Amia went into labor around dinner time on March 2nd. Contractions were light,  she was able to cook dinner and progress through the night. Her husband was working late that night but her mom lived with them so she was able to care for Amia’s son. There had been so many Braxton Hicks that she wasn’t sure this was really “it”. After a few hours of consistent contractions she called her midwife Nikki, doula Sarah, and her husband Ricardo.

Her Midwife told her to head to the birth center when her contractions were 5 minutes apart and lasting 90 seconds with increasing intensity. One of the biggest things she regrets is telling her husband not to rush home, saying “it’ll be fine.” She also regrets not telling her Doula to come to her house. As the night went on, the contractions got worse. Amia’s husband got home around 9pm or 10pm. He was really tired so he laid down to rest after Amia told him it was fine and they weren’t leaving soon.

With Amia’s first pregnancy she got a lot of relief sitting in a warm bath.  So her mom helped her get her bathtub filled. However, her mom was worried since with Amia’s first pregnancy she had progressed really quickly after sitting in the tub. Amia insisted she needed to sit in warm water because at this point the contractions were getting more intense and unbearable. She was glad to get the relief she needed and after about an hour she felt like she was dilating more. 

delayed cord clamping

This is the point where things moved very quickly. Amia decided to get out of the tub as she knew it was time to head to the birth center. She told her mom to wake up her husband and went and laid down on the couch to wait for him to get up. By this time it was close to midnight and she waited what seemed like an hour for her husband to get up. She lost her temper and started yelling for him to hurry feeling it was really time for them to go! By the time they both got dressed Amia was probably 9 cm dilated. She was laying on the couch moaning and coaching herself through contractions. At this point she knew she wasn’t going anywhere and told her husband she couldn’t get up to go to the car.

Ricardo called the midwife, Nikki and told her what was going on. Nikki decided to come to them. They video called the entire 45 minute drive. Amia’s mom prepped for an impromptu home delivery. Ricardo was so nervous and unsure. He asked Amia if she was sure she couldn’t get in the car. It was a funny moment thinking back on it.

Nikki was so close to being at Amia’s house in time to catch the baby but she got pulled over right down the road from Amia’s house and pulled up 10 minutes after the baby was born. Aniya was caught by her grandmother on March 3rd in the early morning. 

Amia Paulemon

Amia is a wife and mom of 2 kids Jace (3 year old boy) and Anoya (1 year old girl). They live in the country outside of San Antonio. She and her husband got married in 2013. They waited several years before having kids and are glad they did! Currently Amia is at home with her kids full-time. Connect with Amia on Instagram @making.paulemons.out.of.lemons.


San Antonio Nurse Midwife, Instagram

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