish for every woman is that, no matter the route you choose or the route you are lead down, may you be supported and may you be empowered. If you come away feeling less than that, may you find the forum where you are listened to so that you can find clarity and realize the wonder you have performed. Growing a human, it’s no joke, no matter how they come out. Prior to the birth day, there are 9 months of work and beyond the birth day is a lifetime of work. Childbirth is deeply personal and as women, as mothers, we should lift, celebrate, champion, and support, never knock down. I suppose I still have a soapbox, it just looks very different than it used to. • Ladybug on the belly thanks to the swarm at our back door today. I texted my savvy neighbor to ask her what the swarm meant and she said, “I just think it means good luck!” I’ll take it! ❤️? 38 weeks with #mamacaseBB3

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